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so, as it would suggest from most of my profile and my stories, i am a huge twilight fan. but recently i have come across The House of Night series. ive fallen in love with it. seriously, i think i may like it more than twilight which says a lotttt. unfortunately i have only read the first 3 books (so please dont spoil the next 2 for me!) and my mom wont let me buy the last 2 until i finish all my summer homework. sadly this means that i probably wont get those books until the end of the summer because i signed up for 2 AP classes. i honestly dont know what i was thinking. anyway, check out my profile have some fun...theres some twilight story ideas below you can tell me what you think. i dont want to write any house of night stories until i finish the series though so i have no story ideas posted for that. i also have a sort of mini...blog i guess you could call it where i will give my opinion on random things that you could probably care less about. enjoy!


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Story Ideas

Broken Strings- Bella is moving away from Phoenix and her boyfriend, Alex. She wants to stay with him in a long distance relationship, but he breaks it off. Bella's feelings for Edward grows but she vows to herself she will never love again for fear of heartbreak. When she finally gives in to her feelings, will it be too late? (This isn't a good summary of it but it tells enough about the story.) This story would come in 4-5 installments. I have it planned out through 4 so far with the other stories called Save Yourself, Wonderful World, and Undiscovered. It may end with undiscovered but I may also add another installment and that one would be the last one. The summaries will appear on here, one by one, as the stories are written if I choose to write them.

The Matchmaker- The life of a serf is not an easy one. Working the fields all day in the hot sun, and visting the matchmaker every Sunday. Bella lives this life, and every once a week she must go the matchmaker's home where she will be paired with a young man in the kingdom, and they will be married. She is in love with a young man, Edward, also a serf and hopes the matchmaker will choose him for her husband. But what happens when the matchmaker pairs her with someone else? The Prince? (Also a poor summary...sorry.) This story also has a sequel. I have not come up with an adequate title yet, so for now it will be referred to as The Matchmaker 2.

Timeless Love- When Edward leaves Bella, she is left a wreck. She wants to get away from the cold, cruel world, and that's what she does. She is one of the few student's in the country asked to partcipate in a science experiment, where she and the other participants will get to make the journey into outer space. A dangerous predicament forces them to travel at the speed of light, and when they finally return to earth, it is 1000 years later and everything is different. Except the undead vampires she left behind...

Evangeline- This is the story of Carlisle before he met Esme. He is a fairly young vampire, fresh out of the Volturi. He travels to another country, where he becomes the royal doctor. There he meets the princess, Evangeline, and they both fall over head over heels in love. He wants forever with her, but she doesn't know how long forever really is.

Second Chance- After Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she returns to the Cullen household, and finding it empty, kills herself. When the Cullen's return to Forks 100 years later, Bella's ghost is there with a message. He will get a second chance, but he will find it in the last place he ever expected.

Topic: Updating

I love reading fanfiction stories and I am often killing myself in between chapters of people's stories because I am dying to know what happens next. I bet some of you are like that too. Unfortunately, I am a hypocrite and I have difficulty updating my stories. I don't know what it is, but I get bored of stories really quickly. That's why I really try not to plan long stories because I feel guilty when my interest in it dies and I leave my readers hanging. I'm sorry if I have already faced you with this issue. I do love to write, though, and I'm sure if I came up with a story that held my interest all the way through it would be a very good one, but until that happens, this is how its going to be. Because of this fact of life that I need to get over, I try writing one-shots, and recently I have decided that I should not post stories until I have finished the whole story. This idea resulted in all the story ideas listed above to be just that, ideas. Each one has a couple of chapters written for it but as soon as I grew tired of them, I kinda gave up. :( I know I'm awful. Sorry.

