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Hii :)

I'm just a teenaged girl who looves anime and manga :D
I don't have any fanfics up yet, but just atm, I'm writing one :)
It's called 'Digidestined meet the Bladebreakers'

I love digimon and beyblade :p
Why? Brings back good memories, and if it's to much of a embarresedment for you, than that's too bad :)

My fav carecters are Kai Hiwatari and Kari Kamiya

and fav couple is a cross over. Kaikari.
secound fav couple is from harrypotter. Fred and Hermione
and then comes Yakari (Matt x Kari) and Ikarishipping :D

Well, info :p

I live in a small island called the faroe islands. Looove living here, but when i finish school I'm going to america.
i can't wait :D I'm thinking about going to China 'cause I love everything about China :I And Japan is pretty awsome too :)

I love movies and TV shows. And books :I
Fav movies: Edward Scissorhands, Cast Away, Harrypotter, Xmen, Titanic :D
Fav shows: Friends, House, Two guys and a pizza place, True blood, King of Queens.
Fav books: Harrypotter, Who's watching me and The 13th
Fav animes: Digimon, elfen lied, beyblade, Ouran, Haruhi Suzumiya :)

And btw I make amvs :D
Check out my youtube account www.youtube.com/user/xElinborg

I'm a huuuuuuge fan of Tim burton! I love all of his movies
and Johny Depp and Tom Hanks. fav actors :-

I like the color black. Mostly all my clotes are black xD No, I'm not emo or anything :p
I also like yellow and pink. And blue and green :) well basicly, I like colors :
atm, I have brown boring hair, but soon I'm gonna coler it purple :) dno when, but soon I guess. :D

I loooove music. billy talent, tatu, nickleback, system of a down, three days grace, grandmas basement, and on and on xD
fav song is 'New shoes' by Paulo nutini :) Been my fav since, I don't know when xD
Well, I've been to lot of conserts: The Rasmus, Ana Johnson, The Scorpions, Brian McFadden, Grandmas Basement, The ghost and on and on.
This summer I'm going to some conserts. The ghost, the dreams, páll finnur pall, frændur, grandmas basement, boys in a band, anna david. (more to come)
I'm also going to a Metallica conset, and I'm really looking forward to it :)

Well, that's pretty much all :) See ya :D

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