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I have some stories stuck in my head, so I decided to try my luck on fanfiction. Let me know what you think.

Ok...a little about me.
I love music. Really, it's my life. I always have my iPod on me, which luckily my friends don't mind. I'm kind of an insomniac and get slightly hyper when I'm tired, pretty sure it's my bodies defense mechanism, which is most of the time. My theory is that everyone just is perpetually tired. In turn I love coffee, it's delicious. Try putting coffee with a hot chocolate packet instead of hot water or's pretty close to amazing. Seriously, try it.

I love any type of musical. I also will listen to classic rock or Indie type music before pop. I know a lot of interesting little music trivia, and about one third of my iTunes consists of musical soundtracks while anther third is people you have probably never heard of. Then the last third is my more common stuff. If you have a song you really like, tell me about it, I would love to hear it, haha.
So there ya go...if you have any questions ask me. I'll most likely answer them, no promises though, hehe.


P.S. That's me in the picture...just kidding, haha, it's Judy Garland. But I like to think I look like her...kind of.

If music be the food of love, play on.

Ack, I know pretty much no one was reading my story, but life was so hectic when I started writing that I got distracted and lost most of my inspiration. I plan on continuing it, but also no promises there. Don't hate me, please. I am writing a new story. I have about 2 chapters done, but I'm waiting till I get a few more finished so the same thing doesn't happen.

Links for "Summer plus an English Band"

Chapter 1

"The Word"

"Get Back"


Chapter 2


Chapter 3

"Norwegian Wood"


Chapter 4


"Glass Onion"

Characters (how I picture them in Summer):


Bella: A mix between this:
And this:

Alice: (just not as depressed looking...)

Emmett: (with a little darker hair)