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Hello dearies. I am the Elder Swear, and rather obviously this is my account. I have to warn you that no real information about myself will be posted just because I am a horrible person who would rather keep private information private. This information includes my name, age, location, phone number and other such things, I will however give access to my email address just so you can whine at me on a more personal level. You may however call me Elder, Eld, El, Swear, The, or U Mean awful person who flamed me 4 no reason!!11111one!!111two!!

Um, I'm thinking about re-doing my profile page, I already took down a lot as you may or may not be able to tell. Anyways, some people out there may know me for my forums, specifically Boldly Go, my Star Trek: 2009 forum for RPs and whatnot. Sadly most of my forums have died a bit due to school starting up again, curse you education system! (-shakes fist at sky-) Old people should come back when the have time... But if any new people wish to join any of the forums, please don't hesitate to apply, or just post stuff. We're all pretty nice, as long as n00bs follow the rules, no one will eat them.

As for stories, my interests are in a number of places. Books are one of my great loves, Harry Potter specifically, so expect to see some work of mine there. The television and I have always been close friends so I may dabble in a few of those categories when inspiration strikes me, particularly Doctor Who, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and maybe even some Scrubs. Anime, Manga, and Cartoons are good too... erm, too lazy to list... I dunno, just look at my stories if you want, better than just reading my ramblings... Don't let that fool you, I have lots more to babble about...

Current Obsession: Yeah, still massively obsessed with Supernatural and Dean/Castiel has been pretty much ruling my brain for several weeks now. Also my Glee obsession is starting to come back, but Supernatural has kinda pushed everything else out of the way.

About Couples:

Well, I'm pretty opened minded when it comes to couples, but do draw my limits when it comes to incest and crazy age differences. Those just creep me out a little bit. However, I am fine with most slash/fem slash, and het couples. I'll probably at least consider almost any couple I come across, and, if I can find a really good story with said couple, I may become a big fan. I'm realizing that this list is way too long and kind of cluttered, so I'm taking a bunch of things off. It doesn't mean I don't still like those couples, I just don't really feel the need to have it written out on my profile.

Favorite Couples: (Super Favorite will be Bolded and ones that I write regularly will be Itali... slanty...)

Harry Potter:

Neville/Luna: Best couple in the whole series, and yes I know perfectly well what the author said about it, but in my mind I don't care! It's real enough to me!

Ron/Hermione: It's too cute to hate!

Severus/Lily: Alright, I like this one, mostly as friends, mind you. A certain friend, who is a big fan of this couple, has won me over.

Dumbledore/Grindlewald: Woot! When it was first announced that Dumbledore was gay I kinda spazzed out a bit, but looking back over the books... well... I can sorta see it...

Crookshanks/Mrs. Norris: What? Can't the kitties find love too?

George/Luna: I blame stories by CJ-Lady of Gryffindor for this one, and Quartzy who told me to read them... kind of a random couple, but so cute!

Fred/Luna: Same frame of brain...

Voldemort/Quirrel: Well, I'm as happy as a squirrel, when the Dark Lord is with Mister Quirrel! Quirrelmort is love!

Seamus/Lavender: Minor characters rock!

Dean/Seamus:... um... don't ask...

Ernie/Susan: I lurve Ernie so much! And Susan totally rules. They both should have gotten way bigger parts in the books.

Ernie/Hannah: I gotta admit, this one's been growing on me.

Ginny/Luna: This is probably my favorite fem slash couples, and one of the only ones that I'll actually read.


Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty): The first. The best. They are completely meant for each other. Even after Misty leaves, Ash still talks about her.

Contestshipping (Drew/May): This one has really grown on me. I didn't really like the series as much after Misty left, but I've really started to like this couple recently.

Vatonageshipping (Keith/Kate): If you play the game Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, this should be pretty dang obvious. I love this one! Pretty much my Pokemon OTP.

Draftyshipping (Slowking/Pants): Okay, I was wrong, this is my OTP.

Rocketshipping (James/Jessie): These two are perfect for each other, end of discussion

Star Trek:

Spock/Kirk: Fantastic!!!! I love this one.

Spock/McCoy: Their arguments are just code for "I love you." Or, probably more like: "I have great affection for you that is most illogical," and "I love you too, you pointy eared hobgoblin."

Chekov/Sulu: This is another one I blame Saturday for, and Quartzy, partially.

Supernatural: (Yes this one now warrants it's own section!)

