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Fall update: Sadness! The school year has started once again. This means I will be checking out for some time. I think from time to time, I will be logging on to read some terrific fics. My own writing will also be taking some time off. Take care, everyone!

7/21/09: O my! FrosteeFlakes made my day! She created another terrific work of hers, and I'm all ga-ga over it! It's Usami "tasting" his Misaki; there is tongue too. ;) It is way beyond sexy. What can I say? I love Usami, it's an erotic shot, I'm hooked. I love her work! If you're curious, check out her DA page; it's well worth it.

6/16/09: The super-talented author and artist FrosteeFlakes did an incredible illustration of Usami to go with the fic "The Surprise", which is also on her DA page. It is terrific and very sexy. FrosteeFlakes is also a writer here on this site, so check out her awesome fics, too! Props to FrosteeFlakes, everyone!! Woo-hoo!! ;) Click to see Usami's sexy surprise

5/11/09: As for It Was Not My Time, a bit of readers have put it on story alert. Thank you for your interest in the story! This story is on hold for now.

Thank you for stopping by my page here. I have posted some of my fanfics so that hopefully you, the reader, will enjoy it. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts anytime! :) I enjoy sharing my fics with all of you, and if you read something you enjoy, please let me know. It inspires me to continue writing and sharing. It's been wonderful and a compliment to have had so many readers "favorite" my stories, but most of those readers don't leave a review. It's nice AND helpful for me to know what you thought, so it can further drive my inspiration. :)

Pen name: fevertrip

I love to be artistic, when I'm in the mood. I decided to draw my own avatar (see above). I really like fairies! I am old school, so I did her with good old pencil, flesh-colored water color pencil, and marker. So hopefully, she'll stay my avi unless I can perfect my artistic ability! ;)

Band of the moment: Lately, I've been playing Ladytron's Velocifero exclusively. I'll sometimes go through "phases" where I will only listen to one band for a while, and then move on to another. Before Ladytron, it was Emiliana Torrini's Love in the Time of Science. Give them a listen; they are fantastic! I'll probably start listening exclusively to Carla Bruni next. But then, I will always have my other favorites: AIR, Darkel, Blue States. . . .

Likes: flowers, green hills, green grass, blue skies . . . ahhh, isn't nature just beautiful? I want to be a wood nymph in my next life. Also, I enjoy the film Reservoir Dogs, Ali G, quirky novelties.

Dislikes: coffee (yuck), getting up in the morning, computer viruses, sweat (yeah, I will definitely love the summer), arrogant know-it-alls, dog hair all over my bed and clothing (but I love those furry boogers!).

Sexiest Manga Character award goes to: Usami Akihiko/Junjo Romantica (Need I explain why? He is walking, talking sex.)

If I could . . . : I would love to try and make my own short films (I love weird, short indie films).

Music I love to listen to: AIR (this is a French band), Blue States, Stereolab, good stuff

NOTE: Some of my stories are prewritten, written some time ago for my own pleasure. I've posted a few of them. I still have other prewrites that I'd like to post sometime in the future too. Other stories are new (and freshly typed). I apologize in advance if any of my stories resemble other stories that have been posted by other writers. As I have mentioned, some of my stories were written some time ago, it's just that I haven't posted them yet; and truth be told, I have not read every single one of the fanfics authors have posted, so if any of my stories resemble someone else's, it is purely coincidental. A fellow ff writer shared with me that there are only so many ideas, and some are bound to get repeated, albeit unwittingly.

As Ali G would say, "Respect!"

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Since When Did Aikawa Run a Meat Market? reviews
Misaki can't believe what kind of fundraiser Aikawa is running. His shock is about to get much worse, especially when Aikawa involves something very precious to him. Not as serious as it sounds!
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Usami has two surprises for Misaki. One is "nice", the other is "really, really nice". You can also look at my profile for a link to an artist's rendering of this surprise!
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Usami sees Misaki with his little nephew and wonders if the teen wants kids someday. Can Usami see this as being a part of their future together?
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Usami is waiting in the lobby at Marukawa and gets an unexpected visit from someone closer to him than he thinks.
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When Misaki looks in the mirror, he hates what he sees. Is he really good enough for Usami, or should he take some action to change his appearance?
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Shopping With Usagisan reviews
Misaki needs to go shopping for clothes. Having Usami take him isn't a big deal. Or is it? This time, they shop for "different" things, heh heh
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It Was Not My Time reviews
Usami survives an attacker at Marukawa, and the writer begins to withdraw.
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Sumi has a voyeuristic appetite and his target is his number one obsession, a certain Usami Akihiko.
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