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If you noticed, I removed that boring long thing in the beginning of my profile that I left there since 2008. And I will give more straight forward answers. SOME. Oh and I changed some of my responses, and added more information in there. Who knows? You could laugh...or die of the cornyness. (I tend to make bad jokes that I think are funny)

And even though I know some of you won't come back to my profile from time to time (because I would probably NOT update my shout outs and current stuff, ALL the time, all the time, emphasis on "all") I'm putting the updates for my amusement. *laughs idiotically*

Other Websites I'm On: and (which for the record I don't really use but I do draw a lot I just don't post it online...yet)

Shout Out (Updates): Shout out to you who's actually reading this.

Current Doing On Fanfiction.Net (Updates): Absolutely nothing.

Current TV Show Addicted To (Updates): Nothing really.

Current Movie Addicted To (Updates): Disney.

Current Game Addicted To (Updates): Nothing really.

About Max! (From my story "Disney's Happily Ever After" and other stories involving "Mixed Version")

If you're reading this right now, then you probably are actually interested in my OC. Whoa. And look! It's much more organized! Let's start! *Underlined is about the gauntlets Max has*

Regular Costuming: He has brown boots with some silver and gold plate thing on it, darker brown pants, dark brown belt with a gold crown with red, blue and green diamond jewelery on the tips of the crown as the buckle, white shirt with rolled up sleeves, brown vest (unbuttoned, as there is no buttons in it), dark brown untidy short hair, silver gauntlets with various designs on both arms and green eyes. He has a red cloak when it's snowing, or something...involving cold weather. On his right hand silver gauntlet, there is a hidden Mickey (well, not really hidden, it's in the center facing him), which has the power to let him in and out of Disney movies. On his left hand (also silver) gauntlet, he has the "D" in the logo of Walt Disney with a crown on top of it. It's in the center and faces him. This gauntlet has the power to take any object out of any Disney movie and make the exact replica of it at his request. If you want to think of it simply, it's like Green Lantern's ring but only limited to Disney movies. He has various costumes with different colored shirts and vests. So it's kinda the same but with different colors. O-O He also has his formal suit that I will not describe. It's too detailed and...Princey. T_T

Age: 20 years old. Previously, 18 and 19 years old. But yeah. With a heart of a slinky toy.

First Appearance: Well, his first appearance in a STORY (duh, first, ha. ha.) was Beauty and the Beast: Mixed Version Series, although, his first Disney Movie/World he went into was Cinderella. I haven't made that yet, but I will eventually. His whole personality would be different (very slightly) in the Cinderella story. Some Disney movies he will never go into. Such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Dumbo, The Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book, The Aristocats, The Rescuers, Oliver and Company, Treasure Planet and some more. It's because...I can't really imagine Max in that certain movie. Yeah. It might be hard for you to understand, but it's hard for me to put it out into words. BUT! Even though I don't type up the whole journey through these certain movies, the characters in that movie still know Max. Because, Max went in their world. But I don't type up the story. That's the only difference.

Personality: He's cheerful. The End. Nah, just joking. He's happy, and serious when he needs to. He'll always try to turn a sad moment into a happy moment. He's a comic relief character, and he's brave. Aw, is it all super duper and nice for him? AHHHHHHHH no. Read his backstory.

Background Story: Okay so, this is the whole backstory of Max, in summary nonprofessional form. (this seems bunched up, but bear with me please) Of course it's more dramatic if I did make a whole story on it, but it must be shortened. With some of my own personal notes in it. Which is the ones in parentheses. And like most Disney stories. They all start right with...Once upon a time, there was a little boy, who loved his parents very much. He grew up with the Disney movies, just like most of us (95% of us). Though, a very tragic accident happened in Max's life, his mother died of a terrible illness when he was 5. So Max's father tried to cheer him up all the time. Max was never really friendly in school ever since his mother died, and never made much friends. The classmates he did talk to was kind of left behind since he just wanted to be alone. When Max turned 16, his father got into a car accident. Max then took over the house they lived in, which was passed down from generation to generation. At this point, Max has hit rock bottom. He was isolated, and stayed inside, rewatching Disney movies to find any happiness, but it didn't work much. He wasn't the same usual boy he was when his parents were around. Before, he was very energetic and blissful. After 3 long years, Jiminy Cricket came to the rescue when Max was 19 years old. When Max was looking around in his attic for memories, Jiminy came out of a dusty door (animated) and Max was surprised. Jiminy talked to him about how he never gave up hope, and so he came. Jiminy forced him to go into the door, and there was the Great Hall of Disney. (It's all bright) A very long hallway of Disney movies both Pixar and regular. Jiminy pushed Max into an archway with a castle on it. Cinderella's castle to be specific. And a glass slipper on the bottom of the castle picture. Each archway had a picture for what movie it represents and the name of the movie on the top. When Max was in Cinderella, his sight of everything changed, somehow. He met Cinderella, and at that instant, his old self when his parents were alive burst open once again. Afterwards, Jiminy gave Max the "Disney Portal Gauntlets" and told him he could come to The Hallway of Disney anytime to visit the Disney movies. Because of Max's faith in Disney, Jiminy said he wouldn't be there if he lost all of his faith. And thus, Max went on to all of the Disney movies and made more friends than he could ever make. And even after he met them all, he went on to other adventures, with the characters. (COUGH Disney's Happily Ever After COUGH) So the characters also made new adventures with Max. This wonderful discovery took him out of his shell, and became what he really should be. Happy. The End. Just joking, there was still a bit of sadness in him about his parents throughout. Even though he had this marvelous phenomenon that he can go inside Disney movies, he still remembered his parents. Like when Belle is with her father and such, he was reminded of it again. But overall, he was happy, since it's in the past now. Now, The End.



