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Greetings reader! My name is mayday657, a reference to my favorite band, Mayday Parade. I'm writing out of Pennsylvania, USA and that all of my location that you are getting out me me! I'm a freshman is highschool, which sadly conflicts often with my writing, but I tend to work around it.

My favorite TV shows are House, Bones, Boy Meets World, That 70's Show, and Gilmore Girls.

My favorites Books are Angels and Demons, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

My favorite music is alternative rock. I like to listen to Mayday Parade, Amber Pacific, All Time Low, The Cab, Just Surrender, Hit the Lights, Story of the Year, Motion City Sountrack, A Change of Pace, Green Day, Yellowcard, FM Static, Relient K, and the Plain White T's.

I read and write all things Jasper Whitlock from Twilight. I like angst, hurt comfort, and drama. Lots of drama. And some good Alice/Jasper cause they're awesome.

Im a pretty chill person, so PM if you want to learn more!

Completed/In ProgressWorks:

7.02.09/Updated 8.30.09 -One Last Sunset- There were a lot of things about that summer that twenty year old Jasper Whitlock did not expect. Falling in love with a high school student named Alice was one of them. All Human. In progress. Four Chapters so far. Rated T. Romance/Tragedy. Could possibly be an extremely depressing story. Music "Run" Snow Patrol, "Champane's For Celebrating (I'll Have Martini)" Mayday Parade. "Take My Hand." The Cab.

5.28.09- (Back from Hiatus!) She Kept Me Waiting- In the sames lines of 'A Normal Day,' but handles a different situation. In New Moon, what would happen if Edward and Bella returned, but not Alice? Rated K+. Tragedy/Romance. Alice/Jasper.

12.21.08- A Normal Day-A short, drabble like oneshot that explores what would happen if the Volturi found Alice and Jasper first before the final Confrontation in Breaking Dawn. Sad and short. Rated T. Written in Second Person POV. Tragedy/Romance. Alice/Jasper.

12.30.08- Gifts and Curses-Jasper is feeling depressed. Alice is determine to find out why, and ponders the pros and cons to the gifts she and Jasper possess. First person POV, Alice. Drama/Romance Alice/Jasper. Oneshot. Music 'Gifts and Curses' by Yellowcard

12.31.08- Together We'll Ring in the New Year- Jasper contemplates how and why vampires celebrate the New Year, while attending a New Year's Eve party of one of Bella's friends. Alice is there to show him that even the immortal have things to be thankful for as time passes. New Years Eve Oneshot. Drama/Romance Alice/Jasper. Music- "Together We'll Ring in the New Year" by Motion City Sountrack

Future Works

(If anyone has any ideas, or is really interested in an certain idea, please PM me)

Without You-A two-shot, sort of respective sequels to A Normal Day and She Kept Me Waiting. Two stories of how Jasper and Alice deal with losing each other, and whether or not they make the descision to follow their lover to the grave. (Bring on the angst, people). Music "Without You" by RENT.

Run Until My Feet Don't Touch the Ground- What really happened when Emmett and Edward returned from their hunting trip to find Alice and Jasper in their home? Emmett, a newborn, clashes at once with Jasper and a fight breaks out. Will Jasper be able to trust his new family? And how will they react upon hearing the story of his past. In progress, about 3,000 words so far. Probably gonna be a oneshot, but a long one. Music- "Ocean and Atlantic" by Mayday Parade.

Your Darkest Days- (Title subject to change)- AU, all Human. Jasper Whitlock has been in foster care since his mom killed herself two years ago. He moves to Forks in a new home, nearby his friend from the system, Edward Mason. Edward has been adopted by a rich doctor and his family. How will Jasper and Edward cope when they are forbidden to see eachother by Edward's new father? And will Jasper survive when his new home becomes less than friendly? Alice/Jasper Jasper/Edward friendship. Multi- chapter fic. Music- "Gone So Young' by Amber Pacific.

To Find These Faults in Me- For years, Jasper has always been the one to read others emotions. But what would happen if a turn of events reverses it and his family are suddenly able to read his emotions? They will find out just how unhappy he really is, and how much his past still effects him. They'll discover how it feels to be Jasper. Alice/Jasper. Lots of Jasper/Family goodness. Oneshot. Music- "Save Me From Me" by Amber Pacific

Someone to Turn To- (Title subject to change)- In Breaking Dawn, Edward tells us that Jasper has gone to "contemplate his life." Just how does he do this, and how great of an inpact does Bella's control have on him? Luckily Alice is there to help. More Jasper/Alice goodness. oneshot for sure. Music- "Keeper" by Yellowcard.

Anthem-(Title subject to change)- AU. Jasper never parted from Maria. She sets her eyes on taking over a coven of vampires in Forks, Washington. Jasper is sent as a spy and is captured by the coven and the nearby shape-shifters. There he meets the mysterious Carisle Cullen, and finds himself falling for his beautiful daughter Alice. But when opprotunity for escape presents itself, and war grows closer, where will Jasper's loyalties lie? Based on a summary by Lady Temptress. Music- "And the Hero Will Drown", "Anthem of Our Daying Days" by Story of the Year.

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One Last Sunset reviews
Jasper is twenty. Alice hasn't turned sixteen yet. He's struggling to become a parental figure, she's trying to get through high school. Can they overcome social and personal problems and fall in love? Or will unseen tragedy tear them apart? All Human.
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A prequel of sorts to my story 'A Normal Day', excepts this time it deals with what would happen if Edward and Bella returned in New Moon, without Alice. Oneshot.
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Jasper contemplates how and why humans and vampires celebrate the New Year, while lingering at a New Year's party at one of Bella's friend's houses. Alice is there to show him that even the immortal have things to be thankful for as years come and go.
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Jasper is feeling depressed. Alice is determined to find out why, and contemplates the pros and cons to the gifts that she and Jasper posses. Set in Breaking Dawn. One-shot.
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A short, drabble like oneshot that explores the idea of what would happen if the Volturi found Jasper and Alice before the Confrontation in Breaking Dawn. Sad and short. Oneshot. Rated for safety.
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