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Author has written 7 stories for That '70s Show, Pretty Little Liars, and Firefly.

My name's Krystal, or Krysty, whatev. I write when inspiration strikes so I can sometimes be a little sparadic and random and I try not to publish a story unless I'm sure it's finished, so I got a lot of stories that I haven't published yet and may never be.

Favorite shows/movies/books/broadway musicals(ships) in no particular order:

Pretty Little Liars (Ezria!, Spoby, Haleb, Samily),

Firefly (Rayne, ZoeWash, KayleeSimon, MalInara),

Doctor Who (10/Rose,10.5/Rose,11/River Song, Rory/Amy, 12/River)

That '70s Show (Jackie/Hyde, Donna/Eric)

Tin Man (Glitch/DG)

Alice syfy (Alice/Hatter)

Primeval (Connor/Abby, Cutter/Jenny, Cutter/Claudia)

NCIS (Tiva, McAbby, Jibbs)

Supernatural (Megstiel which I know leaves me in the minority, but I can't help it! I love them!)

Sherlock (JohnLock, Sherlolly)

Wicked the Musical (Elphaba/Fiyero)

Harry Potter (Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Snape/someone! He just needs a girlfriend! or boyfriend! whatevs just make him happy in the end!)

Labyrinth (Sareth)

Published work:(In order published)

All published work is complete.

Resolute Love is a That '70s Show fic centered around Jackie and Hyde and their relationship during and after season 8, because season 8 sucked and so I took it upon myself to fix it with more drama and confusion to go around. Basically, Jackie and Hyde continue with the relationship even while he's married because they simply can't get away from each other. I followed the show pretty much exactly with a few added scenes here and there to help along the story. There is a full-on sex scene in Chap. 2 so if you don't want to read that you can just skip that chapter and I promise it in no way interferes with the story. Everything else will still make sense.

Can I Have A Kiss? is a Pretty Little Liars fic between Aria and Ezra taking place during the Pilot before they find Ali's body and after there confrontation in the classroom. It is based off of the Kelly Clarkson song of the same name but I do think the song fits their early relationship perfectly.

Apartment 3B is another Pretty Little Liars fic between Aria and Ezra again featuring Simone taking place right at the end of Careful What U Wish 4 where Simone goes to Ezra's apartment and finds Aria there. Explainations and pleading ensue.

Hometown Glory is another Pretty Little Liars fic (noticing a theme, here?) taking place in the future. Aria comes back to town after being away many years and remembers the past. There is a scene with her and the other Liars and also a scene with her and Ezra (which shows they've stayed together over the years), but it is mainly about Aria and her thoughts. Now AU

Rings and Robes: yes, it's Pretty Little Liars again taking place right before the girls graduate High School and completely and Ezria fic all the way though the interaction is between Ezra and Hanna. Hanna's at the mall when she sees Ezra in a jewelry store looking at engagment rings. It's kind of a little in-sight on how I imagine his relationship will be with the other liars when they go public and are used to him being their friend's boyfriend and not their English teacher. Now AU

Fireworks and Fiancés: Pretty Little Liars fic and sequel to Rings and Robes. The girls have just graduated and they're having a party at the Hastings's to celebrate. Ezra has a ring and Aria has some rather impatient friends. Completely Ezria. Now AU

Current work:

I am currently writing a Labyrinth fanfic, but I don't know how long it will be, nor how it will end, so it could be a while before anything is actually published. Publication will depend on when the rough draft is finished and I will post each new chapter as it is edited. One thing is for certain, it will be a romance between Sarah and Jareth.

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Season 8 and later. Jackie and Hyde can't get over their relashionship as much as they let on...what I think happened between the two when no one was looking. Rated for language and smut in ch2. Don't own That 70s show. Promise happy JH endings.
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