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Author has written 5 stories for Twilight, and Harry Potter.

I have found a new passionate romance with books and words... It seems that I have a rather addictive affair with them at times.

Attention 'NTIWHA' and 'Cruel Summer' Readers:

I am sorry to announce that I am not continuing either of these stories.

I held the best intentions for them at first, but as I thought on... I couldn't help but think about how confusing they are and just how moronic they are with their plots.

I know that you were looking forward to my endings, but in truth not matter how much I thought about how I could end either one of the stories I always came up with nothing. All during the summer I sat and thought about what I could do to make them better but nothing came up. I really tried on these and I wish that I was a better writer so that I could finish them off for all of you who have held on since the beginning.

I wish that I could have given you better news than this... but my mind is made up.

Thank you for your loyalty to either one or both of the stories, and I hope that you won't be sending me death threats for the rest of time.

To Those who are reading 'Surrounded by Death'

I intend on finishing this story, and plan on making 'sequals' to it.

My idea for my sequals do not involve Edward directly as they do in 'Surrounded by Death' for some maybe not at all. But my idea that I have for the next story that takes its place as 'Surrounded by Death''s sequal, I would be telling Alice's, Esme's, Emmett's, Rosalie's, Jasper's and Carlisle's side of their human life. They will all go up until they are changed and possibly a little after their changing. I will make an off set for Alice and Jasper and possibly one for Carlisle and Esme for their first meeting. I do have the fullest intentions of doing this and filling it all out. I just want all of their stories to be told as I believe that they should be.

Thank you for listening (reading) this announcement, and I ask some of you to PM me about this and your views on the matter, or vote on the poll.

Thank you.

Story Links:

My Choice:

- The speed boat in chapter 8 of "My Choice"

- Nessie's swim suit for chapter 11 of "My Choice"

- It's the J,M suit, the link wouldn't work... Bella's swimsuit for chapter 11 of "My Choice"

- Edward's swimsuit for chapter 11 of "My Choice"

- Nessie's cell Phone for chapter 17 of "My Choice"

- Nessie's Bedding for chapter 17 of "My Choice"

- The Ferrari that Nessie took in Italy for chapter 18 of "My Choice"

- The Lamborghini that Alice took in Italy for chapter 18 of "My Choice"

New Chances:

- Lily's book bag from throughout the entire story of "New Chances"

- James's Broom from Chapter Seven of "New Chances" that he uses for his Quidditch games and his practices.

- Lily's coat that she wears during the winter throughout the entire story.

- Lily's beret that she wears along with the coat above through the witer throughout the entire story.

- Jame's winter coat through the winter. (top left one with the gold buttons)

- Lily's wand mentioned in the story (used for the entire time)

- Lily's outfit for Chapter 13 adn 14.

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)
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