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Well, My name is Aishybashy or Ais (pronounced ash) and Im an 18 year old college student from Ireland. :D

Im dyslexic so writing has never been my strong point, although I might give it a go someday, for now though I'll stick with my current passions - good stories, always loved them, I like a writing style that allows my imagination to really grasp at the story, I get really into them, I'm talking emotions running wild kinda stuff.

My two favorite shows are Supernatural and House. I'm a total Dean girl, (which is strange Ive never really felt so attached to a character before, dont get me wrong Ive had favorites before but I just find him endless entertaining and interesting, so versatile and resourceful, but with obvious baggage). and when it comes to House I cant get over seeing Hugh Laurie, an actor I grew up watching on british T.V. acting in such a well writting highly regarded american television programme and not being the silly upper class british gent haha.In my opinion a sign of a good show is one that allows its fans to really speculate, gives just enough to keep you wanting more but not enough to hinder their imaginations from running wild!!

Um apart from my obvoius enjoyment of these shows and their realted fanfictions I also enjoy:

Interests and Hobbies: Art, its what i love to do in my spare time Im always painting or drawing. Watching fils reading catching up on some quality t.v.

Movies: fight club,the notebook! batman begins and the dark knight!! amiele, the chours, PULP FICTOIN.. all steven seagal(the man has two facial expressions its great), jackie brown, pretty woman, the last castle, enemy at the gates, K-Pax, Pride and prejudice, benny and joon, deer hunter, shawshank redemtion, the godfather, Casablanka, Lotr, james bond, indiana jones, starwars, anything with samuel l jackson, silence of the lambs, its a wonderful life, to kill a mocking bird, american history x, taxi driver, Leon, chinatown, the pianist, monty pyton movies, great escape, sin city, some like it hot, the seven year itch, rebel without a cause(i love james dean), forrest gump, donnie darko, fargo, apt pupil, the graduite, tootsie, robin hood king of thieves, the general, gone with the wind,ed wood, bonnie and clyde, natural born killers, miracal on 34th street, scar face, galdiator, The negotiator, double jepordy, Prisilla queen of the desert. Ten inch hero!!...thats about it... for now anyway

Shows: T.v:SUPERNATURAL!! HOUSE M.D. ,Quite interesting, never mind the buzzcocks, black books, blackadder(all of them) oh had a big thing about M.A.S.H. for ages.

Music: Music: ummm BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY!! led zeppelin, chuck berry, bling gary davis, bob dylan etta james, hans zimmer, chris beck, arcade fire, beatles, thin lizzy, david bowie, fats waller, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, gogol bordello(START WEARING PURPLE), the go! team, the presidents of the usa, the hitchers, howlin' wolf, james brown, jawbone, jeff buckly, regina specter, jim croce, johnny cash, johnny winter, the killers(they fucking cancelled ill hold that against them forever)marilyn monroe, frank sinatra, nat king cole, sammy davis jnr, dean martin, otis redding, roddrigo Y gabriella, white strips, sultans of ping, t bone walker, van morrision, iron and wine, AC/DC, Metallica, blue oyster cult, Kansas,ill think of more later ...
Books: Books: Pride and prejudgice, all the pratchett diskworld novels, had a thing with darren shan for ages!! I general like interesting kinda fantasy or fiction novels ... love reading fan fiction short stories too obvioulsy.

Well i hope Ill be reading some of your stories soon and maybe even posting some one day.

see ya round,

Love Ais xx

P.s. forgive spelling mistakes or grammitical errors in exchange for a hug? :)

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