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Oh...Hi! :D

Note: FYI, Guys, my PM feature keeps getting disabled once a day for some odd reason, so if you can't send me a PM, try again later, and you probably will be able to. I'm hoping this gets fixed soon, since it's rather annoying to me, too.

I've been catching references to my fanfiction in other works. That's okay, so long as you credit the fanfiction as mine (Just say "Dark Amphithere's Total Pokemon Island belongs to Dark Amphithere" or something!).

Hello! It is time to present to you the Dark Amphithere wiki!

My dear readers, I have decided to work with my friend Xebla to create a wiki for all of my stories and fanfictions. This is simply because most of my stories have multiple original characters with varying personalities. For this reason, the wiki has been created to help you keep track. This is not all, however. The two of us can't do it all on our own, so we've asked you, the readers, to help us do it by filling out the pages and adding information yourself!

Here is the link:

But there are rules. They are as follows:

1. Have good grammar. I mean punctuation, spelling, capitalization, sentence structure, and everything. I do NOT want to go through an entire page that has been created and edit the entire thing because of poor grammar. So please, if you do contribute, make sure it's on point.

2. Do not vandalize. If I catch people messing up pages that have been worked hard on, I will take action against it.

3. No opinions allowed. I do not want to go on Houndoom's or Ninetales's pages and see "OMG I LOVE HOUNDOOM HE IS THE BEST CONTESTANT". The opinions are to be kept out. If there is anything opinion based (For example, if a character is a fan favorite), I will handle it.

4. You don't need to include every little thing in there. You don't have to write down everything a character says and put it on their page.

5. Don't take on something more than you can handle. We're starting with smaller characters who don't have the largest roles in the story. Don't try to write Cacturne or Bellsprout's entire bio, as they are some of the most in-depth characters.

6. Make it fun! Don't just state every little thing about them in a boring way like "Wooper did this. Wooper then did this. Later, he did this." That's boring. We want guests to be interested!

7. Have fun! It's not a chore. Do work at your leisure- just make sure it's good work!

Thanks to all who decide to help us out!


Oh, hi! I'm Dark Amphithere! I'm an author...duh. I like reading, writing, video games, snowboarding, and tons of other random crap! An amphithere is a dragon, with wings, but no legs. I like darkness, but not in emo/goth fashion. I like dark because it's classy and relaxing to me. Hence my name! So yeah...I'm not an emo/goth kid.

Current Obsession (which will be subject to change): Nothing at all.

A simple summary of my fanfictions is below. If you're interested in any of them, you should totally read them.

Final Fantasy: Tipa's Crystal Chronicles- I get the feeling that this is going to be my one masterpiece on this site, as I'm NEVER doing a fanfiction this long again! It's just a simple take on the storyline of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, with various subplots, humorous jokes, romance, and fun on the way. This is my longest story ever...and I'm never doing it again. Ever. XD

The Rise of Selstun- A side story that explains Selstun, an OC in Final Fantasy: Tipa's Crystal Chronicles: Which I highly recommend you read first before reading this one. See how Selstun changed from a quiet, curious child into an insane, murderous lunatic.

Total Pokemon Island!- In which 34 Pokemon, two of each of the seventeen types, compete to win a lifetime supply of poffins. Hosted by Mew and Mewtwo!

Total Pokemon World Tour!- The sequel to season one, Total Pokemon World Tour. Mew and Mewtwo are back again, and they're ready to torture all of the campers a second time! Now with 20% more singing!

Frightening Realizations- In which Nero the Nidoking, Rexon the Tyranitar, Cactos the Cacturne, Divine the Gardevoir, Ding-Dong the Bronzong, and Charon the Banette discuss the scarier side of Pokemon. This is not meant to be frightening, it's meant to be humorous.

Ringing-The story of Bellamy the Bronzong, who eventually became Ding-Dong the Bronzong instead. A tale of friendship and finding out one's true self.

Genius- How does it feel to be a genius? Ask an Alakazam.

Grudge- A twisted tale of love, fear, and venegance, featuring a Mismagius and Banette. "You're the second thing I love the most. The first thing is the thought of killing you." This is my Number One favorite story I've posted on this site, so I hope you check it out!

Pokeballs- Team One decides to have a discussion while in their Pokeballs. Result? Chaos ensues.

