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Name: Gareth

Location: USA



Favorite fandoms:

Harry Potter, Twilight (yes i know of the controversy between these two but i love them both and they cant be compared to each other in my eyes)NCIS, Fake, Loveless, Buffy the Vampire slayer, Sailor Moon and Ouran High School Host Club.

Harry Potter is my top fandom and I favor H/D or D/H and rarely read or write slash or fanfics with Harry or Draco paired otherwise. Im not stuck up I just know what I like. I have no prefrance on other pairings but do have problems with the Harry/James pairings; its rare, but can be found, no offense to anyone I'm just saying i don't like it.

Ha I am now obsessed with Remus/Sirius! Someone sent me a button about them that had some joke about puppylove and now I just can't get past it! I also added a few of the pupplove puns in one of the chapters in the Right Kind of Wrong...I don't remember which one now but yeah. I am trying to update with as much regularity as I can and working on a few side projects as well.

About me:

I am a 19 year old openly gay male living in a horribly rural area. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing in my spare time and when I was younger used it as a means of escape, Harry Potter played a big part then. I still love to read, but through personal growth and trials I no longer need to escape my life, and have become quite comfortable in my own skin. Now reading is something I do purely for fun and entertainment! My favorite genres are horror, romance, supernatural and fantasy and love it when i can find any of these combined!


Im currently writing a story named The Right Kind of Wrong, which was inspired by the song of the same name. The story is intended to be a mix of Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort and Humor, but as it is a work in progress it may take a very different turn. As of now I have never read a story that can compare with mine, if anyone has written anything resembling anything close to it Im sorry and did not intentionally mean to do so. I have thankfully recieved nothing but positive feedback and will try to reply to every review if for no other reason than to thank those who read my story. I appreciate people taking the time to read my work and even more so when they reply with positive remarks or helpful insight.


Thanks to some lovely worm my computer has been infected and is currently still recovering. I'm sorry if anyone is waiting for an update it will be a while before I finish my chapter in progress. Im glad to see so many people reviewing my story, I tried to reply to every person who sent one, sorry if i missed someone. As somewhat of a bonus the next chapter will contain some down and dirty with Harry but sadly he won't be shagging Draco...:( Keep reading and reviewing love to you all!


Ok I want to take some time to rant about my readers. I don't know if this is idiotic or what but I love my readers. I had major fears on being flamed or ignored when I began posting my story, as I had never posted anything I've written before. Everyone who has reviewed seems amazingly helpful and positive. I'm glad that other people can enjoy my ideas and understand (I hope) where I'm taking my story. I'm trying to integrate personal experiences into this story (like the incident between Harry and Oliver in chapter 4 longdistance relationship). Thanks everyone!


Wow new start. Sorry to anyone who has been waiting for an update I've been really busy with the holidays and all that. Who ever decided that it was a good idea to have two very alchohalic holidays near each other wasnt thinking ahead. I promise to update as soon as I possibly can. Sorry for the wait.


Finally got a new chapter up!! YES! I feel really bad because i haven't been able to update but the holidadys were a really busy time at work. But now hours have slowed down and sadly i may have to look for a new job. Thankfully the down time will give me some time to write and keep this story going. Thanks to all the people who continue to read and review.


So my current story (the Right Kind of Wrong) is comming along nicely and I am very happy. I'm already planning a second smaller story to accompany it. I can't say anything more on this though, because it would give away my ending. I will say that I no longer intend to KILL either Harry or Draco, which I had thought of briefly until I realized this was supposed to be a Romantic story. I haven't made this seem like a very Romantic story, but I enjoy darker complicated romances.


HA! I managed to pull a oneshot smut/fluff fic out of my Goth encrusted arse in 8-9 hours! And in time for St. Valentine's Day! Sadly today marks the one year anniversary of me being single wah! cries and longs for Draco's creamy arse!" Hope everyone liked and I expect reviews...I ONLY HAVE TWO! WTF GUYS! Love and kisses to all!


Wow it's been a long time since I updated and more than a month since I did one of these. I have been very busy lately with a boy of my own, work and helping friends with stories and such. I plan to update quickly, because the next chapter is going to make a lot of people happy, especially me...but not in the way you may think...or maybe it will be, but if any of you have gained the ability to see where my story is moving then I'm worried...very worried! I am a very off the wall boy and there are many twists to come yet never know!

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