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Whoa, that was a loud hi O.o

ANYWHO... hello. Apparently you clicked my username to see my profile. If you clicked it by mistake then you should really practice your clicking abilities, otherwise WELCOME!

Name: Well, I'm The Tin Dogs Bollocks, otherwise known as firebreathingfishies, aka ThatDAMNGoose. I'll answer to anything short of Fanny Features :D

Age: Older than I look and younger than I feel. Or if you want uncryptic; 21

Likes: Milky Bars, Jon Stewart, drawing, playing with clay but not actually doing anything productive, my sunflower, reading, dancing on my own when there's no one around, singing on my own when there's no one around, Aliens, Predator (never together), finding money, the word 'pelvis', Red Dwarf, Tom Baker, Gary Smith, Jeremy Beadle (RIP), throwing water balloons at that loser student who passes my house everyday (it's been nearly two years, you'd think he would walk a different way), Ah-nuld, Dizzy Rascal's new song BONKERS xD

Dislikes: Seagulls, cheese, Blockbuster (it reminds me of bees ), bees, wasps, insects and small insectoid creatures in general (including spiders and butterflies), the Pussycat Dolls, catching my sleeve on a doorhandle, people who just suddenly stop dead in front of you when you're walking, Epic Movie, those girls with the neon orange faces and the unmatching hair extensions, the state of the economy, Harry Potter, RTD, the word 'succulent', people tapping their fingernails on their teeth, religion (any), being caught when I'm dancing on my own when I thought there was no one around, being caught when I'm singing on my own when I thought there was no one around, clowns aaaaaaand finally, toe socks.

Fandoms: My fandoms tend to change quite often, which means I can't really call them my fandoms... For a long time I was a LOST obsessive, but I've kind of 'Lost' that (kittens die from bad pun), then it was Heroes but, well, that sucks now so that didn't work out. Then it was Doctor Who and WOW that was an obsession. It still is really, I'm just taking a break from the Doctor Who stories because they were starting to alter my sense of perception. I realised I had to stop for a while when I called my housemate 'Doctor'. Now I somehow got dragged onto the Bully Bus, which is strange because I'm not one for computer games... but Bully is absolutely teh shit. Gary Smith is just awesome computerised xD And Algernon... I can only stare in awe.


Anya Reine was awesome enough to do this picture of a preggers Elliott for me :D

Check out my deviantArt page! I've just gotten a graphics tablet so I can do better picshurs now :B



i: It's A Long Fall From Cloud Nine

ii: Running For Your Life Down Memory Lane

iii: The Light Shines Through Those Who Have Cracked



The Sandman

Chicken Oriental

A Doll's Life(Unfinished)

Health Issues(Unfinished)


The AU Attack

The Daleks And The Sueification Machine

The Doctor's Inbox


One Shots:

Goodbye Ten, Hello Eleven

My Mummy

Grand Theft TARDIS

My Doctor Who stories have been put on hold for now because I've kind of lost the feel for them. I WILL be going back to them eventually, but not until I'm sure I'll give them my all. I don't just want to do something half-arsed. So apologies to everyone who is waiting for updates.

Yes I am otherwise known as firebreathingfishies, but I wanted to be organised cos I'm weird like that. I have no idea whether or not it's okay to have more than one profile but... meh, sod it lol.

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The Light Shines Through Those Who Have Cracked reviews
Kids have to leave home at some point. While Reese is making his own way at Bullworth Academy by dealing with lovesick Preps and psychotic Jocks, Elliott has to adjust to a new boss - but an imminent school reunion is set to shake up both their lives.
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Elliott Nixon knew Bullworth wasn't going to be easy. Her plan was to keep her head down and try her best to be ignored, but that was before she pissed off the head cheerleader and got herself wrapped up in the plans of the school's resident megalomaniac.
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The moment I realised just how much I had wasted my twenty-seven years and six months, I was ankle deep in a mixture of sour milk, rotten mushrooms and something I tried my best not to think about." It's got nothing to do with oriental poultry, I swear.
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