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Hey Hey my peeps.
E-dog here - well not really. I dont even know why i got this name Not a fav of mine wannabegg. So yeah. MWAHAHAHA! (yes i did still that from you too!).

Im a twin, with my sister Jess. YAY. and pretty much, were the definition of trouble. She is literally my other half on everything possible - especially bebo. baha. yes i know thats lame but we use it. Uh OH. Oh yeah, were identical, you probably would never ever be able to tell the difference bewteen us.

Its one thing i know, Once i put my coat on, Then i know its all wrong, She's standing outside holding me, Saving oh please i'm in love - Rob Pattinson (Twilight). Yes he sings. and he is amazing. Everyone should go and listen to it. It almost made me cry its that beautiful.

Well. Cool bananas. I think i am in love with every book i pick up... and ofcourse they are the "selected" type :P. I LUUUURVVEEE Twilight! I think Miss Meyer is amazing and have NOOO idea where she got that idea from. Ideas should i say. Bit dissapointed with the final book, BD. Its ment to be the greatest love story of all time and having a kid in it put a damper on the relationship for me. And there wasn't a fight. But Twilight by itself was AMAZING!!

WOAH! i just finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. AMAZING! I LOBE it. Seriously, everyone should go and read it. He writes the coolest stories, i want to ask him what really goes on in his head for those stories to function :D

And you know what else is great?? The Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Series. I LUURRVVVE them. And i would marry them. No. Only Dave. He is quite literally a laugh. And how much of a hottie is he in the film?? Anyway, now i cannot wait for the 10TH BOOK!! but sadly, it means waiting til July 2009. Boo Hoo. Poor Didums.

OHHHH! WATCH OUT! Are these my basoomas i see before me comes out on thursday!! Waited a whole YEARR!

NEW BOOK NEW BOOK! everyone go out and read Gallagher Girls! Just finished the 3rd... waiting for the next one that comes out in January! I love Zach Goode. Tell me anyone who doesn't?

Vair Vair Funny. Tres Amusent

SO i thought i should rattle of the names of people i LUURRRVVEEEE. Mucho Excitemundo
1. Me. Bahaha. No my other half - JV
2. The Cadster. Yes. YOU DID MAKE ME USE ALL MY CREDIT ABOUT 100 TIMES!. Hey hey those choccies do sound good. =D
3. THE BLONDE K. Stop taking my books. And also you need to admit my Awsomeness. Stop denying it
4. All my fabbity fab NERDY WERDY friends. I LOBE YOU
5. ALL the people who make the world go roundy round.

So my favourite song at the moment is Everything i do (I do it for you) by Brian Adams. Yeah i know its old but it is amazing. I know its true. And i think some people in my life, (not naming names) needs to listen to it. Because they are making the world hell not realising how much i love them. And dont tell me to stop holding onto something thats not there. And i wont give you up without a fight.

Yes... this is pretty much how our lunch conversations run every day:
me: yeah apparently in like 2020 the axis of the earth is going to change
kaitlin: really, will it become a square
soph: um no the axis will change
kaitlin: oh
me: you know, the angle of the earth
kaitlin: ohhhh i get it!
soph+me: oh god

i actually have a better one:

sophie: who has the quiz?
me: you do.
sophie: do i have to give it to the teacher?
me: yes.
sophie: why?
me: because i said.
sophie: but why?
me: because i said.
sophie: but why?
me: so its safe OKAY!
sophie: are you questioning my safety skills?
me: yes.
sophie: why, i have a copy here in my hand and one of the computer.
me: YES, but the CIA could inflitrate our schools systems and delete it!!
sophie: rolling on floor, pissing her self laughing

I actually thought she would die she was laughing so hard. And she couldn't breathe because she kept on cacking up :P

Yes, i think its vair vair exciting. and so is chrimbo. aha. So im guessing you should also know, I am a nerdy nerd. But i like to think i am a cool one. Yeah. Thats right. In your face. COOL NERD DOMNATION. yeah, i do know that was lame. Jess likes to think of herself as the, how you say, 'sophisticated and classy' twin. uh, no. actually she is the social one. Not that im not. I just let her think that. Wink Wink

So i totally love this quote:
Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away

And these quotes from the Twilight Movie:
Rosalie: "Is she even Italian?" Emmett: "Her name is Bella."

Jessica: "That's Jasper. He's the one who looks like he's in pain."

Bella: "I need some answers." Edward: "Yes. No. To get to the other side. 1.443..." Bella: "I didn't mean the square root of pi"

Who else thought that was a great movie? I'm sorry but people who thought it was bad obviously didn't read the book. And i'm sick of all those snooty reviewers saying how bad it is. I mean, it was written for TEENAGE GRILS not adults. No wonder why you don't like it. I personally think its the greatest love story since Romeo and Juliet. Baha. And so does my twin Jess.
JESS: People who don't like it must be GAY!
MUM: Jess, don't use that word, its not nice.
JESS: Fine, then people who don't like it must be homosexuals!

Well there you have it you have been told!


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