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My Name is Maire Huey-ryanz, I'm 5'10 an i'm 14, I have Brown Hair that sometimes get's lighter in the sun with bit of red,i have brown eyes but if look close at the them while it sunny it's a shad in the lines of gold.I love to play football soccer and basketball, so i guess u can call me a tomboy.

I'm Like So Addicted To vampire academy =, the ending of shadow kiss made me cry :'( but Dimitri&Rose4everr. I own both Frost bite & shadow kiss, my favourite one now. I'm Also a Fan of the twilight saga, thou the movie in my opinion was a lil too off. I Love Twilight, New Moon, And eeclipse and a lil of breaking dawn but i think it sounded all little fanfiction like to me. Me & my friend we whould like make random jokes about the characters in the twilight series. I'm still not to fond of the name Reneesme But who is? I Also just finsih reading the vampire diaries serise( i proudly own both copies) and i love it too n im getting my freind into reading that = the first two volumes scared my friend LOL biggest suggestion don't read in the dark. I'm currently writing a story because i love writing stories about random things, like my freinds or like random dreams i have. My life is a mixture of Rose's, No i do NOT have a guy whose vampire at dream stalks me ( i so wish) and i'm not off to kill the man i love but my ex ( who is turing camera whore) whom im pretty sure still likes me too is like my lil dimitri, Total Badass. I Love Talking about random subjects , that what makes me me, i tend to make me laugh when i'm being serious, i'm some what of a flirts as i'm beign told but i think it just naturally there that's just how i do.

Im Not to found of twilight the movie either it just kills the book. But never judge a book by it movie =


WAITING FOR NEW MOON THE MOVIE TO COME OUT (so i can stare at Taylor Lautner for 200 n so pages i mean mins)

March 22.

I Finish the third diary to vampire diairies AMAZING! = my friend was totally scared shitless ( excuse my French) I started the house of night novels finished the first 2 in one night THERE TOTALLY AMAZING. OMG WHO SAW THE COVER FOR BLOOD PROMISE!! ( it's my DP =) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT SO SEXY OMG = And She remade the first 3, EVEN SEXIER. N blood promise is coming out in hrd cover soo already know it gonna be on hefty book = MORE READING FOR ME! Hopely she’ll writing about Dimitri ( OMG THA SEXY GOD) =


July 9th. (make that 10th now)

Private Novels Rule. i wanna go to boarding school now :(

I started Vampire Kisses series a while back, = awsome books, I LOVE THE MANGA verison.


i read all the vampire knights and watched it too, when i first heard kaname yuki were like some what related i was like NOOOOOO. = I love zero now i'm gonna go violate him in his emo corner = I HAVE ONE TOO than after im going to provoke kaname into bish slapin Aidou ( i love that part i always rewind it).

Absolute boyfreind ( epic fail on the spelling?)I LOVEE NIGHT I WANNA GET ME MY OWN!! just so he can tare off his clothes at randoms moments =

Aishiteruze baby ( i wouldn't dare to try and say that) = great story line love kippie and he's epic fail's at cooking = i also love satsuki since he was born "i'm satsuki (first word at birth)" "the earth will meet it's doom"

Baby & Me = I love all the character = can't ipick

B.O.D.Y. = = one word... Fuji


NEXT BOOK: Spirit Bound!

September 30

read blood promise a while back >_> man ugh Dimitri WHY! you gave me a reason to love Adrian more now = hopefuly they get the old dimitri back.


Damen is so hot whoa = i'd let him bite me any day

ugh i'm so sleepy right now i'll talk 2 guys when i'm more up and at em'

June 28. 10 ( wow that shows you how long i haven't uploaded)

So I'm Behind on a lot of things that's what school does to you. But now that it's done... UPDATES!!! YEAH THAT RIGHT. I finally have a clear mind ( not really but work with me) so first i'll be doing Player's Touch (most wanted) than working my way down.

OMG WHO READ SPIRIT BOUND??? ( Don't read if you haven't)

OML ( oh my Lissa) DIMITRI IS BACK!!!! ( screams like a fan girl) :) I had a feeling there was another Dragomir :) be awesome it was a guy and his name was Damien LMFAO jkz. Poor Rose never get's a break does she? We All Know Dimitri need to cut that crap HE LOVES HER TO DEATH even in his strigoi state he loved her ( wouldn't admit it at first) and when he came back & finally LOOKED AT HER he couldn't keep his blank face off of her.

The End: Last Sacrifice


December 11. 10

I swear i really need to start updating more.

OML okay (spoliers DO NOT READ)

Was last sacrifice not the most epic book you've read? Love. Jealousy. Murder!

First all of Wow Jill a dragomir? that is not going to end good i'm starting to not like lissa behavour

2. No Bond? good & bad news goo cause rose is finally free bad cause now we will never know what lissa plans to do to Jill & where she's at

3. Adrian wow i feel bad for him... only cause the break up I knew he wasn't the "one" for Rose

4. Rose & dimitri DAMMMIT (crys) I TOLD YOU ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS LOOK AT HER!! sooo happy for them there finally at peace (for now) too bad no kids though... would have been a beautiful child

5. TASHA! i was never a fan of you just never thought you'd scoop so low wow really had me thinking Adrian's mother

6. Poor sydney hope to hear from you soon ( Bloodlines

HAPPY ENDING! (hands out free spring rolls)


"What? I just had my ass handed to me" - rose, vampire academy

"Hey Mase, Wipe tthe dool off your face. If you're going to think about me naked, do it on your own time" rose, vampire academy

"It's Always a good time to think abotu you naked" Eddie, vampire academy

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