Dean/Castiel: This is my ultimate super favorite couple right now. I swear to God, it's almost canon at this point! Okay, so maybe more like mid season five, but it's pretty frigging obvious! Hell, even Balthazar sees it!

Sam/Gabriel: I'm not really sure where this one came from. Honestly, at first I just didn't get this at all, but it's growing one me. Plus, it's a nice way for Sam to not end up dying alone.

Ash/Hendrickson: Don't ask, seriously. I think this one stuck after reading a fic where they acted like a married couple for some reason. I don't know, but I just find this one randomly hilarious.

Chuck/Becky: Yeah, this one just makes me smile.

Bobby/Crowley: Honestly, I just find this one frigging hilarious, plus they actually kissed so it's not all in my head this time!

Raphael/Eve: ... Don't ask. This is pretty much my ultimate crack couple. My sister was just trying to draw all of the characters the other day and these two happened to be next to each other and now I ship it! Yes, yes I am crazy.


Kurt/Blaine: This is just fantastic, and CANON!!!! YES!!!! I loved, loved, loved Original Song. Yay for boy kissing! Plus, Darren Criss, you can't not like it!

Puck/Kurt: I don't know, I've just always liked this one. It just makes me smile!

Puck/Quinn: Honestly, I really wish Quinn and Finn would just be done by this point and Lauren would, I don't know, go be famous somewhere else. These two made the perfect beta couple in season one, but then they go and throw her back with Finn for no apparent reason! They were finally working and then it just stops, what? Much upsetness!

Mike/Kurt: Again, I don't know, it just makes me giggle.

Sam/Kurt: Okay, I have no real reason, just cute. I kinda ship Kurt with everyone quite honestly...

Santana/Brittany: It makes me smile!

Tollerated Couples:

Harry Potter:

Harry/Ginny: Meh, this one is okay, but I dunno, I wish there had been more of it in the books.

Scorpius/Rose: I guess I like this one, mostly I find it funny that because Ron said 'no' nearly all of fanfiction said 'yes'!

Voldemort/Bellatrix: Quirrel is still Voldie's forever girl, but this one is okay too.

Dean/Luna: I can see this one a bit and it's kind of sweet!

Harry/Cho: This one is alright, I guess, not my favorite, but I can stand it.

Neville/Ginny: Sort of adorable...

Harry/Luna:... Eh, I guesss they have a lot in common, but Harry's just a bit too whiny for her.

James/Lily: From the books, I'm still not totally sure how these two ended up together...

Most other couples

Star Trek:

Kirk/McCoy: Meh, this one's okay. I don't hate it, but it doesn't quite resonate with me as much as Spock/Kirk or Spock/McCoy, although I really do love a good love triangle with these three...


Sam/Ruby: Eh, I don't hate it. I mostly think it's kinda cute cause the actors actually got married, which is ridiculously sweet!

Chuck/Adam: Don't ask... I just like it...

Balthazar/Flaming pit of DOOM!: I don't like him very much...


Finn/Rachel: Eh, I feel like this one gets waaaaaay too much screen time, but whatever. I don't hate it... yet.

Jesse/Rachel: I was never really a fan, but I don't mind this one. It's there, it's fine I guess.

Sam/Quinn: I still prefer her with Puck, but this one's not bad.

Finn/Kurt: Now that they're step brothers, this one squicks me out a little, but I could still maybe kinda be okay with it. This is probably the closest I'd ever get to being okay with an incest pairing, seriously.

Jesse/Kurt: This is mostly out of my need to pair Kurt with every guy. On that note!

Artie/Kurt: See above!

Puck/Artie: It's a Partie! Yeah, I just like this for the couple name...

Hated Couples:

Harry Potter:

Rolf/Luna: I have a rant about this somewhere in my profile... (I mostly write this one just so I can destroy it!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Neville/Hannah: This one too, but I hate this one slightly less... (See above)

Any Teacher/Student: I'm sorry, that just freaks me out. Some age difference is okay, but that's a bit much...

Any Incest: Sorry, this one's just a bit too creepy as well.


Dean/Sam: I just... I can't do it. Yeah, I know they have a freakishly close relationship, but some siblings are just close! It just squicks me out too much.


Finn/Quinn: I just don't like it! They already broke up and it was messy and angsty and can it please just be done now? Please?

Other OTPs:

Sherlock Holmes/John Watson: This goes for every possible version, movies, television series, books, all of it.

