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Name: Hazel

Age: 16

Birthday: June 14

Hair: Somewhat between black and dark brown.

Gender: Girl

Sexuality: I'm straight.

My Name In Other networks: Wanna know what? Imma just make a more reasonable list:
Youtube: Angelstar1406 http://www.youtube.com/user/AngelStar1406
Gaiaonline: Hazel1406
Deviantart: Hazel1406

Favorites: Resident Evil game series, Appleseed, Rule of Rose, Hunter the Reckoning, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, BloodPlus, Inuyasha, NANA, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed.

Favorite couples:

1.Billy x Rebecca (Resident Evil)

2.Deunan x Briarious (Appleseed)

3.Haji x Saya (Blood)

Enjoys for fun: Playing Horror games, writing, reading, drawing and making videos, like couple tributes and funny ones. I'm working on current drawings but since I suck terribly at working my printer and don't know on how to hook it up with my laptop. I'm screwed. But It would be cool to make funny commentary's on movies and video games. . .

Extra Stuff: I kinda have a sixth sense. I feel things coming. Sure, call me crazy.

What am I: Hispanic (don't look it, cause "I'm too white" and "I look asian" everyone says), not proud or ashamed but I was born in America :D. I also look a little bit anime according to my eyes, they say.

My own "Famous" quotes:

"I Write Shit Not Parodies" Note: I will make this a parody song fic one day, I'm sure...

"Never Look at (insert grossest thing evar here). . . It will ruin your virginity. . . . " Note: LOL. I just had to write it, alright? Besides after being dared to look at gross stuff by friends, I think I'm scarred for life.

"When I press X . . . . . . PEOPLE DIE!"-Tobuscus (Toby Turner)

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My Art:

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Resident Evil

A Strange Family Reunion

Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers got married in a train in the year 1998 to remember the first time they met. Until one day, they both had twin girls but nothing worked out in the relationship, so one each took a girl and went their own way. 11 years later, the twins go to the same camp and discover each other. They both then plan to bring both their parents back together quick when Billy meets this new woman, that only wants his money. Billy still thinks of Rebecca but can't see her again due to a stupid reason since she LEFT THE COUNTRY and hasn't heard of her and her other daughter since. Will it work?

Coming Soon

The Orphanage

The Resident Evil characters are all orphans living in a huge orphanage that seems mansion like. Some have terrible past that aren't even remembered, and the others have the past of being left there for a good reason or a cruel one. Some of their parents even promised the head of the orphanage that they'll come back one day, but not soon. The children don't know anything about this, but have fun and hope. Will contain lots of kiddo crushes, kid pranks, and kid games. Anything kids would do, you know. Might have a little terrible flashbacks. (But even if the flashbacks may be too gory, IT'S STILL GONNA BE RATED T! I know I'm cruel.)

Coming Soon

Survive Raccoon High

Another fic about Resident Evil in Highschool style. Will be involving Teen encounters, Teen new kid, Teen backtalk, Teen hilarious pranks, Teen language, Teen friendship, Teen party, Teen smartasses, Teen Lemons, Teen danger, (you pretty much know the rest of the list). This story will be swinging through random people in the series. But I'll focus it on one main couple. So you know the drill, RATED M. Note from me, it's been a long freaking time(3 years) since I wanted to write this. And I'll bring it to fanfiction when I'm done with the current story I'm on. It will mainly be a Rebecca and Billy but will focus on other people first through the few first chapters, or just Billy.

Coming very VERY Soon

AN: I'm working on first chapter. When it's done I'll post it and continue this when I'm done writing "A Hidden Feeling". Oh, and just wanted to get this out there, but if you think this will mainly be drama and romance, then you're wrong! Because this will not only have that, but some small tiny bits of horror, humor, friendship, suspense, and crime. So here's it's genre process. "FRIENDSHIP-to-ROMANCE-to-DRAMA-to-SUSPENSE-to-VIOLENCE-to-OMGWTF!! So from that, I'll just call this genre "WTF!" for short becuase it has a little of everything! But it WILL mostly have romance and drama. So, yeah. Who knows, an unimportant character may be killed.

A "Glamorous" Tale

Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong are childhood friends who have just started in the modeling agency. Even though Ada turns out more successful in her job than Rebecca, she still supports her, because modeling wasn't something Rebecca really had in mind. More and more through time, Rebecca notices Ada acting slightly strange farther into her carrier, leaving Rebecca to wonder just how far would Ada go to be the most recognized model.

Coming Soon

AN: This here will be a Friendship/Drama/Comfort and Hurt story. You already know my pairings here, but keep in mind it will be more Friendship and Drama than meeting boys and falling in love kind of thing.


(No Tittle Yet)

(Several months after Appleseed Ex Machinima) Deunan and Briareos are back to being partners when Tereus has a new ineterest and partner, but Deunan seems to get more weak through every training and mission. After coming back from a mission, Deunan is injured and taken to medical attention at a hospital quickly. She finds out she's all fine, but shortly quits working for the E.S.W.A.T. because of what her injury results told her. In final, she would like to speak to Briareos..

AN: My first Appleseed story, I'd like to say this would be sort of my own version of a third Appleseed, except with a more dealing with life problems(ish). But no worries, Action scenes and such may (always) be contained. XD

Coming Soon

Before the War

The life of Deunan and Briareos when they first met and before World War III. (My version being that before the movies, not the manga. Although the manga was great!:D)

Coming Soon


(Tittle in process)

After awakening, Saya sees Haji, who she thought was gone forever, and hopes to enjoy a happy long life with him. After out of the blue Chiropterans keep increasing in numerous packs of groups without any possible trace of who was to blame, but if Diva was already dead, then who was causing all this disaster?

AN: This just may turn out to be in novel-like form from what it looks in my head (it likes a movie 8o), and will be rated M when it's out. Why? you ask? Simple. Blood, gore, and maybe one scene where things get a bit too touchy. 'Nuff said. But afterall, it will be out in a long time from looking at my story schedule. So things may be changed, IDK. So it's comin' just not very soon. *sadface*

Stuff They'd Never Say

Pretty much self explanatory. Stuff the characters of Blood would never say, also stuff they'd like to say but just can't. Humor and Parody.

What if . . .

What if Saya was a bitch? What if Diva's singing was horrible? What if Haji spoke his mind like when he was a kid? What if Nathan confessed he loved Haji? What if ... Humor and Parody.

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