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Author has written 12 stories for Bleach.

I am the author formerly known as Tsuki Meroko Uchiha. I've changed my name due to my friend's constant bugging of me to do so. She says Tsuki was getting boring... so yeah. Not to mention I'm on a total Pandora Hearts obsession...

I am now Pandora Angel Alice. Pleased to meet you.

Favorite songs/artists:
Shania Twain’s It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing,
Kate Vogele’s Hallelujah/You Can’t Break a Broken Heart,
Orianthi’s Believe/According to You,
Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on my Guitar/Love Story/Our Song/You’re not Sorry (CSI mix)/ Mary’s song (Oh my, my, my…)/I'm Only Me When I’m With You/Beautiful Eyes/Best Days of Your Life (Ft. with Kellie Pickler)
Lenka’s Trouble is a Friend,
Kris Allen’s Live Like You’re Dying,
The Script’s Breakeven,
Hinder’s Lips of An Angel,
P!ink’s Dear Mr. President/Just Like A Pill/Get This Party Started/Who Knew/So What?!
Everlast’s Saving Grace,
Justin Bieber’s One Time/ Baby,
Keha’s Your Love Is My Drug/Take it Off/Tik Tok/ Blah Blah Blah,
Carrie Underwood’s Cowboy Casanova/Temporary Home/Some Hearts/ Starts With Goodbye/All American Girl/Undo it/Songs Like This/Someday When I Stop Loving You/What Can I Say?/Before He Cheats/Last Name
Lesley Roy’s Slow Goodbye/Unbeautiful/I’m Gone I’m Going/Talking Out Loud,
Derek Daisey’s Gone in October/Couldn’t Be More (Beautiful)/Words You Bleed/Tainted/Where to Begin

Favorite pairings:


IchiRuki (No duh! She completes him!)
UlquiHime (That was LOVE. She taught him how to have a heart! They should've been together...)
HitsuKarin (It was a filler, but you can't tell me they didn't click.)
HitsuRan (Really very wrong, but seriously funny.)
UkitakexUnohana (Don't ask why. Even I'm not sure.)
ShiYori (It's like IchiRuki only funnier!)
KisuYoru (Awesomeness. Pure Awesomeness.)
KyorakuNanao (Aww... cute and funny at the same time!)
RenTat (No proof this'll really happen, but it kinda fits, right?)

Harry Potter:

HarMONY (Harry & Hermione; IDK. They're cute, adorable, and they understand each other! I didn't read the last four books in fear of this not happening. JKR crushed my HarMONY dreams...)
RonxLavender (He has to end up with someone, right?)
Ginny/Neville (I thought they were kinda cute in GoF)
Draco/Pansy (EvilxEvil go together!)
Lily/James (well, no duh)
And... like every other canon pair except R/Hr, H/G, & H/Cho

Full Moon ws:

Meroko.Takuto (She deserves happiness!)
Eichi.Mitsuki (He loved her first! BACK OFF TAKUTO!!!!)


Live Journal


Ichigo and Rukia’s Slow Goodbye

Fade: Cover

My Blog, baby!!

Mitsuki “Mimi/Miyu” Kuchiki (See practically all my BLEACH stories)

Zanpakto: Fōringutenshi Kō No (Falling of the Angelic Light AKA Angel or Angela)
A woman with white hair and blue eyes who likes talking in riddles. Her domain is a large ocean, where fish swim below, but both Angel and Mitsuki are able to step onto the water. The sword has a light whitish-blue hilt, and a purely white blade. An engraving of the moon and sun becoming one is on the side.
No Fōruntsubasa no Uta
(Song of the Fallen’s Wings) A humming noise is made, before feathers cloak the foe, blinding them and allowing Mitsuki to go in for the attack.
Bankai: Dansu no Ichitsu no Ribenji (Dance of the Fallen One)
A wall of feathers erupts from Angel’s blade and surrounds the foe (up to 500 can be surrounded at once) and suffocates them by crushing them. The feathers are as hard as steel.