LeeSaku: From Naruto, pretty much the best couple ever.

Toko and Tokka: From ATLAB, I don't know, these two have just always made me smile.

Grif/Simmons: From Red vs. Blue, don't judge me!!!!

Dean/Castiel: From Supernatural, I don't have a problem! I can stop slashing anytime I want!... I just don't want to...

Current couples I'm totally fangirling about:

Ron/Harry: I don't know why, but after seeing the movies I just get really into this one.

Dean/Castiel: I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! They're just so pretty...

Couple Cliches:

Alright as most people probably know there are some incredibly cliche type couples that occur everywhere. I shall now list some and my opinion of them just for funzies!

High School Movie Romance: The happens in nearly every high school type movie I've seen. A new girl, or old but unpopular girl has a major crush on an incredibly hot guy. This guy, let's call him Mr. Hottie, is dating the Cheerleader/popular girl/ queen bee for no apparent reason other than she's hot. Miss Thing first does something rude to le New Girl for no real reason, but then Mr. Hottie comes to her rescue also for no apparent reason. New Girl falls for Mr. Hottie and starts war against Miss Popularity. In the end Mr. Hottie realizes the truth and falls for the New Girl who he just notices is way more attractive than old what's her face.

Yeah I don't like this one. It's boring and has been done a bajilliontimes by everyone everywhere. It's okay, but the plot is always the same and it just gets really tiresome after the first five minutes and is incredibly predictable. There are some variations of this such as the general plot of Mean Girls and the Heather/Trent/Gwen love triangle in Total Drama Island.

Love/Hate:This is probably my second favorite over cliched couple. I dunno, it's just hilarious for me to watch all the, "I don't like him!" moments. This is one that I think needs time to change into a real relationship, but there still have to be snarky comments or it just dies.

Alright I'll admit it I love this one! Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

Oblivious Friends: Girl and Boy. They've known each other for so long, they could never be more than friends, right? Nope! All the little looks and awkward moments mean something, but neither of them know it!

Extremely adorable when done right, horribly annoying when done wrong. The obliviousness can be onesided, but it's funnier when both have no idea what's happening.

Rants: This is where you can read my random ramblings that really have nothing to do with anything. I'll probably rant about fandoms or fanfiction related things and why I like or dislike them. No one actually needs to read this stuff if they don't want to, I just need a spot to type what I feel. Reading this part may help explain some of the directions my fanfictions take, or why I wirte them the way I do, but then again, it might not.

Harry Potter: Oh good God, where to begin? Well, I love the series, I have read each book, oh... at least seven or eight times, and seen each of the movies several times as well. I'm totally in love with many of the characters including: Fred and George Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, Ernie Macmillan, Oliver Wood, Terry Boot, and Regulous Black, but mostly Neville Longbottom.

I don't care what anyone says, Matthew Lewis is the true star of Harry Potter along with James and Oliver Phelps. Daniel Radcliff is nice enough I suppose, but my eye always goes straight to Neville. He is the main reason I love the fourth movie as much as I do. Yes, I know they cut Dobby, but using Neville to fill in just makes it all okay!

Also Luna Lovegood, absolutely amazing. She and Neville were made for each other. I'm sorry, but J.K. Rowling was blind not to see it and she wrote the darn thing!

Speaking of which, I love the characters, and the world that J.K.R. came up with, but I think she could have thought some of her ideas through a bit more, especially what happened with the epilogue and other things after the story ended. I totally see Ron and Hermione ending up together, same with Harry and Ginny. I even think that the names of their kids are okay, maybe not Hugo, though... but really, George and Angelina? Seriously? Angelina's boyfriend dies, so she hooks up with his twin brother? Come on! That makes no sense! I can see that maybe happening, but there would have to be some big, huge, ginormous backstory! Did Angelina help George get past Fred's death? Did she actually always like George more? What? What happened? Honestly, I know I'm not the only person who thinks this!

AND Sticking Neville with Hannah Abbot, who, as far as we know, have never even spoken before, and Luna with never before mentioned Rolf Scamander! What's up with that? I'm sorry, I just say no to those pairings. According to me they don't exist, George with Angelina I'll go with if there's a good back story, but Neville/Hannah and Rolf/Luna, I just say no! I have nothing against Hannah and Rolf as characters. I actually liked Hannah Abbott and I really wish she had gotten more character development. As for Rolf, he never even came into the story so I don't actually know anything about the character other than his Grandfather wrote a book. I don't have a problem with either character, but I just don't like the fact that J.K. Rowling used these two to break up my favorite couple ever. Because of this, I have developed an unfortunate habit of making Rolf a terrible person or killing off Hannah... or both. I don't like doing this, but it just kinda happens...

