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Hello~ Shizu here, or you could even call me Marzi if you'd like
I mostly write Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfics, but I might spread out to others if the inspiration ever hits me. Speaking of, I'd like to lay down a few need to knows before you start reading my works. Because quite a few of them actually hold some form of continuity.


I got into KHR via my RolePlaying partner, and though I am only halfway through the series at the moment, I know a lot more than I probably should. But even then, there's still things I don't a lot of these fics center around our versions of the characters. Either via alternative character interpretation, or a completely different setting than the usual Namimori (is the town called Namimori? I forget). Alternate Character Interpretation is mostly for the Primo family members, due to lack of knowledge about them. So don't go thinking that everything that I write is directly related to canon.

Primo Familly Changes:

Entire Family: Revived in the present world, so they aren't restricted to ghosties bound by rings. They don't do any sort of mafia related things anymore...they mostly just live in a house together and try to enjoy the lives that were cut short in the past. Vongola Decimo is their neighbors. Due to my lack of smarts, I ended up figuring they lived 300 years ago, doirp. So may make mention to that every now and again, maybe.

Alaude: As much as Hibari wants to fight everyone strong, Alaude wants to learn everything there is to about the world. A devourer of information. Why is that not canon? Gosh

Asari Ugetsu: I made him a masochist who's in love with G. Sadly I don't know much about masochists, even with all the research I he's just the type to get perverse pleasure from being abused. I have an entire fic planned around the life and backstory I created for him...but it's so different from what everyone else writes, I'm scared of working on it, weh. Maybe someday

Cozart Shimon: Depicted as the badguy. Made a Face Heel Turn and has now become a traitor. Revived with the Vongola Primos and is set to kill them again. No idea why.

G: Had a fiance who was killed by Cozart. She wasn't revived and he still suffers from it and refuses to let anyone get closer to him.

Lampo: Got into a fight with the entire family and ran away, declaring to join Cozart. Attacked G and was shot, leaving the rest of the Vongola to believe he died again. Except he's really a prisoner of Cozart, who plans on using him as a meat shield.

Everyone else is more or less the same as canon, or at least very similar to everyone else's interpretations.

Vongola Decimo and Arcobaleno Changes:

Entire Family: Tsuna, Reborn, Yamamoto, Fon, Mammon, and Colonnello all share the same house. Yeah, it's a pretty big house. Tsuna and Reborn moved to the fake city to work on specialized training, but circumstances called for some backup, leading for Yams and even Gokudera to follow after them (Dera lives in the dormitories of the school because rich). My Tsuna suffers from sanity lapses due to too many traumatic experiences I put him through, so Reborn called a lot of the Arcobalenos to come help him. Keep in mind, all the Arcos are adults, because babies would just be silly!

Gokudera Hayato: Gokudera has his own mafia family to run when he grows up as well. He plans on throwing the offer away the first chance he gets...but that's still up in the air as of right now.

Mammon/Viper: So far there's no mention...but might in the future so I might as well get this out of the way. Our headcanon is that Mammon and Viper are two separate people: twins. This stemmed from me preferring Mammon as a girl, and my partner seeing him more as a boy. So I took Mams, and she Viper. Though they keep their twin-ness a secret...just in case it gives them an upper-hand sometime in the future.

My profile will be updated with each story posted...sometime I'll have things nicely organized, eh

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