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About Me

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Location: USA

Favorite TV Shows: OTH (seasons 1-6, and about 4 episodes from seasons 7, 8 (my LEAST FAVORITE EVER), and 9) I started watching it midway into season 6 and got hooked. I went out and bought all the dvds and I seriously think I've seen every episode at least 3 times (in all seriousness). So I fell in love with the show and then one couple in particular: Nathan and Haley. James and Joy are gold together. Mad Men- I am a history buff so anything set in the 60s is solid. Plus, Jon Hamm and January Jones are one ridiculously attractive couple. Get back together Don and Betty! Grey's Anatomy- Loved the first few seasons then kind of got bored with it but now I love it again. Meredith and Derek are one of those epic romances and I actually really like Mark and Lexie.. Update- I can NOT believe they killed them off. THAT SUCKS! True Blood- Hate their southern accents, they are a little overdone to my taste but the show is still entertaining. I absolutely adore Jessica and Hoyt. LOVE THEM. WTF! Get back together!! PLEASE! Hoyt, you remind me of Ben as in Sawyer and yeah. Be happy. American Dreams- Another period piece that was canceled way too soon. Glee- Puck and Quinn FTW! ER- the first show I remember watching as a younger kid. The stories were great, the cast awesome, and it really paved the way for the modern medical dramas. Friends: How can you not like it? Modern Family- Haha, cause it makes me laugh, and I love me some Phil and Claire Dunphy! Parenthood: A wonderful family drama...about a family. I love Joel and Julia...I just wish they were on my screen more! Oh and who doesn't like Lauren Graham? Though it's kind of hard to not see her as 1/2 of the awesome Gilmore Girls duo. Gilmore Girls: I'm adding this late to the game but I've always loved the show and I'm also incredibly happy that my sister has all the seasons! Yay! I really loved the Lorelia and Rory dynamic and their quick wit. The New Girl: Zooey is in it. She is one of my faves! The Walking Dead- Should have put this up as soon as I started watching it when it came on during season 1 but I'll put it up now. This show rocks. In a it's more than just about zombies type way. The character conflict and struggles they all go through in this show is what makes it sooo good. Haven't seen it. See it! Happy Endings- I can't believe ABC cancelled it!

Favorite TV couples/ past and present: OTH: NALEY and Leyton (but I am not completely against Brucas, I just have always thought Lucas and Peyton were meant to be after seeing season 1. Sorry Brucas fans). As for Brooke, well I really liked Owen circa season 5 but I guess I'll have to settle with Julian. Glee: Puck and Quinn for the Win! Those two should have kept that baby and started a little family! UPDATE: Season 3 looks like it could bode really well for these two, HOORAY! I'd secretly love for them to get Beth back but...uh...Quinn seems a little malicious about it :(. UPDATE: WTF- Quinn needs survive the crash and get back with Puck!! Rachel and Finn. Grey's: Meredith and Derek, Mark and Lexie (I hope Mark dies in the season premier so he and Lexie and finally be together- that's mean, but hey...they deserve to be together somehow), Alex and Izzie. Alex and April might be an opposites attract kind of thing that might be interesting though. Mad Men: Don and Betty. Lost: Jack and Kate, Juliet and Sawyer. American Dreams: JJ and Beth (kind of remind me of Naley, haha). ER: Abby and Carter. I would have loved for them have been end game but their timing was never right. I can settle with Abby and Luka though. True Blood: Jessica and Hoyt, Terry and Arlene.Secondary couples, I know. But I don't really care about Sookie and Bill or Sookie and Eric. Sookie and Alcide, now that might be a pair I could get used to. Parenthood: Adam and Kristina, Joel and Julia. Gilmore Girls: Rory and...Dean? No, Logan. No, Jess. Oh, I don't know. I can't pick between the three of them. I liked them all for different reasons, but if it was a life or death question I guess I'd have to go with Logan. If they ever do a movie I kind of think Rory should end up with a new guy.

Favorite Movies: Winter Passing (where I get my pen name no, my name's not Reese Holden), October Sky, The Virgin Suicides, Sweet Home Alabama, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Crazy Stupid Love, Stand by Me, Ladder 49, The Family Stone, The Spider-man franchise (I actually like most of the comic book movies, but Spidey wins hands down), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 500 Days of Summer, Baby Mama, Across the Universe, Walk the Line, Moonlight Mile, Elizabethtown, My Best Friend's Wedding, Practical Magic, The Wedding Date, The Notebook, Wimbledon, You Again (It was a dumb chick flick but I was laughing so hard I was crying at one point!) Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Bringing Up Baby... I love movies, and I own about a bazillion, well a few hundred, but I love movies and can watch them over and over and over again. I could name many more but that's enough for now. I'll probably add to it later.