However, there are a fair amount of Harry Potter couples that I will read, some more mainstream, others not so much... and, since the fandom is so dang huge, you can find pretty much any couple you can think of!

Twilight: Again, I'm not too sure where to begin with this one. I guess first off I'll say that while I don't completely hate Twilight, I don't like it either. I used to be so anti-Twilight that the very mention of the darn thing made me want to throw very, very large objects at people. However, I'd like to think I've grown up a bit since then. This probably isn't true, but I'd like to think it is. The truth is I don't dislike the series itself, but the fans. I don't mean regular fans, I mean the super, crazy, 'read this book or I'll kill you' type of fans. Those just completely killed any interest I had in the seires.

However, I also don't really like the series itself all that much. I'm sorry, but if it weren't for the vampires, it would just be a story about a girl who is obsessed with her own stalker. There are just some aspects of the books that I really, really do not like. I know tons of people have fallen in love with the stpry, and that is totally fine. I don't have a problem with them liking it. One thing I have promised myself is that I will never bash anyone because of something they like or dislike. However, I do have a problem with people forcing what they like onto other people. My apathy towards Twilight has gotten me several things that were pretty dang close to death threats. I'm just saying, that might be a little much.

Now, in my defense I did give the seires a try. Honestly, I did, but I couldn't get through it. I think one of my bigggest problems with it is that I heard about it after it was hugely popular. I am not one to just jump into the latest fad. That is why I like Harry Potter as much as I do, I fell in love with that series before it became ginormous. This brings me to another reason I don't really care for Twilight, all the people who compare it to Harry Potter. You can threaten me if I don't read it. You can tell me I'm a moron for thinking Edward's kinda boring and creepy. But when you bring my favorite series into it, OH HECK NO!! I don't really understand how people can compare the two. Pretty much the only thing they have in common is that they are really popular and are sort of Fantasy stories, although I think Twilight is more of a Romance than a Fantasy.

To be perfectly honest, I could say a lot more things about Twilight and why I'm not a big fan, but I won't because I can already hear the angry mob approaching.

Couplings/Ships/Pairings: Whatever you call them, they are there and they dominate a good chunk of nearly every fandom and inspire huge conflicts amoung fans everywhere. In some fandoms admitting which couples you support is almost like yelling "Snape kills Dumbledore" to a crowd of Harry Potter fans who are waiting to get their copy of the sixth book. Needless to say, it might not be pretty. People are entitled to like any couple they want. I don't have a problem with that. But sometimes, the crazy fans get scary... as in really, really scary... as in "Holy Snot is that a chain saw?" scary.

I'm pretty open when it comes to couples. My opinions may vary from fandom to fandom, but generally I support most canon and quite a few fanon couples. However, there are some out there that I abosolutely can not stand. It's fine if other people like them, I don't really have a problem with that. If there is a couple that I dislike very strongly, there is usually some reason behind it. I don't really have any problem with slash or fem slash, in fact I like a lot of slash couples.

What does creep me out a bit, is incest. That's just a bit much. I just... I just can't do it. It squicks the crap out of me and I doubt there will ever be a time that it won't. Honestly, I know a lot of people see it when siblings have a really close realtionship, but that doesn't mean they want to suck each other's faces! It's probably because of how close I am with my sibling and I just... I just can't do it! Also some age differences can be a bit much, but that sort of depends... let's just say that if both are adults it is way less creepy, but with a minor... eh, not so much. I don't mind people liking these sorts of couples, but they just really aren't my cup of tea.

Long ago I made a promise that I will never bash someone because of the couples they like. I may not like the couple, but everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes. I know how much I hate it when people insult my opinions, so I work hard to make sure that I never do that to anyone else. The fans who do this have actually caused me to dislike several couples.

Fandoms: As a fair amount of you probably know, fans aren't always given very much respect. A lot of people think we're crazy and extremely frightening. Before I would have completely disagreed with any and all statements of the sort, then I found out more about the Supernatural fandom. Oh. My. God.

