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Hey whut it be, da name is DJ Tagz09.

Actually, its kinda funny, I'm always here reading stories (maybe I've read yours at one point, or not, maybe) but until now for a few crippling reasons I couldn't bring myself to join. But I'm here now and i'm glad to be here (and to those who don't like me being here and want me to leave, you can kiss my ass!).

Here some info on meh

Username: DJ Tagz09 (already knew that)

Name: JD (actually, thats my nickname, don't really care for my real one)

Age: 19

Location: da Ghetto( hope i aint the only one, misery luvs company)

Likes: video games, anime, manga, movies, tv, bowling, crackin jokes on peoplez (don't act like u ain't do it before!) drawing, animals, technology, paintball and BB guns ~gets shot in ass~ (OW! DAMN IT!) guns in general, hustling, and alot of other shit I can't think of right now.

Dislike: Overly bubbly people(its okay to be happy, just calm down a bit, don't over do it. Yes, it is possible to over due happiness.) narcissistic people ~shoots them in the face with BB gun~, people who think there better than me for no reason ~shoots them in the nuts with BB gun~, being shorter than people who were once shorter than me, looking stupid, narrow minded people, (lots of peoplez aint it?) being hustled, and other shit I don't like but can't think of right now.

About me: I'm really an artist but I do write too, otherwise I wouldn't be here would I? I like all kinds of cartoons, anime, movies and games, I'm still in college, still jobless, and still writing. Oh and still broke...kind of (thank gawd for financial aid dispersment checks...or thank the government...I don't know which...) If anyone's been wondering, I'm continuing where I left off for everything, I'll just be doing it one at a time, and sticking to it this time. Thats about all can think of right now... so duces, peace, I'm out!

FANFICS PROGRESS!:untitled fic(Pokemon)Coming Soon

The Night Shift (Mirror's Edge): Coming Soon

The Jigan Worriors (Lilo & Stitch): In Progress

The Brothers of Anarchy (Keroro Gunso): In Progress (FINALLY!)

Why The Caged Angel Sings (Lilo & Stitch): Complete

PS: HALLELUJAH!!! I finally have a new Xbox 360 (Slim ver.)! And with it I'm back on Xbox Live! DJ Tagz09, easy to find!

QUOTE OF TEH DAY: "Violets are Blue, Roses are Red, We're coming aboard, So prepare to eat led." ~ Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

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