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Author has written 5 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, and Phantom of the Opera.

UPDATE 2/10/2020:

I realized I’m lousy at profile updates. And lazy, too.
Since my last update I wrote and published one book--Time Not Wasted-- and my other story Kepler’s Web has a release date set (October 20, 2020.)

You can read the first chapters of Time Not wasted here or find it on Amazon.

The same goes for Kepler’s Web which is a story loosely inspired by POTO and will be posted here as a whole until it‘s complete.
The blurb (what a nice word :-P ) is:

All Kepler wanted was a new face — or so JC thought. She couldn’t have been more wrong…

JC’s world revolves around science and Bioprinting. She appreciates facts, analysis, and indisputable results. But when she enters Kepler’s reality, she’s beyond intrigued...she’s captivated.

In a path paved by betrayals and obsession, the desires awakened are only the beginning.

“Have you ever needed something so much that you had to steal it? Steal it even from yourself?”

Kepler lives in a world where nothing is what it seems and first impressions are treacherous. He has debts to pay—both old and new—an ironclad plan, and a course set to lead him into a new life.

Even as his past and his face haunt him, the present taunts him still more.

When JC steps into his life, she unravels a web of possibilities, dreams, and needs that he has always denied himself.

When their two very different worlds collide, the results can be explosive.

This story is recommended for mature audiences.

The Falconer is a novel written in collaboration with Chapucera (75mg of Truth, Penance and more stories I highly recommend). Our pen names are Chapucera (check out her Tightrope on Amazon!!!) and Alexandra Rivers, and I'm hoping you'll drop by Amazon to have a look at our book. It's a narrative that's derivative of POTO, though it's an original story:

Chloe is a woman whose principles are not for sale.
Disinherited by her late father, she works as a performance artist in Washington Square Park, awaiting her big break. Her love life is nonexistent; her first and only boyfriend left her a year earlier, taking her suitcase with him.

Ian is a successful composer with roots in Greece. He is also a cynical widower struggling with a scandalous past, as reflected by his latest musical project, Bluebeard.
When Agape the rabbit dies at the talons of Ian’s hawk, Chloe is appalled by the man's arrogance, and she decides to deflate him by deflating his tires –with a hunting knife.

Furious, Ian avenges himself by posing online as Evan, the employee of a dating site, and he arranges the most disastrous dates for Chloe that he can manage. As Ian's deceit is revealed, Chloe must discover for herself who he really is and whether they can be happy together in spite of their disastrous beginnings.

Have a nice month and may Life treat you well! :-)

If you are reading this page, that means you like POTO and Erik, so that is one thing we have in common.

What else might we have in common?

I hope books, reading, and ice cream. Never hurt anyone...

The Chain Unbroken is a story which I wrote way back in 2008, and it has taken me three years to work up the courage to post it on FFNet.

It's been a year and half since its completion, and I have to confess that without Chapucera's persistence I would never have done it.

I want to thank all those people who reviewed the story when I was writing it-- they kept me writing week after week.

But I also want to thank those who are reading and reviewing it now.

Now that I've put some distance between myself and the story, all the reviews give me a new perspective on it.

I realize that this must be the most boring Profile page ever, but Erik is too complex to talk about in so few words.

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All Kepler wanted was a new face — or so JC thought. She couldn't have been more wrong… M for sexual content and violence. Complete story. Frequent updates.
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