Okay, I've seen some crazy before, but this is just insane! I know I haven't even reached the tip of the crazy iceberg, but what I've already found out is completely mental. The behavior I've heard of a 'typical' fan freaks the hell out of me. I mean, I get the whole celebrity crush thing, I've had a few myself, but the lengths that people take it to is just nuts. I mean, come on! Personally, I consider myself to be a bit obsessive and kind of a freak, but starting forums based on how 'chubby' someone is, or announcing to the world that you're married to an actor, or freaking ASSUALTING AN ACTOR AT A CONVENTION, seriously, what the crap? I can't even begin to find words to describe how messed up that is and I've gone through seven dictionaries!

However, I do realize that this is a very, very small portion of the actual fandom and I thank each and every single person who does not go to these extremes. It's that vocal minority that makes the rest of us look like psychopaths, which frankly we are not! Yes, we can be a little weird and perhaps a bit too interested in our particular fandom, but most of us are just harmless fans who would really love an autograph and to not pass out when an actor awknowledges our existance. Because I know that I'm crazy, I've set up a list of actors that I am never allowed to be within twenty feet of. This is not because I think I'll go crazy and attack them, but because I know that just being near them would cause me to explode. Really. I'm fairly sure I'm just that flamable and have somewhat unstable biochemistry. It could happen! Don't look at me like that!

Er, I'll add more rants later. Despite the fact that they can get long and rambling, they are just so much fun to type!

More about me:

This is my spot to explain some things about myself that no one probably cares about. Huzzah!

Okay, so first off, even though I may seem like I am brimming with over confidence and total jerkiness, I'm really not. Though I don't openly admit it, I am a decent and nice person and I like offering help where it's needed. Surprisingly, I'm more patient than some and can actually tollerate a good bit of constructive critisism. Flames don't really bother me, that just shows that my stories evoke something in people that makes them want to speak out in a strongly negative way. If they help me become a better writer in the long run, then I welcome them and all the critisism I can get. The only way to ever really become good at this is to be critiqued by people who really know their stuff. Good grammar and a massive dictionary can only get you so far. So, if anyone out there has any idea on how I can improve my writing, I welcome their opinions.

If someone wants my help, be prepared. Writing is one of the only things I'm picky about. I'm not good at sugar coating what I think about someone's work, so if you don't want that, look elsewhere.

As for my own work, I try not to post anything that I really despise, but I'm generally not too confident in anything I write. The bottom line is that the only way I'll know if something is any good is if I get feed back about it. Just having a bunch of hits doesn't tell me anything. I promise I will not whore for reviews, and I will never with hold chapter for any reason other than my own laziness. However, if I get no reviews for something for too long, I'll just have to assume that it's awful and no one wants to read it, in which case I'll probably end up either re-writing it or just taking it down. I know I might not respond to every review I get, but I really do appreciate every single one of them. They mean so much more to authors than most people think. There's not much that makes me happier than seeing a review alert email in my inbox.

Right now, I would like to formally apologize for my agonizingly slow updates. I know, I know, it's awful and I probably have more time to write than I think I have, but I just get distracted and lazy... a lot! Sometimes I do have a genuine reason for taking a good deal of time between updates, like, recently, I've been busy with testing and homework so I haven't had too much time for anything else. Other times I just get really bad writer's block and can't come up with anything at all. And, as ridiculous as this might sound, sometimes if I just leave something for a while, then stumble on it a while later, I actually get a lot more ideas. Occasionally I just get bored with an idea and need to go back to it later when the mere thought of it no longer repulses me.

My big dream is to one day write an original story and then have people write fan fiction about it. Yes, I know, this is very, very sad, please shut up. It's just something I've always thought would be really neat! Feel free to secretly mock me, I already have people doing so to my face, so it's no big deal. I've just thought that it would be so cool to have a story of my own get published and then see what people make of it and how they interpret the characters. Fan fiction has to be one of the greatest forms of flatterly that an author can get. Knowing that people like your story or characters so much that they come up with their own plot lines for them, it's just fantastic! If this ever happens to me, I know I'll be on top of the world.

As you may or may not have noticed, one of my favorite rhetorical strategies is sarcasm. This will frequent my own rantings and possibly make itself known in my fics here and there. It's just how I communicate with the world and the people in it. If you don't like it please ignore it or leave quietly out the back door when I'm not looking, I'll only cry for a little while, I promise.

About my writing:

As you may have noticed, I'm a bit of a slasher. I mean, I write het too, but I've been ridiculously into slash lately. I haven't actually posted any of the slash I've written yet, but you may see it at some point in the future. However, I'm not totally comfortable with it, I have no idea if it's any good or not. Then again, I'm not totally confident in my het either.

