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Eponine/Marius - Please. Stop the madness. Eponine and Marius don't "belong" together. Marius adores Cosette with every fiber of his wonderful body, and that's how its meant to be. Sure, Eponine "loved" Marius. She was also a complete nutter. Hello, she wanted him to die so they would be together. That doesn't sound like the base for a happy, healthy relationship to me.

Marius/ Cosette- ROMANTIC PERFECTION. And that's all I'm going to say on the subject.

Slash Pairings- No. Just no. I'm not homophobic, but for Les Miserables? NO!! The Amis had their mistresses. Marius loved Cosette. Javert loved justice and the law. Jean...Jean loved Cosette, just not in a romantic way. Enjolras loved France, it's that simple. Perhaps Grantaire had an intense adoration for Enjolras, but I don't believe it was too romantic. He admired Enjolras' purity and conviction, he drew life from Enjolras' intensity. He didn't want to shag him.

Erik/Christine - *sigh* This here is a big can o' worms. Yes, E/C is undeniably sexy. Yet...it's not terribly realistic, especially for Leroux!Characters. Erik and Christine are both very passionate, weird and musically inclined. I can understand the "passion" and the "lure" of such a relationship. But Erik is also a crazy murderer and Christine is a betrayed and naive girl. They've got their own issues to work out. If those issues could be confronted, and perhaps resolved - then, and only then, would they have a believable relationship. Plus...it seems that most Phantom stories on this site are E/C. It gets kind of old after awhile.

Erik/ Meg or OC- this pairing has to be the biggest failure in the history of mankind. Erik was obsessed with Christine. I just can't see him ever feeling much for another woman. Definitely not Meg, whom Christine had been close friends with! How wrong is that? If Erik fell in love (or got obsessed with another woman) it would devalue the intensity of his feelings for Christine. Plus, most OCs are total Mary-Sue's. *shudder*

Christine/ Raoul - Ah. Here we go - a true canon pairing that is both romantic and good. So what if it's not as erotic/forbidden/passionate as E/C? Raoul was a total stud, and he and Christine are very good together. A nearly flawless couple, in my opinion. Raoul can be sexy, but most authers here tend to ignore him! Remember, think of Michael Ball. If Michael Ball were my Raoul, I'd want to rip his clothing off every time I saw him. Hot damn.

Rant Concluded

My thoughts:

...I love how easy it is to fall in love ( *cough* or develop an obsession *cough*) with POTO - the plot, the characters, the costumes, the raw emotions, and most of all - the music.

ON Love Never Dies - Why, God, why? A tween Gerik phan could have created a more plausible plot line. But...I do love the score, it's wonderfully pretty. I am NOT a fan, but I appreciate the music and the wonderful OLC. Oh heavens. Alright, I'll admit it. I nearly have a love/hate relationship with LND. I listen to the music frequently, and variations of FF's often pop into my mind, all of them LND-related. If only this sequel didn't ruin so many beloved characters...and the timeline is off.

ON Michael Ball - Someday, I am going to marry that man.

ON artsy stuff - I adore drawing, writing, hiking, camping, exploring, poetry and various other granola-cruncher activities but I'm actually a Conservative when it comes to political viewpoints. Shocking, eh?

ON music - I've got a big musical appetite. I love to sing, play a few instruments, compose and mostly spend a lot of time listening. Life is good.

ON horses - "The canter is a cure for every evil." -Benjamin Disraeli. I agree with my whole heart.

ON religion - I believe in God. He's pretty neat.

ON Les Miserables - It's my favorite thing. I love it even more then I love Phantom.
Now, about the unabridged book - READ IT. STUDY IT. LOVE IT.I don't understand why many Les Mis fans loathe Marius. I believe that he's an excellent character. Oh, and while I'm at it - I get rather angry when I witness Cosette bashing. And Eppie-boppers? It never would have worked out with Marius. So there.

I fancy that you're odd. I'm odd. We're all odd in some way or another. I've got synesthesia, so if any of y'all do too, send me a PM and let's chat. Hey, that reminds me-

ON PM'S - I like them. Don't be afraid to send me one (:

AND...actually I have nothing else to say. Au revoir! ...I'm an ENTP.

Lastly, DO NOT SAY YOU SUCK AT SUMMARIES. If I see that, I will label you as a "sucker"and I won't need your work. Ever. On a side note, my little story summaries are always corny. In reality, I "suck" at writing summaries, but that's alright because I'm not going to waste precious summary space saying that.

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You brought her to me, Eponine. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be on my own." ... "You was never on your own. You had me." ... "Yes, I had my friends. But not love." ... "You don't know what it's like to be on your own. Little you know. Little you see."
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