And for the color of his clothing:

(These are drawings I drew of Max. They're not colored, but the best/all drawings I have are just penciled. I don't do colored pencils and such and I don't have a tablet, so...TRADITIONAL FTW)

P.S. Copy and paste if the hyperlink isn't working. :)

Well if you went through this whole thing, you are considered VERY special to me. -

About Me!

Hometown: Maryland.

Religion: Christian...Yes! I love Jesus. Thank you.

Gender: Female.

Color Of Eyes And Hair: Dark brown for eyes, and...dark brown for hair. Easy.

Where I Am Living: I really don't know.

I've Got A Dream: I've got a dream! I just want to be on the Disney team! And with every passing hour, I'll never be a pouter! Like all you lovely folks, I've got a (Disney) dream!

Favorite Food Of All Time: Kare-Kare. A Filipino dish. (Peanut Butter sauce with some vegetables and meat...too good for words)

My First Ever Watched Anime: My first ever watched anime was technically One Piece (or Pokemon. Or Yu-Gi-Oh. I have no idea)...but my first ever watched Japanese subbed anime was Animal Yokocho.

Race: Human. HAHAHHAHAAH...Half American and Half Filipino...and probably a little of Italian in there too..

Original Characters: I made many created characters, and I will not list them all. O_O One of my dudes are up there. Max. :D Max is the most important to me right now. The most important guy I made up before for Final Fantasy (X and X-2 CAUSE I REALIZED I SHIPPED YUNA AND MY OC WHEN I WAS 3 AND I'M LIKE that's not cool yo) is Mike, whose name turned into Stride, then back to Mike, then Stride again, then...Rain. Then Xidorn Baudin. Which sounds cooler. Then I changed him to go into the FFXIII world. (And yes Lightning)

How I got my username: First of all, I got Otaku Takeshi when I registered for anime news network, and seeing I'm a gamester (ahahahahaa...) and anime person, we got Otaku, now for Takeshi, I got that from my made up character...which is Takeshi...Otaku Takeshi...Alright then.

Age and Birthday: You want my age and birthday? Okay, I'll give you the age of my account. I've been on here since November (something) 2008. Booyah. Hm. Okay I'll give you the age. I'm 16 years old. :D You can do the math for the stories and stuff.

Favorite Anime: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Out of all the animes and mangas I watched/read, I like (love) this one...the best.

Favorite Color: All the colors of the...all of it.

Favorite FAVORITE Color: Red. Awesome. Excellent.

Favorite Animal: All the animals of the world! I truly love all of them! But the most I like is the Tiger! WOO! Yeah.

Favorite Song: You want my favorite song? Too bad. I can't give 5,000 songs. o-o Something like that.

Favorite Interests: Anime, video games, manga, ANIME, DRAWING, MAKING STORIES, DISNEY, computer, DISNEY...that's all I could think of.

Favorite Movie: Uhhh. I have a lot of that too. So, yeah...they're all mostly Disney. But the one that pops out? Lilo and Stitch for sure.

Friends: Actually, I favorite my friends as an author. Not all of them though, just some for stories, and some for friends. Don't say anything, I know it's stupid. =.=


Crazy Weird Random Somewhat Funny Stuff You Probably Won't Read Unless You're Willing To.

This is a section dedicated to my randomness. So WARNING, you may see illogical random weird thoughts. This will probably be updated like...whenever I want to change it. Let it begin.

I have absolutely no idea what has happened concerning Fanfiction in the past like 8 million years.

This is the end of my profile. If you actually read this whole thing on my profile, here's a cookie (:). It's even in italics. That's how much I care. Anyways...please enjoy my online-internet-you-can't-see-popping of the fireworks. *Pops fireworks*

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