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So uhm, I guess I need to write about myself? huhmmm

Well first, don't label me based my stories because they're not me? Hard to explain they sort of just come to me from another source of spirituality. If you do label me I'll send the demon unicorn horse pixie after you... cause yeah we're friends (don't do drugs people!)

I'm homeschooled at the moment, tried the whole school thing, and decided rumors, conformist bitches, grading, and all that jazz wasn't for me. SO instead I teach myself at home:) yup yup tis very rad.

I love writing and photography, and pretty much anything artistic.

Things I like include: DAVID BOWIE!! Classic rock in general, Marc Bolan, Bad Religion (I have a close friend who has the symbol tat and it is rad!) Surfing, long boarding of the land variety, photography, artsy things, Albrecht Aldorfer, sex? WHAT? puppies! Yousuff Karsh, my Mr. Dude, cause he's dope, uhmmm what else... not following fads, not following non-fads, being my own person,

I dress the way I dress, I listen to the music I listen to, and if that puts me into a category I ignore that.

More music I like: David Bowie, just in case you didn't guess, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, The Casualties, Bob Dylan, T. Rex, BIGWIG!! The Beatles, Left Over Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters, A Five Iron Frenzy, Reel Big Fish, Rancid, Catch 22, Less Than Jake, Against All Authority (everytime I read that I read Authority like authoritaaayyy, Cartman style) Cockney Rejects, City and Colour, Mason Jennings, And on and on and on and on, I really like music:) have any good bands? Care to share?

Music I don't like: lame music (it's all preference)

Things I don't like: conformists, non-conformists (cause really they're the same thing, to be a none conformist, you just have to dress the same and act the same as the rest) labels, cheating, liars, attention seekers, rumor mongering bitches, people who think they're "all that", people who brag that they cut themselves, honestly people, if you've ever REALLY been depressed then you wouldn't tell people, people who think they're badass because they smoke or do weed, weed is meant to be chillin' :) ya know? put on some Bob Marley, and just have a good time with friends :) crabs, (the kind on the beach) people who brag they're "punk" but listen to whiney music, (to me, punk is about the revolution, and about standing up for something against the government and society) yeah there's a lot of things I don't like I suppose sighs

uhmmmm, I don't judge people based on looks or style or the music they listen to, I judge them on their actions, if you pretend to be my friend then spread rumors about me, then be prepared to be judged HARD CORE!!

if you read all that, then wow:)

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