Mitsuki is a timid, shy girl who, as time went on, turned outspoken and joyful. She’s Byakuya’s older twin sister, who died before the ‘Turn Back the Pendulum’ Arc. She died of a poisoning by one of the Elders, who also killed Hisana (wait for the story, Echo). When she was seen as shy and fragile, her brother gave her the confidence to keep going, before her untimely death. She was originally planned to be the Kuchiki clan’s head, before her illness and eventual death. She was originally trained by her grandfather and Ukitake.
All shinigami are reincarnated (In my stories). In her new reincarnation, Mitsuki is depicted at a 19 year old girl, studying abroad. She arrives in Karakura right after the Bount Arc, and stays there until the end of the War. Her name is originally Alice Kamiko, but she eventually changes her name to Mitsuki, which she says ‘came to her in a dream’. Ever since her early childhood, she’s had dreams of two unknown men. One, with long black hair in a kimono (Byakuya), and one with blond hair in a short ponytail (Her ex-lover, Takeshi)
She has pyrophobia, or fear of being burned alive, though the reason why is unknown.

Black hair, blue eyes, pale skin. She loves the colors black, red, blue, and white.

Alice Kamiko (not yet shown)

Essentially, Mitsuki’s alter ego. Not exactly a hollow, but rather a separate entity. She gains control of Mitsuki’s body occassionally, telling people she’s not who they assume, and to call her Alice. Snowy white hair replaces Mitsuki’s black tresses, and lavender eyes replace her old blue ones. She seems to be the only link to Soul Society/Hueco Mundo the ‘new’ Mitsuki seems to have.
People often confuse the meaning with ‘Alice’ the doll, but she really means ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She has three ‘pet’ hollows she names “Cheshire”, (A purple and black cat hollow with a bell around one of its paws. He’s Alice’s favorite, apparently.) “W” (A White Rabbit with a giant ribbon around it’s neck and red eyes.), and “Heartz” (Also nicknamed Dorothy, she’s depicted as the Queen of Hearts. She’s almost always seen singing this poem;

“Off with her head,”
The Queen says,
The hallways, stained red.
The Queen, the Queen,
Oh wonderful Queen!
You shall rule all, be loved by all,
Forget those foolish children,
Who so desperately defy you,
Look, the song of the siren,
Under my sky, so ever blue.

Heartz/Dorothy is by far the most human, and an Arrancar. She seems to have no emotions, but fiercely protects Aizen and Alice alike. She has a deep hatred for Gin and Tousen, especially. She’s pretty good friends with Grimmjow, and Halibel, although those are the only two she seems to like. She either becomes a normal, walking, talking Arancarr or goes into her tarot form, which is basically a power used for entrapping enemies in cards, or gathering information by being seemingly not there.)

Alice holds a deep hatred for Aizen, but she’s also not all to willing to help the shinigami. She’s basically neutral, and has not yet chosen who she will side with, although her bonding with her ‘sister’ Mitsuki seems to effect her attitude and ultimate choice.

Dawn “D” Hunter (See You Raise Me Up)

Zanpakto: None

Dawn is a loud girl, bursting with confidence. Was friends with Rukia and Renji during her time in Rukongai, and eventually married a shinigami noble. Lives in the Soul Society as a housewife and usual confident in Renji. She likes Ichigo and sees him as a little brother, telling him he looks a lot like her brother from her time in the Transient World, Austin. On many occasions she’s tried to set Ichigo and Rukia up on dates, only to have each one end in failure. She and good friend Matsumoto Rangiku bicker on occasion about who deserves Ichigo more; Rukia or Orihime? The fight usually always ends with Dawn getting the last word, coming up with new schemes to get Rukia and Ichigo together.
She lived with her brother Austin for many years in Rukongai, before he died. She was sent to Soul Society as a young girl, her and her brother’s deaths mere months apart. She drowned crossing a rushing river when she was around 5, trying to get a lily on the other side of the bank.
She has hydrophobia, fear of water; although it’s mostly associated with rivers and lakes. She doesn’t seem to mind rain or the ocean, so long as she stays near the shore.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin. Likes pinks, yellows, oranges, and lilac.

