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- Solo soy uma pessoa estranha who likes to write. (Say yes to world peace! -gets shot-)

- You can call me Shuu, by the way

And now I have to write some crap in here or else the fucking google advertising, publicity, whatever-that-shit-is will ruin the oh so pretty prettiness of my profile (why google? whyyy? I don't want to know about losing weight or creating a caricature of myself!!) because it piles everything up, and there's the avatar pic that also piles everything up and it becomes a mess of letters. At least they should make the little "x" so you can.. I dunno, exit it, cancel it, delete it?! (Does anyone care about that? Appearently I'm the only stupid XD) Man, I'm sure the text is already longer than the little box with the advertising inside with all this mad rambling. And if there's no such thing in your computer, don't mind this, I'm talking to myself. :) Thank you.

And now.. -drums-

-crappy trumpets-

s2~// The important (sototallynotbutatleastmoreinteresting) part of the profile: //~s2


- Weeell, I like a lot of things xD And really, they're like what everyone usually likes :D Exept televison...ugh. Shitty television should suffer from an explosive diarrhea and... well, explode. ...Um.

But well, I'll make an effort and write them:

First of all I love violins. Don't you love them too? Perfectly shaped with such a beautiful sound... Really love them. Then, I also love well written pieces, you learn to admire a person you don't even know and feel intimacy with their work (at least, that's what I think). I love my family too much. I love my cat. My bed, my dreams (man, they are so freaking twisted). Interesting people. My few true and real friends.

The sky, but not city skies, hell no, air free sky and its elements. Hands with slender fingers. The sound of pencil writing. Drawing smexy things. Hetero, homo, bisexuality. Beautiful smiles. Culture... and nature. Chocolaatee... Trees, trees, eucalyptus. Snow, winter, cold, coats, rain. Rainbows. Parodies, laughs, running, spinning, falling. Although drama is my favorite category. I love my camera and recording things. Roller coasters.

Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. Heath Ledger's Joker. Disney classic movies and its musics. Shrek xD lol, wtf. But only the first and the second ones, the third was lame. Old couples, they are so cute. Quiet but fun people. Cosplays, mangakas, writers, painters, musicians... angel-puppeteer (just you wait, someday I'll draw so many fanarts for you...). Sasuke with team 7. Kratos. Europe. Space... I never know what exactly to think about the space... is so mysterious that it scares. Riding a bycicle. I love watching birds flying in huge groups.

I like daydreaming and drawing in classes (I don't know how I'm one of the top students... it's... wtf?). By the way, I don't like sleeping but I do like to sleep in class XDDD Love, lust... man, I when will I have a sex life? XDD""don't mind me, please. I love taking a shower... ah :D Male formal chothes... I feel like drooling. Watching the sunset is something that everyone would have to do at least once in a week... Dancing inside my house xD And sometimes mum joining me. Playing videogames! Playing mahjohng. Being under the water with eyes closed until you can't hold your breath anymore. Privacy.. totally. Friendly babies, not those that stare at you with a disgusted face.

Oh how could I forget? I absolutely love, adore, love love Seisouhen and Reminiscence OVA's from Rurouni Kenshin. T-T oh s2

Japanese language... Noriaki Sugiyama's voice... Sasuke-kun's voiceeee heehee (fangirl attack) Leather smell xD And um, this has to finish here. I bet I didn't even started the list xD

- My dislikes are not important o.o I don't hate my readers and reviewers 8D That's all we need.

...sigh Okay, I'll write them too:

I don't like when the school... authority or whoever the fuck is-- drag me to draw posters for school acts... I mean sure, yey, I'm skipping classes... but urgh! I don't like drawing in big dimmensions! ...Ahem. I don't like dinossaurs. I hate liar people, hate hate, if you are a liar I'm telling: I don't like you... Oh well, I'm talking to myself, shit. I don't like dogs, Huskies are an exception. Fake smiles. Discriminating phobias, I mean, you have phobia of foreigners? What the hell is wrong with you? I hate Lenci. Die Lenci (talking to myself again). I don't like my hands. Why me? Who really pay attention to hands like a freak? I hate morning breath xD ahah. I hate those chain emails in which you have to send it to 13 contacts in less then 30 seconds or no one will love you in the next 2 years, why don't you kiss my ass? ...Sorry. I also hate... reggeaton, cumbia, funk xD I don't like eating ._. I hate when some shit happen and you accidentallly cry in the middle of the class. I hate not being able to posts fanfics because when I read them again I think: wtf is this? I don't like fanfics written without any "!" "," "?" or "." whyyy? It's no fun that way! ): Oh and I hate Sakura being the way she is on the anime/manga (I could describe my hate but I don't want to offend any Sakura fan xD) And so the list go on...

Le end. s2

- As my spanish as heck name says, I'm not English so... I apologize for my grammar errors. Really.

- Naaaa.. What else... Oh, I'm 16 and can't believe it. I was 13 yesterday /o/

- I prefer SasuNaru like, a hundred times more than SasuSaku XDD But I make fanarts and read doujins (OBVIOUSLY -) for SasuNaru and fanfics for SasuSaku... yeah.

- My current obssession is.. I don't really know, I've fallen in love with life and am currently having a no longer secret affair with it.

- I love drawing, so would you be kindly enough to see my work? I can do the puppy eyes if you want :D - Shuujin

- My inspiration here on is and will always be angel-puppeteer, if you don't know her... I highly recommend her. (oh wait, what am I saying? Correct that!) ..Um, ok. If you're not under.. eh.. 15? xD Cause y'know, I'm not 18 either and then it wouldn't have sense.

You want a random moment? I've just discovered that I have an urge to draw Sasuke as facepalm, really, I'll add it to my "Must-do List".

- I can't believe I have a good time writing my profile XD And the worst part is that it's noticeable.

-Avatar image by shel-yang (deviantart)

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