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Hey all,

I am back...sorta. Real Life has slaughtered me. You know when you've hit rock bottom and you think you can't fall any farther down than you have and right when you're taking that big breath and getting ready to pick yourself up, you manage to roll over and fall some more? Yeah.

So I'm STILL working on Fandom Give Back 2009 Stuff. Almost finished though so don't fret.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have all that wrapped up and I'll be able to post a few (if not all) of the SB outtakes that were purchased as well as a collection of Oneshots I did for FGB.


I have the third chapter written but not to my liking. That's it. With my life going bonkers and having no time to myself to write anything I have gotten little done and when I do have time to write I am getting FGB stuff finished. I was super excited about this story but now I dont know. It's kinda lost on me right now but here's to hoping I'll get it back again and finish it. I never really planned on it being very long to begin with so...

I want to say THANK YOU to all the amazing authors/readers who PM'd me. I logged into my account today and was blown away by all the PM's. I hate that I can't answer everyone but if I did I would never get any writing done.


To everyone who asked to translate Shadowboxer into another language I have to say no. I appreciate you wanting to go through all that hard work into order to translate my story but at the end of the day I have no way of verifying the translation. I'm so very sorry to say no but at the moment I cannot give my go ahead on that. So please dont ask because you'll just get a no.

In other news, no I have not moved to another website. I have not given up on writing, and I will be continuing on with some other projects. Look out for a lot of oneshots to be dropped soon because that's all I can seem to come up with right now lol.

Thank you to all of my supporters. All your kind words were greatly appreciated.


PS. for shits and giggles I am leaving up my reason for hiatus as sort of a warning. Consider it the 'head on a spike' approach.

Reason for Hiatus (11-21-09):

I've realized that this fandom is not what I thought it was.
I adore all my reviewers and everyone who has ever been
supportive of me but things are just getting a little too intense
for my liking and I'm taking a step back.

I started writing SB and my other stories because I found it enjoyable.
I liked being able to unwind and write a story that made me feel better
and it was a great way to express my creativity while staying close to
a story and fandom that I loved. I feel like I've lost that fun and so
I'm going to re-evaluate everything.

I dont give a shit how bitchy this sounds.
I'm a real person, with real feelings and
a REAL LIFE outside of fanfiction.
Shocking, I know.

Here's the deal readers.
If you dont write, then don't pretend to know how long
it takes to write a chapter or get ideas for a story.
Don't act like writers just sit down and just write it all down easy as pie.
PM'ing an author with messages like
"you need to update or I wont read any of your stories anymore"
"you have taken forever to update and I'm disappointed"
it makes you look like a bitch and frankly I can't name
one author who would give a shit.

I don't write stories for the reviews.
In fact, you'll see soon enough how much that is true
when I continue with Safecracker. I don't care.
I write to express myself not to win a popularity contest. I
write because it makes me feel better not so people will like me.
I don't know you, I'm sorry, but it's impossible for me to care
about someone's opinions when I dont even KNOW you.

So please, just stop with the negativity and let things go.
Writing you an update comes in at the very last thing on my list of things to do.

This isn't meant to be mean only honest. I don't get paid to write this.
I don't get any monetary compensation whatsoever so stop acting like I owe you something.

I say this to all reviewers and PMers who send me rude messages
demanding updates and just being mean about the Epi coming in January.

To those of you who have always been supportive and kind THANK YOU.
Thank You for being understanding and just sweet realistic people.
I appreciate it and you are the reason why I still feel like posting my stories
here on FFN is worth the effort. I want to thank everyone who has been
considerate of the fact that I have a real life and I am going through
a rough time right now.


Please direct all hate mail to your asshole.

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