Rose “Rosy” Christopher (See Omoide-Sequel to Bleeding Love)

Zanpakto: Rōzu no Chimamire no Hanabira (Bloodied Petals of the Rose)
A man with green hair and crimson eyes, dressed in a noble kimono. His domain is a lush forest area. He usually hates being disturbed, stating that Rose (whether or not its urgent) disturbs his reading every time she appears. She bites back with a remark usually about the book he’s reading, trying to remind him what century she’s trying to live in. The sword is red at the hilt with a black blade.
Release: Not shown
Bankai: Not achieved

Rose is an impatient girl, with a kind heart underneath her layers of coldness. She’s in Kyoraku’s Squad, but never really does her work, usually escaping to sit by a lake on the outskirts of Rukongai to skip rocks across the water, or look at the stars. Not much about her past is known, except for the fact she has an extreme case of taphobia, or fear of being buried alive.

Lesley “Lissa” Barlow (See Fade)

Zanpakto: Otte Sukai (Chasing Skye)
Nicknamed Skye by Lesley, this zanpakto spirit is not very outspoken, being mostly timid and shy. She has light (almost white) blonde hair and blue eyes. Her sword has a blue hilt and a bluish-white blade.
Sensō no Naka de Heiwa Burīzu (Peaceful Breeze Within War) Not shown; only heard
Bankai: Not shown

Lesley is a tomboy, essentially. Her abilities lie in profiling people. She’s in Squad 10 under Toshiro Hitsugaya, and is fifth seat. She’s usually sent on solo missions to the Transient World, leading to static between her and her captain, along with endless teasing about his name, height, and status so young. All in all, though, she loves him dearly, almost like a little brother, if not a strong friend and good confident. She grew up in the better districts of Rukongai, losing her brother Andre (Atsuya) in one district do to an accidental attack.
She has monophobia, the fear of being alone or without a specific person. This seems to be because of her brother dying and (apparently) her family leaving her as a child, although some of the blame falls on many lonely nights in Rukon, eventually leading to some paranoia from being alone for so long. When she’s left alone, she either begins to shake nervously or chant calming mantras. She is a Vizard, ultimately unnoticed by the rest of Soul Society. Her Hollow calls itself Alexandra.

Alexandra “Alex”

Alex is pale and evil-eyed version of Lesley. She lived over three hundred years before the start of BLEACH, as a noble’s daughter. She eventually died, and turned into a Hollow, embedding itself in a new human soul; Lesley. She however got stuck inside Liss’s body, unable to escape and unable to take control. Lesley didn’t even know Alex existed until the start of the Winter War. Knowing what would happen if others found out, she hid her secret of Alex for a long, long time. Alex has never gained enough power to come out in the open, but usually haunts Lesley’s thoughts by being her ‘evil’ conscience.

UpCoMiNg StOrIeS:

Echo (trilogy)- Pairing- Byakuya and Hisana. Slight Ichigo and Rukia, and OCxOC

Inspiration: 24 by Jem, I guess. But i can’t see anything in the story that would relate to that song.

AU: Nope, not this time!

He saw red as the elders before him, the elders he may have never like but had always respected, the elders who helped him control this very house, lied to him. Backstabbed him, and killed two of the most important people in his life. Watched as they pretended as if they weren’t planning on doing the same to his baby sister, his Rukia. His promise, his pride.

“She was unclean, filth. A common whore betrayed you. Misled you. Seduced you, my lord! She was only in it for the money, the power, and the fame! She did not love you, trust us. She said it herself, did she not? That she didn’t love you.” One scoffed, showing no respect for his former wife.

“Could not,” Byakuya interrupted, “—could not for the sake of her baby sister—”

“And her—” Another interrupted, acting like he’d throw up. “Oh, her. She was unfit for the role of Kuchiki! So undisciplined, so uncouth…” He shivered, “I shudder to think about what would happen if she led this clan. She’d have been the downfall of our family!”

Hisana. Mitsuki. His wife and his elder sister. They did not deserve this. They didn’t.

