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Oookay. So it's 5:30AM and I'm sitting here in my apartment watching Pretty Woman, bored out of my mind, so I decided to write up a fanfic and submit it just for shits and giggles. For the record, I want the red dress the Julia Roberts wears toward the end of the movie to the opera or whatever. BTW... That thing there that says I've written 1 Story for HP... It's a lie. I've written many. I just only POSTED one.

A little about me, I suppose. Well, my name is Kristen. I live in Harrisburg, PA and I'm going to school for architecture, as much as I love reading and writing. I'm 23 and I have a wonderful husband that loves me even though I write fanfiction and dress up for Harry Potter premiers and openings. Anyway...

Just to give you all a little bit or reason as to just why it has taken me about 2 years to even think about getting an update to you for my only published story... Well. That wonderful boyfriend that was previously mentioned in my profile (I just changed that)... I broke up with him and am now happily married. I am also a United States Marine. I didn't really have much time to update while I was at boot camp and such... >.> But I was medically discharged in October. Then I had to plan a wedding. Now that I'm kinda back up to being a normal human, I may be able to update. I'm re-reading my writing so that I may give you all an update.

A few of my favorite things:
-Dirty Dancing
-Pretty Woman
-Boondock Saints
-Harry Potter by JKR (duh)
-Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
-Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind
-Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
-1st to Die by James Patterson
-Dashboard Confessional
-Led Zeppelin
-Metro Station
-Rascal Flatts (I like everything basically)
Random Things:
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-Herbal Essences
-Chocolate Martinis
-My husband
-My family and friends

My writing interests:
Mmmkay. Well, A lot of the fics that I write/have written in the past were Dramione. I love Dramione because angry sex is so much better than cute and fluffy things. Srsly. Also, I'm in love with Oliver Wood (not as much as I'm in love with Draco) so he comes in with a character that I created in like... 7th grade named Charmante DuMorte. She's changed a lot over the years. Other than that, I enjoy writing things in general that are sci-fi/fantasy-esque with a bit of romance thrown in with the mix. I started a novel a while ago, but it ended up going no where. But back to fanfics. Other than Dramione and Charmante/Oliver, I have an obsession with Daphne Greengrass/Theodore Nott. Minor characters are the best to write about simply because you can do anything you want. Mmm... aside from that, I'm up for trying anything new.

PLEASE NOTE: If I told you to email me, DO NOT email the address that this account is listed under. email me at because I check that all the time... I get my email on my phone on that account but not the other. >.> So I can actually get back to you immediately if you do that. Just saying. ^_^

And PLEASE take the 30 seconds to review the chapters. Really. If you don't review the stories, then how do I know whether or not I should continue writing them? I always appreciate the feedback.


All Around Me
Plot: So far, it's a generic Dramione fic. I have plans for that plot that I'll update at some point.
Random: Fluffy at first, more than likely it'll get a little more hardcore as it goes, just because angry Draco/Hermione sex is awesome. I got the title from a song by Flyleaf called "All Around Me" since for some reason it inspired me while I was sitting at a diner an hour away. I dunno why, but for some reason it just made me want to finish the chapter. Just so you know, there are some... uhm... issues that are not to be taken seriously in this story. I don't condone rape OR women beating. I just thought they worked well for an extremely pissed Draco.

Coffee in the Evening
Plot: As of now, it's just a Dramione fic with some drama and a little bit of angst and some sex? I dunno. There's bound to be sex.
Random: The title, as mentioned, is from the song 'So Impossible' by Dashboard Confessional. I spent 20 minutes going through songs to find a line that I liked to use that wasn't a title. So, I shall incorporate it somehow, I'm sure. But yea. I was just very bored and started a new fic. I should update the other one. >.> Oh. And there's a hurricane coming. For real though. Not in the story.

Kind words:
Simone: Dammit woman. Your writing is like crack!

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