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Jake Gyllenhaal- ever since October Sky! Dermot Mulroney, Ryan Gosling, Luke Wilson (pre him doing all those AT&T commercials) Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel (Saw her perform at Sloss Furnaces and I was fifteen feet away from her...fifteen feet, people! She's so adorable and gorgeous, and is a wonderful singer!), Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes, and Kristen Bell. I love movies and I love a lot actors. I like more people than this but I could list about 100 so I'll keep it at that.,

Music: Big music fan. I couldn't function with out my iPod. My guitar always travels with me and I could drive across the country perfectly content with only music as my guide. What do I like? Anything except rap. I am more of a singer-songwriter king of girl, but oldies do kind of own a little piece of my soul. Yep, I'm talking about you, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Who knows what music would be like today had they not died so young. Sister Hazel and Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers are probably my top two fav bands. Ingrid Michaelson, Liz Longley, Jill Andrews, and Sara Bareilles are made of win! Sara's live show has been by far my favorite concert I've ever been to. She's absolutely stunning behind the piano and has the rare gift of sounding better in person than on a record. If she comes to your city and you're a fan, get those tickets ASAP. All those girls write some pretty amazing songs! I CANNOT wait for Ingrid to release a studio version of "Lifetime"! Oh, and as mentioned below I'm a rep for a record company so...yeah, there's that.

More random things about me: I've been to Wilmington before. So you avid OTH fans know that's were all the magic happens. It really is a cool place. I went in the "off" season (after season 6) so I didn't get to see filming, but I took the studio tour, found tons of filming locations, and had a blast. Also, it was June,-during the Diligence Dash-when hot Coasties run around town without their shirts! If you ever get the chance to go, go! I guess I'll add more to this later... Scratch that, I've been to Wilmington twice now, and the second time (August, filming season 9) I went while they were filming and met a bunch of the cast. It was an epic end of the summer trip after a horrid month of July. Let's see...what happened there...well Tyler Hilton is officially one of my favorite musicians ever. He came over on day two of Tric filming to play those of us who were waiting a couple songs...and he even remembered to play the one I suggested the previous day. I died. Joy and Sophia are beautiful, and Joy is tiny. TINY! I mean...I always assumed Sophia was a slender gal and I knew Joy was too, but my goodness...girl could fit in the palm of the smallest of hands, which is CRAZY considering she'd had a baby 5 months prior. But I digress. The trip was amazing. The cast was AMAZING. My new friends: Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey and Georgia girls...if you're reading this, thanks for making us have so much fun!

What I read and what I write: I read mostly Naley fics and other OTH related things. I've read like 1 Grey's story and 1 Glee story. I find it hard to read other show fics sometimes, don't know why, I just do. Crazy, I know. I tried and review as much as I can, and some of you who recognize my pen name will know I normally give a lot of feedback. Hopefully it is appreciated. Although, I'm not really much of a fanfic reader anymore. I spend my free time writing now instead of reading. But when I do read, I appreciate the time spent creating the stories so I might as well review them diligently. I do not and will not call myself a writer but I started my first fic in Nov. 09,' hence the profile. It all started in a boring economics class. As I doodled my way through supply and demand, I got an idea about how cute it might be when Nathan found his first gray hair. From then I knew I wanted to read a story about little moments from Nathan and Haley's life that we will miss out on in the show. I tried to get my sister (HarleyQuinn23) to do it but she was busy. I wasn't a writer but I gave it a shot and it caught on. Fast. I've tried to be as reader friendly as possible (taking requests and suggestions) and I think it's helped a lot. It's been an amazing journey and I couldn't have asked for a better first FanFic writing experience. Reviewers, you are the sole reason I've been able to keep going and expand into spin offs. I'm pretty sure I'll keep my writing OTH based but who knows...maybe I'll find the need to write another one of my favorite ships on down the road. When and if that does happen, it will likely be for Grey's.

My Stories!