Probably the max rating that any of my stories will ever get will be T just because I can't bring myself to write M. If a fic is ever M it'll probably be a result of violence or swearing. I will never write a lemon just because I doubt it would be any good, plus, writing one would make me feel extremely creepy. I don't know, I just kinda squick myself out if my writing goes any farther than making out. It's just... not my thing. Also, I will never EVER write or read an Mpreg. I just can't do it! I mean, adopt a kid, sure, but Mpreg is just... no, just no. If other people like it, fine, good for them, but I just can't do it.

I really like writing parody or satire, so you may seem that in several of my stories, also, a lot of them tend to be kinda sarcastic. It's not nearly as much as some people, but it's there. Being sarcastic is just so fun! I love it. However, I always kinda wonder about my humor in stories because there might be something that I find completely hilarious that no one else would, and then there'll be something that I just kidna put there cause I needed filler and someone might find it extremely funny. Comedy is hard.

Alright this is where I'll talk about my stories and updates and what not. So, I've realized that I should have added this a while ago, but I tend to forget to write, or get lazy, or make promises about when things will be posted. Yeah, just for the record, those probably should be given little to no attention what so ever. I am really, really, really bad about that, so if I make a promise that something should be posted by Christmas, expect it sometime around Easter. However, I don't know if there's anyone out there that actually likes my writing enough to care about this. If there is I am deeply sorry for my lateness and I love you. If there is no one that cares about my writing, which I highly suspect to be the case, then whatever, I'm going to post when I post.

Total Drama Island, Season the Next!:

Alright I have stopped acceting campers and interns, but I still need a lot of camera people, as of now I have three. It may take me a while to update this one. I am trying to work out all my challenges and who goes home when. That means that I am not taking votes, they take far too long and half of the people never send them in at all. I will however take some input about who people think should leave, mostly it will be based on which characters are the most interesting to write, or the easiest to write new stuff for. Sorry but that's just how the cookie crumbles.


Like a Family: A Buffy oneshot. This is my first ever Buffy fic so I'm very sorry if it sucks. I tried my best to keep everyone IC, but like I said I don't have a ton of experience with these characters. It has a deal of Spuffy fluff and a bit of Spillow fluff in the middle. I originally intended for it to just be a short little thing, but it exploded a little bit into a seven thousand word, twenty-one page (on micrsoft word) thing.

Muffin Baskets, Graveyards, Calamari and more!: I should have the, oh what is it now... the fifth chapter? Well, that should be up sometime soon. That one will probably be a good bit longer than some of the others 'cause I'm just weird like that.

Living a Lie: Yeah, I should have probably moved this before, but I forgot. Anyways, this takes place... oh, about five or six years after Voldie gets the axe. This a bit darker than some of my other work. It focuses on Neville and Luna and their relationships, both romantic and just friendships, most of which have suffered a bit due to secret events! The idea just popped in my head one day and wouldn't leave. So far, two chapters are up and I have the third one finished, but I'm going to make sure I have at least some work done on the fourth chapter before the third goes up. Yes, I know, I've been giving lots of hints, and very little information. Don't worry, the questions will be answered... at some point! I'm really sorry that it's taking me so long to update this one. I have some ideas, but they've kinda slowed down a lot. I promise I will get back to this someday, but it might take a while.

Never Gonna Happen: What I intended for this, was for it to be a series of drabbles on fanon couples, but I kinda lost my inspiration for it. I would like to pick it up again, but for now it's on hiatus. Also, I'm pretty sure the first one kinda sucked, so I'll probably rewrite it.

Heart Songs: Ten Neville/Luna drabbles based on songs. Normally I can't bring my self to write anything close to a song fic, but this was kinda fun. I may add more chapters to it later. Expect to see updates here whenever I just need to write something. Judging by the amount of attention this one has gotten, I really doubt that people care if I add to it, but you never know.

Become on with Japan!: Okay, so I'll be honest, this one did kind of come out of left field. I'm not totally confident in it, but I'm okay with how it turned out. As my first Hetalia fic, I can't really be sure that it's actually any good. It's actually a Christmas present for Satruday Most Superior, but I don't know if she's read it yet... Anywho, I am very grateful for the feedback I have been receiving about it, I love you guys!

