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Hello world of literary artists, critiques, readers, and lovers alike.

Zieg-Ice is the name, and you better remember it! No, you do not have a choice in the matter.
I'm relatively new to having an account on FanFiction. I have however been reading off of FanFiction for over 2 years.
Hobbies? Well I'd have to say reading, writing, speaking, learning new words, video games (such as final fantasy~drool~) and hitting on your sister. (obviously I enjoy joking) :)
I love to hear myself talk, I must profess, and this shows very heavily in my writing. Especially when I critique a work, which I will begin to do more frequently.
I am very new to a lot of what goes on, on FanFiction as I have never decided to orient myself with others when it came to my writing, since it was simply something I did in my spare time, now however it will become part of my life. I am 17, (subject to change according to the passing of my birthday) and after I finish my final drab year of high school I shall enter college and pursue my career a clinical psychologist and explore the passing minds of the mad, insane, and the troubled.

Oodles of fun I must proclaim :)

Following this adventure into the psyche of all human beings I plan to begin publishing some of my more serious works. The novels and such that I have written (1 and a half to be exact) not to mention whatever may appear on FanFiction over the time of my membership. Therefore writing and reading are of a certain importance to me.

I absolutely ADORE, cannot get enough of, love, would marry, have consensual, hard, dirty, nasty. . .whoa getting a bit ahead of myself, let me chill out and get back on topic, I completely love Neil Gaiman, Kevin Brooks, K.A. Applegate, Lewis Carroll (subsequently because he had a hand in the creation of an alteration to the classic, American Mcgee) Jasper Ffrorde, and good 'ol' perfect, he who is hated by some but must be loved by all, Shakespeare! If for some odd unexplainable and possibly life threatening reason you do not know of any of these authors or their work (popular or otherwise) then I suggest you crawl out of your hole of wallowing despair and read some! They will change your life, for the better I promise.

That is just a list of my favorites off the top of my head. I could not possibly list every of my favorite books that I've read, because I've simply read far too much. My long term memory extends to about as far back as 3 days. Good luck with me ever remember most of them. So keep in mind that I'm quite open minded to new ideas, (obviously goes to show the love for writing and reading fanfics) and books, and games, and people and everything in general! My life may be very conservative, but my mind is quite subject to change. Much like my personality. Who knows I may very well suffer from a psychological disease that I will one day study! Life would be quite ironic like that wouldn't it?

"I am fortune's fool!" - Romeo - Romeo and Juliet

I am also an actor. This comes into play a lot with my writing. Being an actor I understand what it's like to step into the shoes of your characters. Taking a person from paper and bring them to life. So my writing, especially my dialogue is very deep and developed, and I must say when I critique I frown upon those with low dialogue or flawed characters who are supposed to represent their real selves but don't do so. (however this is unless of course they are being portrayed as humorous or parody's of the original self then I just laugh at the ludicrousy) :) I won't lie though, my imagination is very sparse. I can create the most real characters, and interesting story you've ever read (in my and a few others opinion) but I for the life of myself, cannot create an interesting sounding setting. My plots are great while my settings flop. Something I hope to remedy.

"Tragic hero's are oft brought to their demise by a tragic flaw in their own character"

Above all else, I enjoy being true to myself and others. Yes I may have kleptomania, and I may be a pathological liar to some extent but I'm very big on trust, on both the receiving and giving end. I do not let people get very close, and those that do, get one shot to take care of my trust or lose me forever. I'm always suspicious and apprehensive of people but at the same time one of the most friendly, outgoing, and happy people you'll meet. Funny how genetics work huh?

"Above all: To thine own self be true" - Polonius - Hamlet

And so I am! Drugs, Alcohol, stay away from me! Destroyed my mother, and almost my father, you shall not have a chance to work your wicked ways upon me! Besides I like my mind, and brain cells just the way they are.

Speaking about my account actions for a moment besides my actual self or my writing, when I read something, and review, you must all realize I haven't been doing this since the beginning of this site or as long as others here. So when I'm reviewing a story I am not quite sure(nor do I care right off the bat) when the story was last updated, or even put up, if I read it and care to review it, I will regardless of other facts involved. I can only hope that taking the time to review someones work, (which I can only assume we receive an alert for) will inspire them to continue writing, bringing new stories to light on FanFiction, and help make their writing, if need be, improved. As well I enjoy telling others how I feel about their work so that they have something to base all later works off, I especially enjoy being detailed with my reviews. Short, one worded, "oh i think it's cool" does not work for me. I need (rather enjoy) being told specifically what is wrong, liked, and could be improved with my work.

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Red Auerbach - Basketball Coach for the Boston Celtics

No I don't watch or play basketball but that quote just felt so right when I heard it. I feel it applies quite well to my writing and disposition. When writing, or in need of inspiration, relaxation, sleep, confidence, just about anything I can think of, I slip on a little music and it brings forth wonderous creations from within my unconscious. I know there are many greats things in there that are just waiting to written down and shown forth to the world, if only we could see into our unconscious and grasp the forgotten, repressed, often unacceptable ideas that lie in it, who knows I could be the next Poe, what with all the evil things lurking in the conscious mind, one can only imagine what lies in my unacceptable thoughts region!

Lastly and probably most importantly. I have a girlfriend, who is the light of my life. A lot of the reason I write comes from inspiration from her. Whether it just be daily interaction (the fact that she introduced me to FanFiction plays a big part lol) , through experiences we share, or just a joke that is shared that inspires my creation. I love her with all my heart, and she lights the way for my soul to create my masterpieces. She brings a smile to my face and keeps me going in whatever I pursue and is always honest with her opinions which helps a lot! So this last and very special paragraph I dedicate to you Heather Lopez, may we continue to share our lives, minds, and souls together for the rest of enjoyable lives, and make each other peaceably happy, content, and in love with one another. I'll always love you.

Frozen Winter's Walk & Twin Death Sentence reviews
Ahhh my first uploading! I chose to just send something in that I'd already finished. These are two poems I had to write for my English class. Based on Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere characters Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar. I do not own these characters.
Neverwhere - Rated: T - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 294 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/24/2008 - Complete