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Name: Dani :)

Age: 15

Home: Andromeda Galaxy... or The Sombrero Galaxy (and YES it does exsist)

Likes: the Beatles, Yellowcard, music, british people, Doctor Who!!, England, astronamy, writing, reading, my laptop, the past, my friends, Matt Smith, david Tennant, and Charlieissocoollike

Dslikes: Rap, country, american animation, preps, cheerleaders, frizzy hair, colds, bad food

Okay i should probably tell you a about myself...

I LOVE music mostly rock

I LOVE Tim Burtan Movies!! (i havent seen all of them yet though:( )

I LOVE the Beatles, they are all that is good in this world (minus the drugs and stuff that is not good), and there music is so freaking amazing its not even funny. WHen i grow up im gonna be British!!

okay really i love music in genral...

My fav songs at the moment are...

Ummm... She moves in her own Way (the Kooks), Wildflower(Tom Petty), and... Lots of other stuff

BOOKS! series: Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Gone, and Hitchhikers Guide :). okay i like a lot of books. So B. It, How to say Goodbye in Robot, The Year of Secret Assignments, A Mango Shaped Space, Wenny has Wings, To Kill a Mockingbird, and many many more :)

MOVIES AND TELLY!!!!! Doctor Who. Doctor Who. and not Torchwood. SHerlock. Princess Bride, Stardust, Hard days night (even tho it has no plot), Help!, Shelock Holmes, and...MULAN!! and Tarazan and Peter Pan and all those Classic Disney and/ or Pixar films. and Finding Nemo. ANd Doctor Who.

Fav Quotes!

~"Life is what happens when your busy making other plans"-John Lennon

~ "Lifes an adventure story. Your the author." -some dude on the radio

"I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell" Unwell by Matchbox twenty

~Amy: You do have a plan, don't you?
Doctor: No, I have a thing. It's like a plan, but with more greatness

~The Doctor(10th): Need this?
[offers the 5th Doctor his sonic screwdriver]
The Doctor(5th): No, I'm fine, thank you.
The Doctor(10th): [sarcastic] Oh no, of course, you mostly went hands-free didn't you? It was like, "Hey, I'm the Doctor, I can save the universe using a kettle and some string! And look at me, I'm wearing a vegetable."

"Are we human because we gaze at the stars? or do we gaze at the stars Because we are human? Now that is a question" Stardust

anyway thats the tale of my life..

Dani is outta here

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In My Life by CrazyCatie reviews
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The Doctor meets a strange, exciting girl who knows all about him. What goes on as they travel through time and space? FYI, since I got a review about it, sorry spoiler, I know, but Doctor/OC.
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When Peggy O'Higgins moves to Allerton, she's skeptical about making friends, until a family moves into the house next door at 20 Forthlin Road and she befriends their eldest son, Paul, and who might catch her eye but Paul's friend, George.
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Tomorrow Never Knows by margaretsusan reviews
The sequel to "Yes It Is"! A historical fiction/alternate universe story about the Beatles - what if a time traveler could save John's life? Yes, this is a Mary Sue, but we tried very hard to keep everyone in character while still having a sense of humor!
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Peyton Fox; He mumbled against my lips. I sighed happily. Sirius Black was kissing... me...Wait... Sirius and me. Kissing. What the – "WA-AGH!"
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Really, it's not that complicated. She's the girl that loves everyone, except for one person, and he's the guy that hates everyone, except for one person.
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Statistically, we’re better off than most fathers and sons because it’s been proven that the human brain absorbs more from what its owner reads than what its owner hears." Teddy recieves a series of letters from his deceased father.
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This is a tale of friendship between four young men and the romantic relationships than encircle them. Two marauders, two love stories. How they each found love, endured it, and how one of them let it slip from his fingers.
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