Topic: Stevie Rae's "death" in the House of Night Series

I cried so hard as I read this part of the book. I guess I had seen it coming, although I didn't want to believe it. Whenever Zoey looked at Stevie Rae and made a comment about her appearence I knew it, I just forced myself to believe that I was wrong. And then I cried. Hard. After a good five minutes of crying and stuggling to continue to read the death scene, my nose felt runny (probably from the crying), so I went to the bathroom to get a tissue. And I FREAKED, like you have no idea when I realized my nose wasn't running, it was bleeding. I was having like a little tweakfest in the bathroom as I thought I was dying with Stevie Rae. I guess I really shouldn't let myself get so wrapped up in books. Once I calmed down and cleaned up I went back to reading and cried as I continued reading everytime the gang brought up the memory of Stevie Rae. I did also predict that she would come back as one of the creepy little undead things that she had seen Elizabeth and Elliot become. I was kind of proud of myself. :) Hehe

Topic: Zoey's Three Boyfriends in the House of Night Series

Aww damn it. This one accidentally got deleted when I saved my profile. I'm sorry that you guys will have to live without my full description of why I think Zoey is a slut. I already let all my anger and frustration out and I can't really remember what I typed anyway. I'll give you the quick jist of it though. Zoey is a slut. She needs to get rid of Heath or learn to freakin' control her bloodlest. Her boyfriend Erik Night is the most gorgeously wonderful person on the face of the fictionearth and she should NOT lose him. And she was dumb for thinking an older man like Loren could really and truely have feelings for her. So yeah that's pretty much it. It was sooooo much better before :( but I'll have to live.

Topic: Religion in the House of Night Series

Is it weird that Zoey's love and devotion to her Goddess has made me become closer to my God? I'm a Catholic Christian and I feel like Nyx is like God and Zoey is sort of like Jesus. I feel weird and it's probably really bad that I am bringing vampyres into my religion since my religion doesn't believe in stuff like that. I don't believe in vampyres and whatever, myself, but I see no problem in reading about them and enjoying the made-up stories. I do however think Nyx's relationship with Zoey as well as Aphrodite has made me see my God in a new light. Zoey is Nyx's eyes and ears on earth. She is set out to destroy the evil and restore the peace to her people and the humans. It sort of reminds me of Jesus in the way that God sent him to help free us of our sins and turn away from evil. The gifts Nyx gives to Aphrodite (as well as Damien, Stevie Rae, Shaunee, and Erin) remind me of the powers he gave to some influential people in history, like Moses and Abraham and all of the prophets. Neferet reminds me of the ultimate evil, aka Satan, and her little undead minions are like the evil people here on earth who do her biding. And you can throw Loren in there with the minions as well. However, Zoey was kind of forced by Neferet into mistakes that Jesus was never forced into by Satan, which sort of makes me feel like she is more like Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were the first people on earth, maybe Zoey is the first of a new population of good where humans and vamps live in peace. Who knows. But anyway, the way Nyx is always there for Zoey, in her head and helping her with difficult decisons, watching what she says, and answering her prayers reminds me of my God, and the God I believe to be real, and how he is always watching over me and helping me. You sometimes wonder where God is when something goes wrong, but you have to trust that God will be there to help you clean up the mess you made just as Zoey is going to trust Nyx to help her.

(Sorry to any fans reading this that are not the same religion as me. I understand you probably don't understand where I'm coming from. I don't wish to offend anyone, this is my opinion and my beliefs and I don't want to push them on anyone. Jewish people might be able to understand some of this I suppose if you minus Jesus from it and maybe reading this could help some of you recognize the similarities in your own religion just as I did?)

Topic: Summer Homework

I HATE SUMMER HOMEWORK! HATE HATE HATE. I can't say that I don't see the point in teachers giving it to us, but that doesn't change how I feel about it. I know it's neccessary but I really wish that teachers didn't. It would make life so much easier and summer so much more relaxing if teachers gave us the break from school work that we deserve. I am going to be a teacher when I am older, but I will never ruin a child's summer like my teacher's have ruined mine. I'm only planning on teaching little kids so I don't think I have to worry about giving them homework but the max I would ever give them is two books to read thats it. Teachers should not be sending home textbooks and questions and math packets. Frankly, it is just ridiculous. It is also sick and twisted. I. HATE. SUMMER. HOMEWORK.

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