Daycare- After being forced into the daycare so they'd "get along" after an argument, Cactos and Divine discuss some interesting topics. But when Divine starts another debate with Cactos, he won't go down without a fight.

Unova Mansion- The Pokemon from the Unova region finally get a chance to leave their island country in a chance to win a huge mansion in the middle of the ocean. Sounds great, right? Twenty-one Pokemon are all invited to the same mansion, which raises a lot of questions. But of the twenty-one Pokemon, how many will leave the mansion alive?

And because I change this little section periodically...

Natures of the New Contestants on TPR!

Swampert- Jolly

Marill- Naïve

Gothitelle- Calm

Trevenant- Brave

Bisharp- Serious

Toxicroak- Bashful

Krookodile- Naughty

Medicham- Gentle

Roserade- Lax

Unfezant- Hardy

Mightyena- Careful

Noivern- Hasty

More Info: In case you didn't know enough already! :D

Meh...I really like long stories. I love writing them (TO AN EXTENT), and I love reading them. I also love "good" oneshots (not the ones that are 200 words long).

I love happy endings. There aren't enough happy endings around these days. However, I'm also really good at writing tragedies (or so I've been told).

Pokemon OCs: These are the guys that usually appear in my stories about Pokemon.

Team 1:

Crikey- A fun loving Feraligatr who is the leader among his teammates. He's always kind to his friends, but when he gets pissed off, watch out. Crikey gets along with most, but he has an ongoing rivalry between both him and Silk Hat, and himself and Cactos. He and Silk Hat have fought on many occasions, but never enough to seriously injure the other. Crikey fought against Al once, and although Crikey managed to win, Al put up a brilliant fight. His battles against Cactos have been around when they were even in the wild, as Crikey was from Hoenn, like Cactos. He often calls Cactos his original name, Noxis. The battles between the two of them have almost gotten both Pokemon killed, and Crikey has a large scar on his chest left by Cactos. His original name in the wild was Ragger.

Alkanarem- A sarcastic, yet genius, Alakazam. His name is rather long, so his friends often refer to him as Al, much to his chagrin. He can be rather snobbish and cynical, but he truly cares for his team. He is shiny, and loves his spoons. Alkanarem doesn't enjoy fighting, but he is extremely powerful, much more so than most Alakazam. However, he tires very easily, and sometimes loses control of his powers. Most of his noteworthy battles were against Zikter, with Al usually winning, but he fought Crikey once after a huge argument and lost. Al told his trainer his original name when he was captured, so he keeps his name (Alkanarem).

Amazon- A shiny Tangrowth who is known to be extremely peculiar. Seriously. He says the strangest things, he speaks in gibberish half of the time, and he is known to be a kleptomaniac. No lie, many of Alkanarem's missing spoons are found in Amazon's possession. Amazon isn't much of a fighter, but he's no pushover. His original name was Gornogo.

Silk Hat/Bouquet- A Honchkrow who replaced Maelstrom the Kingdra after he retired. He calls himself Silk Hat, and he acts like he's the gang leader (which annoys Crikey). Silk Hat has a huge ego, but it's really a bit of false bravado because he feels insecure about his real name, which is Bouquet. Silk Hat and Crikey have an enormous rivalry, and they battle often, with either one coming out on top. It is said that Silk Hat is more powerful than the Feraligatr, but it is unknown if this is true or not.

Zikter- A perverted Crobat who is always making sexual innuendos, and always expresses his complaints that the team is made up of all males. He is shiny, which makes him pink, so he often gets pissed because he looks like a giant homosexual bat. Zikter doesn't like fighting too much, instead preferring to mess up his opponents by taunting and confusing them. While these tricks work on many, Alkanarem is never fooled by them, leading the Alakazam to usually defeat the Crobat. Zikter never gets over these losses. Zikter kept his name, like Al.

Yura- A wise-cracking Cradily who is always making jokes, funny or not. He tries to make his life worthwhile now that he's been resurrected from a Root Fossil. Yura is one of the few Pokemon to beat both Silk Hat and Crikey in a fight, so it is said that he has a powerful side he usually keeps hidden. While many say Crikey and Silk Hat are the most powerful, there are rumors that Yura is actually the strongest, but Yura usually just laughs it off. Yura prefers to fight defensively, while poisoning his opponents and stalling during battles. Yura, like Al and Zikter, kept his original name.

