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Made with DNA taken from a single strand of Ziggy Stardust's hair combined with blood found in the snow at the site of Rasputin's shooting and sealed with a kiss from Mick Jagger, I was born on top of one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas and have been disturbing the peace with loudness, Palahniuk quotes and disco music one day at a time since June 1989.

I left on oboe on his doorstep. His mom returned it before she dropped him off for the summer at Camp Keeway. I found the hidden note. We met on the interstate like it said to. He found me ten minutes in, and it took a second for us both to remember we could breathe.

I may or may not live in an igloo.

I'm hard to read cos I'm kind of a spazz.

I do have a major problem with people who only eat the top of the muffin or cupcake. Eat the whole fucking thing.