Collection of Nathan and Haley Stories: Little Moments: Have you ever wanted to know what it was like or what it will be like when Nathan finds his first gray hair, they celebrate their 20th anniversary, have a family vacation, Jamie's first day of school...I sure do, so I found the guts to write a collection of one-shots that consist of just that. Little moments between Nathan and Haley that we all want to know about but we'll never get to see. Give it a chance. Some will be long, some short but hopefully cute and true to the characters. You can read individually or as a single story as all chapters relate to each other. Skip around and find your favorite little moment! Rated T. Completed

Jamie-Centered Spin Off: Little Moments: Like Father, Like Son A collection of one shots that show the relationship between Jamie Scott and Liza Bennet. He was a simple guy, and she was a simple girl. He came from money and fame, and she came from Georgia. The daughter of a wealthy Savannah architect, Liza was more than some southern belle. She was everything he'd ever need. This collection of little moments will show the intensity and passion that burns through the two young souls as they realize that they are it for each other. It doesn't come easy, and it's not all smiles, but the good always outweighs the bad. This second generation love story rivals the original. In many ways, Jamie and Liza mirror Nathan and Haley. Completed

Charlotte-Centered Spin Off: Little Moments: Like Mother, Like Daughter. Nathan and Haley's little girl was growing up. Charlotte was nearly twenty three, a year out of college, and was trying to find what she wanted to do with her life. Little did she know that one random June day would change her world. Graham was in the United State's Coast Guard and they met the day of the annual five K. Their budding romance was a sure thing from the get-go but how will she deal with his responsibility of being a Coastie. He jumps from helicopters to save people but what happens when he's the one that needs saving? This story will be a collection of one-shots that show their relationship from the beginning, middle, and end. Were they destined to be together or will the tide keep them apart? How will her family keep her whole during times of doubt and tragedy? Will they get a happily ever after? Read on to find out what their love story entails. Completed

Sawyer-Centered Spin Off: Little Moments: It Runs in the Family. Snarky, bitchy, teller of the truth, musically gifted, opinionated, and fun; everything everyone would have checked off the list of personality traits for Sawyer Scott. She liked to have a good time and even more fun with the boys. And that meant she'd never really settled down. Why bother when it was more fun tasting the various flavors of the week instead of choosing just one?. Well, that was Sawyer's philosophy until she met a guy who changed her entire way of thinking. His name was Ben and he was immature, goofy, a ten year old a heart, and they hit it off instantly. Literally. Sawyer actually hit him with a carton of orange juice, and that was the beginning of a very powerful thing. It was one of those love/hate relationships that had potential to lean more towards love, but not all good things lasted. They were going strong for a while, but after one mistake it changed the game forever. Good thing, or bad? Completed

Feedback is always key when it comes to FanFiction. I love reviews, they literally help me write chapters, so guys please let me know what you think of my stuff. Good, bad, indifferent, I don't care. I just want to hear from you guys. Please review! You have no idea what it means to get those little messages!


Little Moments Family Tree: The Core Five

Nathan Royal Scott & Haley James Scott-

1. James "Jamie" Lucas Scott (Liza Bennet): Nathaniel Bennet Scott and Claire Louise Scott

2. Charlotte Mae Scott (Graham McFarland): Hattie Anne, Scott Gray, Virginia Mae, and Banks Rhys McFarland


Lucas Eugene Scott & Peyton Sawyer Scott-

1. Sawyer Brooke Scott (Ben Trammell): Miller Elisabeth and Robert "Bo" Benjamin Trammell

2. Keith Brian Scott (Bridget): Christopher "Kit" Scott


Brooke Davis Baker & Julian Norris Baker-

1. Davis Baker (Amelia): Penny


Like Father, Like Son: The Bennets

Donald Bennet & Eleanor Harding Bennet-

1. Patrick Bennet (Melissa): Grayson, John Pat, and Ellie

2. Charles Bennet (Margaret): Lauren

3. Elizabeth "Liza" Bennet Scott (Jamie): Bennet and Claire


Like Mother, Like Daughter: The McFarlands

Mitchell McFarland & Anne McFarland-

1. Lane McFarland Kline (Phillip): Caroline and Harrison

2. Graham McFarland (Charlotte): Hattie, Scott, Mae, and Banks

3. Crawford McFarland (Paige): Molly

I hope this isn't too confusing. I had a nice, neat "tree" on here but FanFiction keeps messing up the spacing (you can't have tabs/indents). I had to add in the dumb _OTHOTH_ line breaks cause it wouldn't let me have a single space, and without it everything got all jumbled up. Sorry.

The main or older couples are followed by their children, the children's spouse is put in (parenthesis) and following the colon (:) are the grand-kids. As of right now these are the people you know about through the Little Moments "franchise". Every LM story works in conjunction with the others so all of these characters pertain. Where there is a TBA, that means it's to be announced. For instance, Keith gets married and has children but since I've not written about it in any of the stories I'm not going to spoil you guys; same with the other characters. I didn't add in full names for everyone because I figured you all probably don't care. BUT, if you want me to add them in I can. Nathan and Haley's kids and grandchildren's full names will be up accordingly. Those you might care or may be interested in. Bolded words are the names in which the characters go by.

Hope this helps, guys

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