And Team 2: (almost all of them are shiny, minus Nero and Rexon).

Ding-Dong- A quiet, apathetic Bronzong who seems to dislike fighting. He appears to be unenthusiastic and lazy, but he is an important member of the team. He's called Ding for short, which can sometimes bother him, but not often. He can be rather brave when it's the right time, but most of the time, he just wants to relax. Ding-Dong often complains about battling, but deep down, he likes to battle- however, he only cares if he is battling a truly strong opponent. His original name was Bellamy.

Divine- A friendly, tomboyish Gardevoir, and the lone female of the team. She is outgoing and kind, but she often expresses dislike of her elegant appearance. She often flirts with Cactos to annoy him, but she cares for him deeply- this is because he had found her in the wild before Zee caught her. She's good friends with Charon, and Ding-Dong is a close friend of hers as well. Divine is a strong fighter and likes to fight others to show that she's not just a pretty face. Her original name was Serenthia.

Cactos- A Cacturne that was always a loner. Cactos is distant, cold, and often sarcastic, but he cares for his teammates (but don't tell them that). He HATES losing immensely. He is best friends with Charon, and he secretly has a crush on Gardevoir, but he doesn't want to get close to her, saying that it wouldn't work out. According to some, they have a secret relationship that neither of them ever confirm- but Cactos has hinted he may have met Divine before they were captured. Cactos and Crikey knew each other before they were both caught, and they have fought before. In the last battle, Cactos scarred Crikey, but suffered no serious injuries of his own. Rumor among Zee's Pokemon say that Cactos actually goes easy on his opponents for reason unknown, although Nero has hinted that Cactos has changed a lot from what he had been before. His original name was Noxis.

Charon- A snarky and wild Banette that loves to cause mischief and play pranks. His best friend is Cactos, who is his polar opposite. Charon gets along well with Rexon and Nero, but he doesn't like Ding-Dong too much. He constantly teases Cactos about Divine, which annoys him to no end. But all around, he is a good friend. Cactos has hinted that Charon wasn't always such a trickster, and that he was originally a dark and cruel creature bent on revenge. What changed this is unknown. Charon hasn't revealed his original name yet.

Nero- The leader, a hyperactive Nidoking. Rexon is his best friend, and he is also old friends with Cactos (who often denies it). He and Rexon always come up with crazy schemes of some sort, and they always manage to suck their teammates into them. Nero was one of Zee's original six Pokemon, along with Cactos. Nero is a lot smarter than he looks, and he often reminisces about the old days with Cactos (although apparently, Nero and Cactos didn't always get along so well). His original name was Reokor.

Rexon- A crazy Tyranitar who is almost as hyper as Nero. While he isn't the brightest, he is definitely one of the kindest. He and Nero love making crazy and insane plots that always seem to not turn out as planned. Rexon was actually abandoned as a Larvitar by both his parents and his trainer for being afraid to fight. He was found by Zee in the wild and raised into a Tyranitar. His original name was Carazon. He is out of action right now, as he's raising a son with his mate.

Croyde- A foul mouthed, swearing Shiny Cloyster. Not very kind, but somewhat entertaining. Croyde has many anger issues, and it is rumored that he might have tourettes due to his random outbursts of swearing. It is confirmed that his swearing is caused by his anger of being with Zee. Croyde originally belonged to a trainer named Trent, and together they defeated the Johto Pokemon League. However, Trent later died of an illness, but not before he gave Croyde to Zee. Croyde has been difficult ever since, but after some counciling from Gardevoir, he's become a bit more bearable. He always says Croyde is his original name, to honor Trent's memory, but it was actually Tytagga, not Croyde.

Current Plans:

I'm thinking of doing another version of "Grudge", except from Raggedy's point of view, including before and after the story (more like the uncut other side version) (NOTE. I STARTED DOING THIS, BUT RECENTLY LOST ALL OF THE DATA FOR IT, SO I WON'T BE DOING IT FOR AWHILE)

"Monster"- Like Ding-Dong and Croyde, another Pokemon gets their story told. This time it's Cactos.

And some other stuff that is barely even planned.

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