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A very sad update...

Hello everyone, I come with bad news. First of all, I'm not my brother, whom you know as Beat, you can call me...I suppose I'll be Metronome because he'd find it funny... He (urgh, I'm crying...gods I hate delivering bad news) was diagnosed with stage three brainstem glioma about a week after he posted his last update (ff is telling me 2-03-2011, so more like a week and a half). He fought so hard, suffered through nine months of intensive radiation therapy and chemo treatments... but it wasn't enough. The doctors said that if they had caught this earlier, he may have had more of a chance...Before he passed, Beat asked me to finish his stories, to see to and care for what he referred to as his babies.. He left me all of his notes for all of his stories, and access to his email. I've been grieving for a year, but I suppose you can say I got up the courage to tell everyone what's going on... I'll try my hardest. I don't know if I can emulate his writing perfectly, but hopefully, with the detailed notes he left me (in his stupidly adorable messy scrawl and all of his silly doodles in the margins) and the many hours of talking we did in the clinics as he sat through his treatments and me taking notes on his laptop, I can finish off what he started. I'm not going to alter anything left by him, and towards the end, he insisted on writing...but towards the end in that same breath, he became very forgetful and easily confused so if you see any discrepancies please disregard them, for Beat's sake. I'm not changing even the name of this account, as his sister I can't bring myself to change it. Anyway...yeah... Metronome signing out.

In Memoriam: Beat
April 23rd 1991 - November 27th 2011
My sweet little brother, the world is a darker place without you. I hope they have rollerblades where you are, brat, and ice rinks, and lemondrops, as well as all of the Doctor Who series in Hi-def!

As for me? Well... I'm a musician. Actually, it was because of me that Beat originally chose the name. It was a joke originally, because he hated the sound of the metronome, said it drove him bonkers. I used to practice with my metronome connected to a speaker just to drive him batty, and he used to tell me that he'd "Beat me with that damn metronome." When he was first trying to figure out what to call himself on Fanfic, he asked me for suggestions, and I told him to use Beating up Metronomes. It was cumbersome, somehow it evolved into Metronome's Beat. A double entendre. It can either be taken as "The beat of the metronome" or "the metronome has been beat."...Well enough out of me. Here, have some of the pieces I did for Beat. The title of TotM is something I did for him as well. I was originally supposed to supply character designs for him. Looks like I'll be supplying them for myself...

[url= the Prince[/url]

[url= for his pairing (no seriously, don't click this if you don't want to know)[/url]

I'm not going to change this... this is Beat's last post on this profile. It's his and I won't let him slip into obscurity. Let this remain here as a reminder to all, but mostly myself, that what I write now is not a creation of mine, but his.
Hey yo, I'm Metronome, or Beat. I'm an artist and sometimes writer, but rarely. Usually I stick to what I'm good at, reading.

Actually right now I'm working on a small project/story. Dunno how that's gonna come out though. Ah, I realize that my current dialect probably has majority of you apprehensive about my skills at writing. Well I assure you that I am quite capable...just lazy. I prefer not to write out formal things if the situation doesn't call for it yeah.

So projects? Right. Here's what I'm working on.

The Truth of the Moon - Bleach
Sumary: When he called out his partner's name, what escaped his lips was far different from what he remembered. And it was with both fear and awe that the others looked upon him...Oh jeeze, what rule did he break now?
Notes: I know what I want to do with this...but I'm not releasing any information until it is published on so that no one can steal my idea.
Status: Chapter two uploaded Wed. 1:45am pst July. 21-- Sorry about the long wait folks! I've been dealing with STUPID Uni drama (bastards lost my feckin' transcripts. What the futhark!) the past 7 or so months, but since I don't have school right now, I'm free to write. Just so you know there'll be a chapter out soon. I, AS THE ONE WHO STANDS ON TOP OF WRITING, PROMISE YOU THIS! GRANDMA SAID THIS: A MAN WHO CAN'T KEEP HIS PROMISES, ISN'T A MAN AT ALL!! *shot in the face for the Kabuto references* Sorry. That's my destresser when I'm too sickly to go outside and rollerblade my worries away.
Next Chapter Word Count: 800 some words and counting as of Feb. 3. 2011

The Next Great Adventure - Danny Phantom/Harry Potter x-over
Summary: Clockwork knew he had been paying a little more attention to his young charge, but really, all he did was turn his back on the wizarding world for all of 15 years and somehow it had gone to hell in a hand basket. But, since he knew everything, he already knew that the answer to his problems lay in three young friends whom many though he had meddled with far too much. Oh if only they knew the extent he had gone through to insure Daniel's safety.
Notes: SHUT UP! I like Danny Phantom and this just screamed at me one day. :/ I'm writing it as you read this. Expect it to be another one of my "Updates twice a year" stories if I ever decide to put it up on
Status: Chapter 1 in the works
Word count: 950 words and counting. as of Feb. 3. 2011

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