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Current Works

- Editing "Getting In Too Deep"

- Writing "Dare To Risk It All"

Stories Coming Soon

Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet II: Jim's Academy Days - Accepted into the Academy, Jim is ready to make his own future. However, he soon learns that just like every school, there are enemies, friends, love, betrayal and heartbreak, and that his clear-cut path might end up to be a bit more complicated than he first thought.

Name: Evie. (it's not my real name, but I don't trust anyone to know my real name)

Birthday: June 17th

Gender: I am a girl which you can tell by my name

Hobbies: I enjoy making videos and uploading them on YouTube (my account name is kitten200014 if you want to check out my videos), writing stories and I love watching anime shows

Favorite Cartoons: Xiaolin Showdown

Favorite Anime: Sonic X, Nurse Angel Ririka, Onegai My Melody, Hime-chan No Ribbon, all the pretty cure series, Jewel Pet Tinkle. There is a lot more but if I write them all down, you'll be here all day

Favorite Movie: Treasure Planet (BEST MOVIE EVER), Disney movies

Favorite TV Series: Pretty Little Liars, The Flash, Two And A Half men

Dream: my dream is to be an author when I grow up. It's been my dream since I was 12 years old and even though I know I'm not good at writing stories... I'm never gonna give up on my dream because writing stories is pretty much the only talent that I have and the only thing I can do without messing up. I do have a wild imagination which is from watching too much T.V and anime shows, lol. Which is why I love writing stories because I can unleash my imagination. I must admit that I didn't realize I wanted to be an author until I was 15-years-old. I've always enjoyed writing stories and got good grades in English for my stories. I've also always had a wild imagination, but I never really thought much of it before.

Books: I really enjoy reading books. I find it relaxing and it's a great way to clear your mind. But my house is too noisy to read, I like going to the library because it's quiet.

Things I Write About: The things I will mostly be writing about is Treasure Planet and Xiaolin Showdown since I know a lot about the two

Location: I come from Western Australia and that is all I'm gonna tell you

Fear: Spiders, bees, cockroaches, being alone, being ditched (it happened in the past...)

Things I Like: My friends, family, cats, animals, books, writing stories, music, Cartoons/Anime/Disney, Treasure Planet.

Things I Hate: Bullies, being judged, being told what to do, My parents fighting, My friends or family being sad, TV shows ending, death, Maths, being confused, hard choices.

Favorite Food: Pizza, chocolate, lollies, ice cream

Favorite Color: BLUE :D

Favorite Couples: RaiKim, Kakeru and Uta, Love and Daisuke, Seiya and Ririka, Cosmo and tails, Peter Pan and Jane, Aladdin and Jasmine, Himeko and Daichi, Akari and Yuuma

Favorite Sonic Couples: Tails and Cosmo, Sonic and Amy, Silver and Blaze, Chris and Helen, Cream and Emerl, Shadow and Maria,

Couples I do Not Like: Rai and Wuya, Kimiko and Clay, Kimiko and Omi, Kimiko and Chase, Kimiko and Jack, Jim and Silver, Peter Pan and Wendy, Uta and Jun, Ririka and Kanon, Tails and Cream. But that's just my opinion, people can pair any two people together if they want, it's up to them :)

Why I Like These Movies/Shows

Treasure Planet: The reason I love Treasure Planet is because I can kind of relate to Jim. My mum and dad are always working and my sister is always at her boyfriends house so I'm mostly home alone a lot and just like Jim, I also feel like I can't do anything right. I can't even cook without burning myself or the food that's why I said writing is the only talent I have. The best thing in Treasure Planet that I love the most is the father/son relationship between Jim and Silver. It is the first movie that doesn't have romance in it, that's why I like it so much because it is different. Jim's dad leaving him when he was young was a great touch because it is new, usually the dad or mum pass away or dies in an accident but Jim's father leaving was something new that no movie has had before. I love the ending how Jim changed from a rebellious teenager into a good boy that ended up making his mother proud. It's really sad that this movie is so underrated, it's the best movie Disney has ever made but that's just my opinion.

Xiaolin Showdown: I really love Xiaolin Showdown because it has adventure, action and drama in it and there is always a surprise in it that will shock the people watching it. Like when Rai turned evil or when Rai became leader. Nobody expected Rai to become the leader since he was the last to make apprentice and he turned evil. I love the friendship between the 4 Xiaolin Warriors. The 4 of them disliked each other at the start and they found it hard to work as a team but as time went by, they began to learn more about each other and learnt how to work as a team and accept each other for being different.

The one thing I really want to do when I grow up is to have an adventure instead of being stuck in this boring place. I started to want adventure after I watched Treasure Planet and it's been a silly dream of mine, lol. But who knows, it could happen. The world is full chances.

I have a very big open mind, I believe in stuff that other people would think is fake. Because nobody has explored the whole world so you don't know something is not real.

You know you're an author when...

