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-Im Elaine

-Im thirteen.

-I live in Australia

-Im freakon obsessed with the twilight saga (started reading them when I was twelve)

-I do write fanfiction and I will post some on here. I write stories like freakon 12/7 (another 12/7 for reading xD) , I guess Im pretty good at writing, ive won a couple awards :ive came 4th for the australia litrary contest, won awards at school for writing, won writer of the year three years in a row at my school. I guess im only a good writer because i read xD

-Im like the biggest freakon nerd; i pleay all thos enerdy games like: runescape, elder scrolls, World of Warcraft (WoW),and too many more to list xD Woah, Im cool. xD

-Im obsessed with anime and manga also: i love naruto, ruoni kenshin, death note, annddd AVATARRRR!! WOO.

-I am also looking for some good twilight fanfiction stories to read, if you see one that I'd like, please message me to say,

Im looking for:

an original one.

One where its all how it is in the books (edward is a vampire, emmet is not bellas biological brother, charlie is not an abusive father, ect.)

good actual writing and propper grammar (I HATE IMPROPER GRAMMAR IN BOOKS/FANFICTION!!)

and i like ones including all the characters

can be just a typical day for the Cullens

might be after Breaking dawn.

and i also like other ones where other vampires join the Cullen family (ive written a couple of them)

I dunnoo.

I gtg, so bye.

I will upload some of my stories soon..


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