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So I am new to this, just joined on November 22, 2008...

I absolutely love the movie Jumper, so I am making a story that will come soon on my account.

Please rate my stories so you can let me know if you like my stories. i know that everybody says that, but i really mean it!! ;))))

Anyway, i hope you enjoy me stories...

I love Jackson Rathbone!!

I love Hayden Christensen!!

Skandar Keynes rocks!!

I really enjoy writing little stories, and it helps passes the time. When I made the Shooting Star draft, it actually was for a short story project at schol. But I like the story I made so much I couldnt just leave it. Butthen my friend told me about this sight last month, so now here I am writing up little stories. I will make more in time, and right now am writing up a story for jumper. It will probably be finished in a couple weeks. I'm planning it to be more than one chapter. So I can't wait to upload it!

If you don't like any of the stories I make, please don't put rude reviews or send me any hate mail. Thats just your opinion. And besides, if you have time to write out bad responses to people, then you robably don't have a life. Get one.

Thank you for viewing my profile. _

Oh yeah, i do like the movie twilight, but im super annoyed that they bumped the harry potter movie to next year. that was really stupid and idiotic. no offense to people who like twilight, ut nothing will ever take the place of harry potter!!

-Team J.K. Rowling (lol)

Ok here is the girl Evolett in my story Shining for you, (well anyway the link)

Evolet's shirt in chapter three:

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Evolet Song is an unusual shape-shifter, and is suffering from depression. But one day she meets Embry Call, and she knows she loves him. But will he love her back? Evolett's pic is on my profile
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