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Hi I'm Sophie!

Mental Age 4

Real Age 17

I love Twilight and unlike many fans i didn't think the film was disappointing.

You may or may not have guessed yet, but Jasper Whitlock Hale is my favourite, and Jackson Rathbone is hawt ;)

Favorite food: Pasta.

Least favorite food: Playdough! it's made like food, looks like food but tastes of salt. i learnt this the hard way.

Favorite color:Teal, it's not blue and it's not green.

Something I think that's awesome: Randomness.

Favorite book: Go on and guess, i'll give you a high five for the correct answer :)

Favorite movie: Dracula: Dead and Loving it. I do believe this is a documentary on Vampires.

2nd favorite movie: Cool Runnings. Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! COOL RUNNINGS!

3rd favorite movie: Underworld. OK! i admit it...i like vampires :/

Least favorite movies: Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Did it even have a plot?
13 Going on 30...yeah cos thats not at all like BIG...:

Favortie show(s): Whose line is it anyway? US. Scrubs. Friends. Top Gear. War at Home

Least favorite shows: Antique Programmes! Nobody cares about antiques. Only old people!

Things I do when I'm bored: Daydream. It's why my college thinks I'm losing the plot. Just because it happens to be quiet and I'm laughing hysterically on my own doesn't mean I need a visit to the men in white suits.

Thing I hate most: Overly kind people (they just don't seem genuine!). Silence. Lindsay Lohan. Plastic people. The child over the road from me (he kicked me :(...once). See-saws.

Things I like: Music. Red Bull. Caffiene. Hyper Conversations. Texts.Twilight. Liquorice. Eyeliner. Straightners. Irregular Choice Shoes. Poison By Dior. Primark. McFly. Classic Rock. The 80's. Family. Friends. Hair Dye. Ben And Jerry's- Half Baked. Fluffy Socks. Hoodies. Skinny Jeans. Family Photos. Wakefield. Singing. Dancing. Curly hair. Penguins. Cooking. Cars. Hugs. Immaturity.

Favorite song(s): How soon is now? by The Smiths.

Quote: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt
When did the future switch from being a promise to a threat?' Chuck Palahniuk from the book Invisible Monsters

I think no one should take me seriously.
Sarcasm is my best friend :)
I do have real friends...
that you can see.

I fall over a lot! If you think Bellas bad then you've not spent time with me.
I went ice skating for the first time, didn't fall once, came out of the rink ran to play on a childs see-saw and fell over. Then some pigeons came and ate the pastie I was holding, I hurt my arm too, but whyyyy did they have to eat my food?!. See-Saws are evil, many terrible incidents have happened to me have involved See-Saws

I love My Little Ponies! Only because when I was little, I never asked for a pony, so I'm making up for it now.
Sharks are scary. Nope I don't have a story to go with this. They just are.
Marvel comics rule.
So do rubber ducks and penguins, I own one he's called Flipper, and lives in the falkland islands.
My hair changes colour more than you eat.
I change my mind more than I breathe.

I write fics depending on my mood.
So if it's angsty I'm feeling angsty.

And also, Jaspard is my OTP!
So people write some more pleaseeeeee

I don't have any famous quotes to put on here.
Just some advice: Don't pee into the wind.

Thats all...
For now!

Sophie x

BTW i made my own icon up there.
I'm proud!

Another BTW here.
Read anything to do with my Friend Melissajaynecullen

Melissa: I'm going to divorce Sofio
Me: Oh Me too! (both text)
Melissa: I'm single now
Me: Me too...let's get married!
Melissa: I've got porn for my vows! (reads John Dunn on his mistress going to bed)
Me: Oh i've got...Philip Larkin on throwing an apple core and missing the bin...It's cheerful in a 'i wanna die' way.

Sofio: Are you walking to college in the morning?
Me: I am indeed.
Sofio: I'll be there, bright eyed and bushy tailed!
Me: I wanna see that bushy tail...unless it's an euphenism...:s

Me and Melissa: Walking out of a quiet courtroom THAT JUDGE WAS A LEDGE!!

Me, Melissa, Adam, Brian: Clearlyyyy

Me: (In The cinemas watching Twilight) She's looking at her lines!
Carter:Yep, they're definatley on her hand!
Me:On her book!
Carter:On those random bits of paper she keeps shuffling
Me:On her eyelids.
Carter: She weren't born she were carved!

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