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Author has written 7 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, and Red vs. Blue.

A/N: I swear on the soul of Primus, I will get back to Riddles in Disguise. I just took time off because my hormones sunk their teeth into my soul and dragged me away kicking and screaming so that I would write them stupid stuff

If People Frequently Asked Me Questions This Is What They Would Probably Ask

What Does WiEGoP Mean?

WiEGoP means "What if Everybody Got Pregnant?" I naturally write stories where characters find themselves, often unexpectedly, pregnant. I know it's stupid but I cannot stop no matter how hard I try because it is as natural and necessary to me as breathing, I blame the hormones entirely.

I know that I am seriously becoming a fan of a movie, television show, or book series when I begin to involuntarily (on my part) get someone in the story, OC or otherwise, pregnant (in a literary sense...>.>) I try to fight these inclinations because they're pretty dumb. I have attempted to take the pregnant characters out...but they are the beating heart of my fictions. The second the pregnancy is removed, even if it had been reduced to a pathetic subplot on an epic, researched, five-years-and-coming story I lose all interest, and the story dies. So, not all of my stories will have pregnant characters, but some might. Okay...most probably will at some point. Damn hormones.

Understand that I DO NOT think that getting a random character pregnant is a GOOD basis for a story, all it provides is pointless, melodramatic, unrealistic, delicious, hormonally-charged, emoliciousness. But I CAN NOT STOP. I do, however, try to approach my stories with as much professionalism (I mean..other than getting everyone preggers) as I can muster.

What Are Your Stories Gonna Be Like? (Provided You Ever Get Them Done?)

I may write some fake fanfiction, in the style of Werst fanftitcion evars yo! LOLwhut? These should be very obvious to most reader as JOKES.

If I EVER contradict something, ANYTHING, said in ANY episode/issue of the the continuity I'm writing in please tell me to receive the coveted No-Prize. Extreme fanwanking, and concepts gleaned from other continuities serve as the spackle to hold these stories together, but if they contradict canon I have thrown them out.

For Transformers stories I write pure, unadulterated, GEEWUN cartoonverse. STRICT G1 cartoon continuity (sans Beast Era).Most conventional fanon/Beast Wars retcons (Sparks, Sparklings, Spark-bonding, Bond-mates) will NOT appear in my G1 stories (nothing against people who do utilize such devices, I read it, I write it, but not here.) OC Transformers will probably not appear, though unnamed G1 Transformers have received names. OC fleshlings will appear as the story warrants.

Stories are rated K or T for violence, swearing, and MENTIONING of frolicking: future tense/past tense and unexplicit. The Frolicking is only there to serve the needs of the story. (It's hard to get fleshies preggers without it.) Those of you looking for lots of hawt, steamy lovin', robot or otherwise, will have to look someplace else. (You won't have to look far.)

Future stories may involve Transformers, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or the DC Universe. Most will be set within the confines of strict adherence to the particular fandom's canon, though Extended Universes may be pared down. Canon is my friend, and I lubs it so.

What Are Your Transformers Stories Gonna Be About? (Provided You Ever Get Them Done?)

AUTHOR'S NOTE FOR ALL THE FOLLOWING STORIES: If you have not watched the G1 episode Sea Change my stories will make NO SENSE at all. In fact, if you only watched it once, and you weren't paying attention to it because you thought Seaspray had a dumb voice and the whole thing was a lot of nonsense, then my stories might not make sense. I make LIBERAL use of characters that had a bit part in that one episode. Characters you've probably forgotten completely. So go. Watch it NOW! I COOOOMMMMMAAAAANNNNND YOU!

A Night at Sea

One of my first stories. Alana has news (and guess what it is?) but what will Seaspray think? Veiled threats of adult themes that metamorphisize into nothingness.

Riddles in Disguise

Set in the year 1988 (between the end of Season 2 of G1 and the 1986 Movie,) the story will mostly revolve around the Autobots Chromia and Ironhide. Classic (and some underused) G1 Transformers AND humans will appear. Most Canon romances are represented (for those who care.) Action, humor, romance, space-Aztecs, Decepticon plots that almost make sense, Cheesy 80's references, and...of course...a pregnancy. Rated T for Violence, mild language, and, of course, obtuse references to frolicking that leads to pregnancy.

Opening Credits: The prologue to the story.

She Changed: The First Episode.


Set roughly two years before Riddles in Disguise, and two weeks after the story A Night at Sea, though all the stories can be read independently. Seaspray and Alana are nervous and excited to be expecting a baby, but must rexamine their relationship, and themselves, when the unthinkable happens. Rated K for language and snogging.

Other Stories

Well...chances are 60/40 that someone is gonna get pregnant.

How Sensitive Are You?

Please read and review. I welcome LOTS of constructive criticism. Heck, FLAME me if you want to. If you really think my stories are complete and total dreck I wanna KNOW IT and I wanna know WHY. Believe me...I'll survive a few badly spelled cuss words on teh internets yo. I don't just want to know why you liked my story. I want to know WHY. What moments, what elements. PLEASE tell me! puppy dog eyes

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