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Hey everyone. I have recently started to use my YouTube channel for actual videos! I have already uploaded quite a few, (DO NOT WATCH THE FIRST ONE THOUGH! IT SUCKS!) and would love it if you guys could watch them and let me know what you think. I will be starting to use a real camera soon and do more funny in the videos but those are my first runs and i would like to hear your comments about what i can do better. (And i need more views too! lol) So just use the link below and i hope to see my views, comments and hopefully like bars go up. (they certainly can't go down) Oh and i will be continuing the stories very soon so be looking for the next chapter


Favorite T.V. shows/movies/manga: Inuyasha, Mew mew power,Bleach, Family Guy, South Park, two & a half men, The Simpsons, Kung Fu Panda, Kekkaishi, Defense Devil, Cage of Eden, Fairy Tale, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Witch Hunter, Deadman Wonderland, Regular Show, Adventure Time (only when they have an episode that either has some decent story or at least some romance. Maybe some of the comedy ones too).

Favorite foods: Ribs, Sushi, Chinese, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Chili

Favorite couples: Inuyasha and Kagome, Miroku and Sango, Zoey and mark, Zoey and Inuyasha, Ichigo and Rukia, Po and tigress,

Favorite color: Red!

Hobbies: Watching T.V., Playing video games, Riding my bike around, Hanging with friends, typing/writing.

Current stories: Inupower Love, The Ring

Just so everyone knows, I AM NOT A KAGOME HATER! I love kagome, and love the idea of her being with inuyasha in every way possible. I only wanted to do a story like Inupower Love because i really liked the idea of a dog and cat trying to love each other. So, when i found Mew Mew Power (and after watching every single episode) i thought, "Why not?"

I am horribly sorry about not updating recently. I have had absolutely no free time at all lately. I will try to get to both stories as soon as possible just please be patient!

Next, I'm willing too bet some of you are wondering why in both of my stories I've had the guys feeling the heartbreak. (i know in Inupower love it is both but i think we can all agree that Po got it worse) I do this on purpose because i have always hated the fact that it has to be the guy who goes too far and says something mean or does something hurtful. I enjoy the change of perspective ya know, make the girl have to apologize to the guy, see the guy's heart get broken over a mean comment.

Another thing is that i hate those B.S. easy make up scenes, so do not expect that in any stories. I mean really, the guy could kill her best friend or something, and all it takes is a quick sorry and they're suddenly together again. It's stupid and unrealistic. I understand that love can be very strong, and that it can take some heavy blows, but it is in no way indestructible. It can break, i just don't believe something like true love can be mended with words alone. it takes time, determination, and patience to piece it back together. Sometimes it happens slow, years passing by before it is fully repaired, or it may be quick, a single act of love that defies everything you stand for. Something that you do regardless of your feelings or fears, simply because you know that it will make them happy.

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