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Hey guys, um, i'm sure you people who reads our stories have noticed that we haven't updated our stories for months... the reason for that is that we have exams...sadly. and we got lazy. We kinda quitted ffn..soz lovely subscribers!! but we definetly try to finish our stories! Ciao~

Profile !

HIIIIII~~~ if you know u, then wow...and we're reiphonea...yes, that is WE because me and 2 other friends are sharing to give double the amount of comments and STORIESSS...yes, i am crazy.the craziest of the bunch..and yes i like using "dots"...Isn't it pretty? haha...also, i'm a big FAN OF LM.C~ they're awesome!! and Maya is so cute! Their songs are good~and btw, i'm teanacute411 here! And it's my idea to put this together~ NOT Reign..hoho...So now, here's my profile..

Name: just call me teanacute411~ hehe...

Age: Does "young and an age that can think" count?

Gender: can tell..right?? holds a knife behind her back

Interested in: Guys...I'm a girl here!! also, i'm a big LM.C fan~~ GOOO MAYA~~ also david archuleta

Fav Pairings: (please don't kill me..only think what i think...Maya)

BIG HITSUHINA FAN HERE!! - hitsu and hina were childhood friends!! and they look cute together!! DUH...

Kibahina - hinata, kiba's there for you!! Naruto doesn't care much..(soz to those who encourage other pairings)

Shikaino - cute pairing, need i say more?

Narusaku - At least they talk!! and sakura can do soo much better with naru..

Nejiten - lalalala~ Ten and Neji..well..they look good, great teamates and so cute together!

Soul and Maka - GREAT PAIR!! works together, looks good together, a lot of together without blaire...i hope..

Ichiruki - Isn't it chosen from the start that they care soo much about each other??

Tsunakyo - so kawaii together don't cha' think?

I am not a FAN of yaoi or yuri, but i don't mind it. I mean, imagining sasuke and orochimaru together...cough lol...but no offense to anyone please...and it's only a joke~

That's all i could think of right now... so BYE!! Friends should check in soon..


REI-PHO-NEA: three seperate people joining together to create fanfics - this profile shall have all three (hopefully) giving all our readers (if we have any) an insight of us.

REI-PHO-NEA = Reign421 some may know him... Symphonye some may know her... & Teanacute411 some may know her

BLEACH ;NARUTO; HITMAN REBORN; VAMPIRE KNIGHT; xxxHolic; Soul Eater!!(bwhaha..i'm screwing reign's part and life..teanacute here..)

reign421 "rei" profile - i go first since in the pen name MY user is used first :P also to keep myself alive from the two crazy women i share this account with.

Hellooooo people - this Reign421 "Rei" as of now ...
this is my section of the profile - and down there somewhere will be the two other girls profiles

Name: Why do you care? just read the fanfic and send me (us) a review!

Age: I may sound dumb (i am) but it's suitable intelligence for my age

Gender: A guy - with two girls ; please don't think wrong (my life hangs on a thread telling the world this)

Sexual Preferance: Girls (i'm a guy for crying out loud)


Shikaino - at least ino's hair changed style (not necessaryily good but still a change) unlike that old woman with four brooms stuck on her head and Ino's Shikamaru's age ... so Temari doesn't have to be labelled as a pedofile (even if she is)

NejiTen - they're so freakin' canon; NEED ME EXPLAIN? no.

NaruSaku - can you seriously imagine hyperactive blondes who have speech problems? plus - naruto actually TALKS to sakura on a regular basis (excluding filler eps)

KibaHina - they're in the same team and both have wear eyes (a dot and someone who looks like she's blind)

HitsuHina all the way ...

Tsubasa Chronicles:

SyaoranxSakura: they've been canon since CCS ...
KuroganexTomoyo: very random - but hey! kurogane rants about protecting the damn woman


WatanukixVestal: vestal spirit and watanuki make so much more sense than watanuki and himawari

I'M A NOT A FAN OF YAOI - or yuri (at the moment) that's what he thinks he's a big NARUSASU fan joking...teana here again... teana's actually in love with this short 133cm 2-D character called hitsuGAYa

WAH! Gosh, I'm finally on. I forgot the email so it took me awhile to login :D Symphonye here~

I share this wonderful account with my precious friends cough cough

Hence, my part of the profile:

Name: Make one up for me :)

Age: I'm the oldest of us 3, no bullying please.

Gender: I don't know...I guess I'm a girl, I like guys 0.o

Pairings I love (this goes on...)

HitsuHina all the way (Damn I love them too much. Too cute, seriously. Sometimes you don't know why you like a pairing. You just do, and this pairing kicks ass. Haha, childhood friends! Yay~ I wish I had a male childhood friend...All my childhood friends are girls whines)

GinRan (A very obvious pairing indeed. It's strange how they became now in the manga. Gin!! Stop flirting with Aizen and get back here >:( Aizen's mine!!)

NejiTen (Fave Naruto pairing. When I still didn't know what Naruto was this guy called Der-I mean Reign421 said I could be Tenten and I was completely confused)(reign was mean! he said ten dies because of neji..i was there to trick her as well actually..teanacute

NaruSaku or NaruSasu is fine too XD (NaruSaku, very possible but NaruSasu..very epic. I love them! Geez they stole each other's first kiss XD

RukiIchiHimeUlqui (Yes, I love this and the current manga seems to fit with it just fine:)) (Wooh! FADE TO BLACK IS OUT! Now I just need to wait for another year for the subbed version :))

ZeroYukiKaname (Yes it's Vampire Knight...I really don't know who she should go with...Zero is hot, Kaname's handsome. Personally I would choose Zero, he looks more communicatable)

If I miss anything please tell me, I'm too old to think but I guess writing stuff is fine. I have the best english talent here Bwahaha~(oh really?-teanacute)

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 28 - Words: 116,557 - Reviews: 150 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 10/1/2010 - Published: 9/29/2008 - Hinata H., Kiba I.
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Start of Christmas, end of relationship reviews
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