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Fixed the error in an early chapter where I refered to Mudkip as a Water/Ground type, when in factuality, its only a water type.

Just an FYI, the “Twilight” connection with the names of the people at the academy (Edward and Esme), totally unintentional. I never read the book, barely payed attention when I saw the movie, and my twilight addicted girl friend was the one who pointed it out.

I just liked the name Edward, and I got the name Esme from the Series of Unfortunate Event series, and I thought the name fit her character. Just so ya know.

Oh, this has nothing to do with my story, but its been recently announce that they are remaking the Gold and Silver versions of Pokemon into new, DSified Heart Gold and Silver Soul versions. This is the best news I've heard so far in 2009 and I'm really excited!

I am currently accepting any submitted pokemon you would like me to feature in the story. I have only a few rules and notes.

1) Individual characters only, no full size BH teams, no whole family's, no other original organizations/factions, individual.

2) No legendary (or debatable legendary) pokemon.

3) Try to avoid sending in any pokemon species who are already featured in the story. (Currently unseen Evolutions to major characters species, such as Lopunny, Bayleaf, and Blastoise, would be acceptable.)

4) I have no preference to whether you include your chosen pokemon in a PM, or include it with a chapter review, so either is good. Just please, do not send any submissions in a review when there is no review of the story somewhere in the review. (Example, Hi, heres my submission! pokemon stuff Ok bai!)

5) Include name, species, personality, ties to any established factions (The Brotherhood, The Academy, Oasis Island Royal Family, and spoiler free The evil bad guys, and, if your a late submitter, any factions created in the future by me.) (

6) There is no time limit.

7) There is no maximum amount of characters you can submit at one time, feel free to send me 60 different individual ones if you want. More you send, more likely I'll use one. (Just, if you do send a crap load of them at once, send it in a PM or e-mail)

I think thats everything... I HOPE thats everything. Well, go on then, send away!

Please reveiw, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, reveiw every chapter you can. If its complimentary, I'd love it. If its constructive criticism, I'll do what I can to put your advice to good use. If your just giving your thoughts on what happened, hey, that tells me your reading the story, and thats a good thing.

I wanna thank everyone who’s been reading my story, especially my girlfriend Patricia, who has read a great deal of my story, and Tomas Solano (if that’s how you spell your name), AKA Meximan, who is not only reading the story, but also submitting very helpful reviews and advice.

Plans for current project > Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Brotherhood

1) Reach or exceed 50 chapters, all of which exceed 2000 words each.

2) Spend a full day to revise every single chapter at least once, OR have someone do it for me.

Planned Future Projects


A sequel to The Brotherhood.

A collection of story's telling the origin stories of main characters and villains.


A World of Warcraft FF

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Feel free to message me for any reason (to a sensible and moral point, no porn spamming if you please :P) using one of these methods.


PS3 Playstation Network Account: Penguingod777

Youtube Account: Dudeinhat123

World of Warcraft: Penguinelf and Warpenguin, both horde faction, Echo Isles realm (US)

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