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Hello, everyone! Little Monkey here.

I cannot say I am an accomplished writer, so forgive me if my 'work', or whatever you want to call it, comes out a little... badly written.

I come from the United Kingdom, and I've been brought up to try my best to be polite (even if it doesn't always work) and make use of decent spelling and grammar. That said, I'm not so good at arranging sentences where they should be, as would be the case with other, more talented writers. As a result, I often write long paragraphs, merely divided into one or two at points that indicate changes of scenery, but not much else. I'm not going to say my works are brilliant, because I know there are writers out there with several times more potential than I will ever have, and I believe that to compliment yourself on every little thing borders on outright arrogance, nothing more.

I confess to being something of a dork for old classic cartoons and anime, such as Transformers, Freakazoid and Digimon. However, I also take much of my interests from comedy shows, such as Harry Enfield And Chums, Monty Python, Blackadder and the absolute riot I call Family Guy. When I'm not writing my stories, I like to take my time down the pub or out on the town. Aside from that, I have also a job to focus on.

As of this writing, I am twenty four years old. A bit old considering my interests, I know, but I don't think that should ever be an issue. People have a right to express their imagination however old they may be. Anyway, it has been a long while since I last contributed a story to the site, mainly because of other things going on in my life. However, there is one other, very unsettling reason behind my absence.

Most recently, I have seen a number of very negative reviews from a number of people on the site in regards to some other people's work, and when I say negative, I mean bordering on flaming. Now, as one who likes to keep an open mind on such matters, I acknowledge that each and every one of you is entitled to his or her own opinion. HOWEVER! I will not, I repeat, NOT, stand for any criticism that extends to such remarks as 'your story sucks' or 'the way you write is embarrassing' or even 'you shouldn't even be writing in the first place'.

Now, criticism can and should be a positive thing, as it can help one learn from their mistakes. But to actually put down someone in the manner described above serves little more than to dishearten writers, not encourage them, and a writer needs encouragement in order to improve. Therefore, to prevent having to deal with such behaviour myself, I have decided to BLOCK anyone I deem potentially nasty or irritating in any way. Yes, it might be a little cowardly, but let's face it; you wouldn't like it if someone nitpicked on the slightest thing wrong with your work and failed to at least give you a bit of encouragement to improve. I mean, one really has to have THAT much low self-esteem to actually say things like that. It. Is. PATHETIC! And I will NOT argue with anyone over this!

More than anything, I believe is a site where fans of different things and fans of all ages should be able to express their ideas freely without fear of intimidation. I want other people to keep writing, not for someone else's sake, but for their own personal enjoyment. After all, that is what imagination is for! With that, I leave you to continue your lives.