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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter.

Saturday 19th December -- Sorry everyone! My family is travelling abroad this year for the christmas break, and I won't able to get chapter three of TToaTT up by sunday, as promised. But as soon as I get back I'll definitely have at least one chapter done. I PROMISE!

Hey, y'all;

The name's Falling Skywards, or FS for short. Got any ideas, pm me or email me.

I'm 14 years old, but don't let that deter you from my stories.

Currently working on 'The Temptations of a Time Turness', my first Harry Potter fic.

Basically involves Hermione abusing her time-turner, eventually going dark. But, as far as I know, the main part of the story is something new to the Potter-verse. I'm really enjoying this, and SHOULD be pushing out a chapter a week.

Challenges: I hearby challenge the Naruto community to the following:

Challenge one: Carving My Own Path

Setting: Pre-academy, any age while in orphanage.

Characters: Tenten and Naruto.

Ships: Tenten/Naruto or Naruto/harem

Summary: Both Naruto and Tenten are orphans after the Kyuubi attack. Naruto has somewhat of a crush on Tenten, even though the two have barely spoken. They become close friends, having nobody but the other in the world. When Tenten comes of age to join the academy, she leaves the orphanage which, naturally, saddens Naruto. As he sees her far less than previously he grows up slightly colder, although the two still see each other whenever possible. Eventually Naruto grows jealous of her ninja skills and asks the girl to see some of her moves. She complies, and invariably begins teaching the boy ahead of his starting in the academy. This leaves him on practically equal footing with Sasuke, although he too shares the same love of weaponry as Tenten. Eventually, it comes to graduation day. Usually, Naruto would pass with flying colors, but the teachers, cutting of their hands to spite their eyes, hold the entire class back. As the third graduation attempt comes around, the Sandaime steps in and forces the occurence. However, Tenten, having already passed, succumbs to a serious injury a few weeks prior and Naruto's grades have fallen dramatically. He fails the test, and Mizuki steps in. The same old learning of Kage Bunshin takes place. Teams are changed due to Naruto's slightly higher skill level. Eventually, he and his team go on the mission to wave, end up succesful and he walks away bearing the Zabuza's sword.

(I have a start for this challenge, if someone wants to read it before continuing.)

Challenge 2: Well, he IS a chunin.

Setting: End of graduation.

Characters: Naruto, Mizuki (?)

Summary: Mizuki is a chunin. Kishimoto seems to have forgotten that. If Mizuki is a chunin, and has a good enough skill level to be deemed worthy of teaching multiple generations of ninja, you can bet he would be good. Naruto LOSES the fight to him, and is taken, along with the forbidden scroll to Orochimaru. Along the way Naruto gets a chance to study both the Kage Bunshin better, learning about it's use a force multiplier, as well as any other jutsu you like. He eventually escapes Mizuki, before meeting with Orochimaru. But along the way the two encountered anybody else in the Naruto-verse you like. Naruto realizes that, although the Sandaime likes him, he has simply been used (by Mizuki, and others) and badly treated his entire life. He does not go back to Konoha, but runs away to perhaps another village, or joins whoever Mizuki met in his travels.

(I have a start for this challenge, if someone wants to read it before continuing.)

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