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My name's Drosophilla melanogaster. It's not actually a name, it's a species.

I'm a fruit fly in case you don't know what a D. melanogaster is.


- am an insect. Don't like any other kind of insect though, just my own kind.

- am born with the XXX anomaly (guess, whether or not i'm lying). It's called the super-woman genetic impairment (I guess). Therefore;

- am a tomboy and damn proud about it.

- am roaming the streets of Bandung. A small city in Indonesia. It was once known as 'Parijs van Java' during the Dutch Colonialism.

- am an anime-manga fans.

- am a nerd.

- am an avid reader.

- am a soccer fans. A lifetime Arsenal fans as well as Thierry Henry's.

- am a speed-junkie, owns a 125cc Honda (that's a motorcycle, people), and until now have been involved in four major accidents.

- am a very forgetful, absentminded person (I let my thought wander around even when i was driving my bike).

- am very friendly. LOL.

- found it difficult to write a non-AU stories since the original one is already awesome.

- write fanfic that are mostly AU.

- found it hard to write in english since it's not a common languange here.

- appreciate reviews very much though not always replying every reviews due to various lame reasons.

- found it very disturbing to be underestimated just because i'm a girl.

- found it extremely difficult to behave, dressed and make-up like a girl.

- recently starting to read manga again (after so many months of refusing anything than bleach), and now hooked by Code Breaker and Gokusen

My favorite Anime/Manga:

Bleach (Simply the best manga/anime I've ever read/watched),Samurai Deeper Kyo (I only like the manga. The anime was... weird), Detective Conan (Gotta hand it to Aoyama-sensei, the cases were briliant), Any work from Hikawa Kyoko-sensei (I am mostly in to shonen manga. But I couldn't resist everything that she had written), Gokusen (Love the ending on the special chapter), Code Breaker (Very unique but still Kamijyo Akamine-sensei's style), Fruits Basket (I was fooled by the cute artwork. Never thought it would be so dark and full of angst), Hana-Kimi (I kinda like the dorama more than the manga. But it's still likeable), Sentaro and Shibao (Never knew stories about pets and animals can be that cute. Love Tsubasa Nunoura-sensei. And I actually cried at one of the chapters of Shibao), Ryuroden (I started reading it just because my boyfriend did, but I kinda liked it), Tekken Chinmi (Ha ha. This goes way back to when I was still 7 or 8. It was one of my very first manga), the list goes on and on, I'll add more if I remember.

My favorite pairings:

IchigoxRukia(Bleach)KyoxYuya (Samurai Deeper Kyo), IzarkxNoriko (Kanata Kara), ShinxYankumi (Gokusen), KyoxTohru (Fruits Basket), OgamixSakura (Code Breaker), SanoxMizuki (Hana-Kimi), SentaroxMeow (Sentaro. I know, it's a rabbit and a cat. LOL. But they're cute together).

That's it. Not much.

Not really sure what to write though.

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His And Her Relationship reviews
“Ichigo, meet our new neighbor,” his mother said and the girl standing in front of them held out her hand, “Hi. I’m Kuchiki Rukia.” He hesitated for a moment before answering, “Hi, my name’s Kurosaki Ichigo. I’m 5 years old.” AU. T just for safety.
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The Karakura High Undercover reviews
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