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Author has written 15 stories for Neverwinter Nights, Alpha Centauri, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Diana Wynne Jones.

Updates and profile info now moved over to my blog (see homepage link). I'll also respond to non-FF member reviews over there, because I don't really like adding author-notes to my chapters, and have no other way of thanking non-account holders for their reviews/feedback. If you review but don't log in, you'll probably get a note of thanks on the blog after a short time.

Anonymous reviews are enabled. Non-constructive criticisms will simply be removed.

About my fanfics:

In Progress

• To Hell and Back: First-person perspective of HotU. There are no gnomes in this story. M for violence. Standard disclaimer. Let's face it, anybody who's played the game knows what's mine and what isn't.

• Life is a Circle: Pre-NWN2 OC, story of Esmerelle. Reading it, even in its unfinished form, will spoil aspects of Kail's Story for you. By the end of it you'll probably think "Oh my god, you're setting Kail up to become a complete munchkin powergamer". I already think that myself, but it gives me the impetus to torture her even further. Minimal gnomage. Rated M because it's going to get violent. And... weird. Disclaimer as above.

• A Single Step: The sequel to Kail's Story and Life is a Circle. Only the first chapter is uploaded so far, partially to tease you, partially to give me the impetus to keep writing once Life is a Circle is finished. You can read the first chapter without being spoiled in the slightest.

•The Call of Chiron: Based on Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Slow to update at the moment. Rated T, though that will change rapidly when the mindworms show up. Absolutely no gnomes. (insert disclaimer pointing at Brian Reynolds/Sid Meier/Firaxis)

• Origins: Dragon Age fic. One of the rare times I don't play (or write about) a human protagonist, and I'm having an enormous amount of fun with it. Story is gnome-free. Currently rated T, might have to change it to M. Most characters etc property of Bioware/EA etc.

• Companions: I had such super fun with the back-stories for the characters of Origins that I decided to do the same for the characters of NWN2, only more in-depth. Currently working on Bishop and Neeshka. Planning to do Sand and Ammon Jerro next. No plans at all for Grobnar and Zhjaeve. I am just not insane enough (yet) to write whole chapters about Grobnar, and I think everyone would get fed up of "Know that..." conversations on Zhjaeve's behalf. Rated M for swearing, violence, adult content, and the word 'whore', which is mentioned 39 times in the first 3 chapters.

• Deus Ex Machina: First part of what will eventually be a two-part story, spanning Mass Effect 1 and 2. Currently rated T, will be upgraded to M once all the killing starts. Gnome-free story. I'm not going to be following dialogue and side-quests as religiously as I do in some of my other fics. Standard Bioware/EA disclaimer.

• Adventures in Fantasyland: A collaboration between myself, Calanteli and LuckyShadows, based on Diana Wynne Jones' "A Tough Guide to Fantasyland". Even if you don't read this fanfic, I can highly recommend reading the book, which has chuckles aplenty. Rated T for light-hearted parody. There are no gnomes yet, but there probably will be later.


• Kail's Story: My first fanfic (NWN2 OC). An experiment in torturing a protagonist. A roller-coaster story of sex, drugs and gnomes. Well, just gnomes, really. No gnomes were harmed in the making of this story. Kail isn't a gnome, either. Rated M for violence and gnomes. Disclaimer: All characters except Kail, Valear and Lucas belong to Atari/Obsidian/Bioware etc. I got bored one day and threw some stats together. Click here if you want to see what I came up with.

• In a Nutshell: One-shot, a brief overview of the NWN OC from the POV of a half-elven thief. One of the few characters I haven't put through a trial by fire. Rated K+. Brief mention of gnomes.

• Faerûnian Times: A series of interviews with the main cast of Kail's story. Another parody, but also with some information and updates you might find interesting. Also introducing Alara Nimbletoes, Toril's first (and only) halfling reporter. T-rated for family fun.

• Deliverance: One-shot - What I would do if I got my own wicked way and was allowed to design my own ME3 party member, and a nod to H. G. Wells, one of my favourite authors, along with Verne, who pushed boundaries and helped paved the way for future sci-fi and fantasy authors. Rated T as not excessively violent. No gnomes.

• 12 Days of Christmas: A Faerûnian version of a popular Christmas song. Rated K.

• The Very Secret NWN2 Diaries: A collaboration between myself and some of the folks of the Bioware forums. The diaries are basically a parody of Cassandra Claire's Very Secret LOTR Diaries. Our parody was written several years ago, and I've finally gotten around to uploading it here. If you want to see the original, you'll have to trawl the old Legacy forums for it, because it was before Bioware's switch to Social forums. I might complete the rest of the companions' entries some day, but for now, it's complete.

To sum up: I try to stay true to the stories of the games. I have more freedom to play around with The Call of Chiron than the others because of the nature of the game genre (strategy/empire Vs RP). That said, there are times when I take massive liberties with Kail's story, and will also do so with Life is a Circle. You'll see what I mean later. I always try to return reviews when they are given. If you review, expect a long and rambling message of thanks. I like engaging with readers, which is, IMO, half of what being a writer is all about. All of the works below are ongoing, even if it seems I haven't updated them in a while. I accept criticism and typo/grammar corrections; sometimes I write/proof-read hurriedly during my lunch hours at work, so I don't always catch everything the first 5 times around.

The Turtle Moves.

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