You talk about your characters as if they're real people, because to you they are

You're about to pass out from pain and all you can think is "at least I'll be able to write something like this realistically now"

You'd rather write than socialize with people

You read newspapers to find nothing but typos

You're not alarmed when you hear voices in your head - in fact you talk to them, because they're most likely your characters. Actually, you get paranoid when you don't hear them

It drives you crazy that URLs don't include apostrophes

You start looking at the situations in your life as stories and the people as characters and think about the different possible endings that would do literary justice to them

You have dozens of notebooks, some filled, some blank, but you can't help but buy more, just in case

You drop everything you're doing just to write an amazing idea down before you forget it

You'd rather be writing stories about your friends than making stories with them

You can't sleep because of all the ideas floating around your head

Life is one big story book and you constantly narrate it in your head

You're dependant on Microsoft Word

It's 4:30AM and you're still writing

You've gone so far as to see how your characters would respond to their natural environments, like subjecting yourself to the freezing cold

You get caught in class for passing notes, when you're actually working on a story

You forget your real life for your fictional worlds

You look forward to sick days, because it means sitting in bed and writing all day

You write something one day and think it's the greatest thing in the world, then come back the next day and completely hates it and have to start over again

You pretend to be taking notes in class, but you're actually writing

When you're alone, you monolgue what your characters are going to say to each other with emotions. Like you're practicing for a play and it's fun

My OC's

Isabelle Jones

She is incredibly shy around people, but once she gets to know them, she begins to open up. Jim was the first friend she made at the Academy, even though she's been there for a while. She can use magic, which amazes Jim but freaks out Scott and David. David always calls her a witch. She's in love with Jim, which everybody knows about except for him. She struggles to tell him how she feels because of her shyness. She doesn't want to become a spacer, she was forced to attend the Academy by her parents, though she does learn to love it there. She isn't as skilled at magic as most people her age, her magic tends to only last temporarily. She loves all types of animal, including bugs and insects. She loves drawing in her notebook.

Appearance: She's a tad shorter than Jim. She has short pink hair just below her shoulders, blue skin, purple eyes and wears a knee length purple dress if she isn't in her Academy uniform.

Background: She is a princess on the planet of Puissance which she hates. She keeps it a secret from everybody at the Academy, but Jim was the first person who found out by accident. Her parents never considered her feelings, they were always pushing her to do things that she never wanted to do, but she was too scared to stand up to her father. Jim was the first person that actually back talked the king because he was defending Isabelle, but oddly enough, everything worked out in the end. Everybody on her planet are born with powers just like Isabelle. Isabelle has lived in her older sister's shadow her whole life because her sister is beautiful and talented. Isabelle was always compared to her sister.

David Ace

David is the cool boy type. He is outgoing, brave and strong. He thinks that every problem can be solved with violence. Him and Scott had been friends since they were little kids so David felt weird when Jim started hanging around them. At first, he didn't like Jim because he was a human and he thought Jim was replacing him as Scott's best friend, but after a while, the two became closer. David doesn't like Isabelle because he finds her magic creepy. He only wants to be a spacer because he gets to beat people up. Despite his tough front, David is actually afraid of spiders, Jim and Isabelle found this out later on. David has trouble flying, but keeps it a secret. David is a black belt in karate and he is an excellent cook. He is athetic and is great at every sport, but he has trouble studying and is always failing at his school work.

Appearance: David has gray skin and he is kind of chubby. He has two small horns on his forehead that are still growing. He has wings on his back. He has small claws on his hands and feet. He pretty much looks like a dragon.

Background: David's family is average, they're not rich, but also not poor. His parents got a divorce when he was only 3-years-old. David's dad is very strict and doesn't like anybody that isn't their own species, he even hated David hanging around Scott. His father is always hash on David despite how David always tries to make him proud. When his father first met Jim, he only glared at the boy and avoided talking to him despite Jim's effort. David's dad did warm up to Jim when Jim saved his son.

Scott Baxter

Scott is an easy going guy, he believes that every problem can be worked out with talking rather than fighting. He's more of a lover rather than a fighter. He became friends with Jim after Jim assisted him in an embarrassing situation, though Jim wasn't too thrilled about hanging around Scott. The two did, however, become closer as time went by. He is pretty much afraid of everything that is outside his comfort zone, always trying to be the voice of reason when Jim and David go off somewhere risky. He can jump real high and is an excellent swimmer. He can also blow bubbles and squirt water out of his mouth. Scott sucks at sports.

Appearance: His skin is green. He has large yellow eyes and a long tongue. He has web hands and feet. He is quite slim. He looks like a frog.

Background: Scott has a pretty happy family though they can be embarrassing. His dad is goofy and often greets new people with a hug. He always talks about Scott to total strangers or relatives. His mother is pretty much the same, but not as bad.

Well... That's all I can think of writing, lol. Thank you for checking out my profile. Oh, and just to let everyone know, I will be sure to complete all the stories that I write even if it takes some time because I really hate it when people abandon a good story so I promise I will never do that :)

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Not as different as we may think by Madrox126
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