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What you should know about Aomushi:

-She is sixteen, 5'6", blond-haired, blue-eyed, and weighs 115 pounds. Oh, and she's not stupid.

-She is young enough to be annoying and too old to trick-or-treat

-She is actually an extremely quiet person. Offline.

-She has a rather high IQ but forgets simple things such as Which Way The Doornob Turns and Hamsters Require Food To Live

-She likes pasta, cookies, indie/rock music, Monty Python, Sixteen Candles, books involving dystopias, manga but not anime, addicting games dot com, and drawing.

-Did we mention she likes to draw? On every available surface? Including homework, blank paper, her arm, her leg, the sidewalk, her best friend's arm...

-She does not like potatoes, chocolate, the Jonas brothers, Twilight, iCarly, anime, myspace and science homework.

-She is fond of large words

-She is a closet Narutard

-She babbles when nervous

-She plays piano and bass guitar

-She has an odd sense of humor. It involves morbidity, self-deprecation, and long, long words.

Thank you, that is all.

Okay, one more thing:

I realize that I often use Japanese suffixes such as -san, -chan, -sama, and -sensei in my writing. I also realize that some people may criticize this, saying that I'm trying to impress people or be "cool" or "sound Japanese", so I offer an explanation herein. I speak Japanese fluently, and I read many things in the original Japanese language. I also think and dream partially in Japanese. The suffixes I use, except for -san, have no literal English translations, and, try as I might to get used to them, the closest English approximations sound clumsy and strange to me. I do make it my policy to offer translations of any Japanese words I use both in my author's notes and on my author's page. You will also never see me use any other Japanese unless the use of that language relates directly to the story or I do not know the English for it.


-san: A respectful suffix, meaning Mr. or Ms.

-sama: An extremely respectful suffix that is not used very much in Japanese anymore. However, you will find it in my writing. It was typically used when a servant or slave would address their master. The closest English approximation is Lord or Lady.

Sensei, -sensei: A respectful suffix used to address a teacher or instructor, this can also be a stand-alone word. The closest English approximation is Master (such as a martial arts master) or teacher (such as a school teacher).

-chan: Added onto the end of a woman or child's first name, this suffix is used only by friends. For example, Sugi's close friends may call her Sugi-chan. This suffix is not appropriate to use with the name of any boy over the age of ten or so, as it may be taken as belittling or offensive. The closest English approximation is Dear or something, I have no clue.

-kun: This is similar to -chan, except that it is added exclusively onto the end of a male's name.

Senpai, -senpai: This is a respectful suffix, though not as respectful as -san. It's basically used to speak to someone who outranks you or is a year above you in school who you don't know well. It can also be a stand-alone word, I think. It is not spelled sempai. Any one who spells it that way is not using their heads, because the only consonant that can stand alone in the Japanese language is n.

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