And he would not tolerate any who disgraced his beloved.

His pride. His family. His love.

Book 1: Echo

Rating: M
Summary: Byakuya knew the Elders were crazy, wicked, stupid, and every other variable there was for ‘super-jackass-ness’. But he’d never thought they’d go so far as to take away the best things in his life. ByaHisa.
Genre: Suspense/Drama slight romance for the flashbacks

Book 2: Speak

Rating: T-M
It's been seventy years since he'd last seen her. How can they remember a love, once lost?
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst


“Where is Hisana? Rukia…” Byakuya looked down at his sobbing sister-in-law.

Rukia clutched the pocket watch tighter. A small smile played at her lips. “We can play all day if we want to, you know. Down at the old dollhouse.” Her voice had taken on a slightly sinister tone. “We can play jacks and cards and talk until we fall asleep, Bya-kun…” Her head snapped up, once liquid blue eyes now a deep, chocolate brown color. She placed both hands on the ground, getting up shakily. The water trembled with her movements.

“Doesn’t that sound like fun, Bya?” Her eyes were glazed over and dreamy. “And you can forget all about that Rukongai rat.” She spat out the last two words like venom.

“Amaya,” Byakuya’s voice was shaking, “Don’t do this. Not to my sister. Not to my wife. Not to Rukia.”

Her brown eyes narrowed. “Why? Huh, Byakuya, why? Your sister was getting in the way of us. And you… because of her influence, because of Mitsuki’s influence, you fell for Hisana. That trash… she was so unfit for the role of Lady Kuchiki… all the other maids, all they’d talk about was how nice she was and how kind she was. It made me so sick.”

Book 3: Listen

Rating: T-M
“You really think we’d forget you?” “As if.” He’d heard the echo, spoken the words, and now it was their turn. All he had to do was listen.
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst


“Bah…” Mitsuki groaned fitfully, “I hate Mondays, don’t you?”

“I don’t understand why you hate them. You don’t have to be signing paperwork by six in the morning.” Byakuya shook his head, signing papers mechanically.

“No, but I do still have work. Stupid Grandpa Yama always makes me do the easy crap… why can’t I do missions like you do? Captain Ukitake thinks I’m ready, and so does the rest of Soul Society. I got freaking bankai, Bya! I think I can handle some teensy-weensy escort mission or something…”

“He thinks you’re uncoordinated. Must I remind you of the incident at the Academy?” Byakuya looked up.

One time I blew something up. Nobody got hurt!”

“Just get back to Myst’s, would you?”

Mitsuki pouted. “Whatevs, Bya. Bye.” She yawned, closing the door behind her.

She wouldn’t tell him. Not yet. It was too soon. Biting her lip, Mitsuki leaned against the office door.

“God damn it!” She whispered, hitting her head against the oak.

Facts about me:

It’s not that I hate Orihime Inoue. She’s actually pretty useful, but I hate her when she’s with Ichigo. I’ve tried to read an IchiHime fic (I really did) and I just couldn’t stomach it. After the second sentence I was all like, screw this, and hurried back to the IchiRuki fandom where I read like thirty different fanfics just to get that one out of my head. It’s not that that person was a bad author (they were actually very good) but I just… thinking about them like that made me very sick.

Grimmjow is my sexy cat, Renji’s my pet toy, and Ichigo’s my man hoe. I share him with Rukia.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Usher and Eminem.


I actually love rainy days. It gives me time to think.

I love things that sparkle.

NONE of my friends from school have fanfiction accounts OR YouTube accounts. It pisses me off so much that they DON’T have those but they have FACEBOOKS and MYSPACES which I am not allowed to get until I move out.

Anything else? Oh yea, Leonardo DiCaprio’s too sexy to be real, and Tiger Woods/Jesse James can go burn in HELL. Kanye West can go too after what he did to my idol Taylor Swift.

Thanks for reading!! Now, check out mah stories!!

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DON'T READ THIS! I'M CURRENTLY RE-EDITING! Are you well, Renji?" she asked. "Don't worry, Rukia. I'm fine," answered Ichigo.
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