Soon to be new stories (Probably, at some point, maybe!):

Well, there is this one idea that's been dancing around in my head for quite a long time now, my friends Quartzy, of Quartzy and Sue, and Charmy, iCharmcaster, are going to be co-authoring a Harry Potter Next Generation fic. Yes, I know this has been done about a bajillion times, but I don't care! I'm actually surprised by the amount of work I've already put in to this one. This means I have actually made up over 100 OCs, with some help from Charmy and Quartzy, for this story. And the three of us have sort of worked out a plot for all of Albus's years in Hogwarts. Also, a good deal of the couples have been planned as well... tee hee! If this huge project is ever finished, may actually happen, it'll probably be at least seven multi-chapter fics, each with at least twenty or so chapters, possibly more, but nothing for sure just yet. Here's a little summary for the first one, which I've actually gotten a chapter and a half already written.

Since the fall of Voldemort, the Wizarding world has been at peace. But now a new story is about to unfold as a young Albus Severus Potter boards the Hogwarts Express. With new friends and allies, classes shouldn't be a problem, but a new evil lurking just out of sight might prove to be a bit more than young Albus can handle.

Stay tuned for Albus Potter and the Dark Recruits

Since when has Voldemort been the only Dark Wizard?

I'm going to start posting as soon as I've finished the second chapter. Should be posted in the very near future!

There's this idea that's been going around in my head for some time now. The Harry Potter fandom, as many people know, is crazy huge! Meaning, there are nearly endless possibilties for couples. A good deal of these couples have been thought up and given names by the good people at FictionAlley. I, being the strange person that I am, have been very curious about some of these couples. Probably sometime around December or late November, I will begin writing and posting a number of one shots with various couples, most will probably be random with nearly unheard of couples. I have a feeling some of this may morph into multi-chapter fics, but nothing is set in stone.

I may also at some point, maybe, post some stories that are parodies of other kinds of fics. I'm working on a slash fic parody right now, as in I'm currently going back and forth between updating my profile and typing the fic, and I have a crack fic parody in the works. Basically this is just an opportunity for me to be sarcastic, woot!

Harry Potter and the Fabulous Potion: It was a normal day in Harry Potter's -mumblemumble- year when it happened! Suddenly Harry can't take his eyes off of Draco, as he has now decided to call him, or Professor Snape, or even Ron, and he's not the only one! Has everyone at Hogwarts inexplicably turned gay or is some sort of spell the real cause? With Hermione "Only Sane Woman" Granger on the case, you can bet that the answer will be revealed!

Yeah, I was really bored when I came up with that title. I'm not totally sure where this will end up, but right now it's turning into a longer one-shot. I'd like to have it up soon, but, knowing me, I shouldn't be making any promises.

Blame it on the Mistletoe: It's Christmas time, there's an amazing party and he's finally where he wants to be with Italy, but why isn't Germany happy? Several chance encounters cause him to question what he truly wants and an accidental meeting under the mistletoe changes everything.

This one is sort of linked to my other Hetalia fic, but only sort of. Depending on how I end up finishing it, it will probably conflict with the other one, so I'm saying their both AUs fro each other.

To Mend the Broken: Neville Longbottom could tell something was wrong. It would disturb him for years that he could almost see what happened before it did. Now, with Hannah gone after years of suffering from a mysterious aillment, Neville finds himself a single father of three just as an old friend comes back into his life. Luna Lovegood, after working for years has finally pulled herself out of a failed relationship, but sill has six children to show for it. Both of their families are utterly broken, but perhaps, with a little help from their children, Neville's secretary, and a few very nosy redheads, they can finally start to mend what's broken.

I know, I know, I shouldn't even think of starting another multi-chapter fic until I get my other stuff finished. Don't worry, I don't plan to start posting this one until it is completely finished. Like, Living a Lie, the inspiration for this one just kinda snuck up on me.

If you like my writing style feel free to send me a PM about a couple you think I should try my hand at.

Also expect to see a few more stories for various challenges on my forums.

Other stuff:

This is just random junk I feel like putting on ye olde profile page... yeah...

!sdrawkcab siht daer ot gniyrt efil rouy fo sdnoces ytriht detsaw tsuj ouy ,snoitalutargnoC

Then again I did just type that...

Don't ask me why, but after seeing it played on The Soup so much, this has gotten to be one of my favorite quotes, I have no idea what the guy was actually trying to say, but this is completely fantastic:

"Oh, here go, hell come."

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