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A little about me: Umm, I'm a very moody and unpredictable person-girl, in case you were wondering. I speak what I feel, though life taught me that it is sometimes better to keep your mouth shut.

I tend to get really protective of the people I care about. Some like it, some don't.

I haven't been very lucky in the 'friends' department, so I truly treasure the few loving people that life's granted me.

I tend to get really sensitive sometimes, I'm trying to change it.

I truly admire people who stand up for what's right, when others don't.

I hate having my pictures taken. I absolutely can't stand it. As a result, most of the recent pics and videos of me are the ones that my friends and family took forcibly. They're tragic. I'm gonna burn them the first chance I get.

I've taken camera shy to a new level. Its weird; people found it funny at first; now its only annoying to them.

Music:I absolutely love music! I can't seem to last a day without it. I have mastered the art of solving mathematical problems while listening to my favourite songs on my player.

I adore all sorts of music, mostly. A large part of it is Indian of course, but I'm more into western these days. Linkin Park, The Fray, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Nickelback, Dido and such happen to be the favourites right now, among many others.

Strangely, most of my favourites are the ones that people recommend.


Fanfics. I intially planned on only reading them, but surprisingly, ended up writing some too. The first time I ever wrote a story of any sort.

A huge thanks to:

-> Andi and Megz(xMainstreamEmoBrdlineHardcorex)- they got me to go ahead with my story when I was too hesitant with my ideas.

-> Lindsey(Bronzehairedgirl620)- For her awesome advices and super beta abilities.

About my work:

Of Lucky Charms and Chances- My first story, ever. I'm sorta editing it all over again; I see a chance of some more improvement and want to work on it. So presently, its on hiatus.

Meant to be- My first one-shot. I wrote it for the 'Epic T-Rated Contest'. My favourite so far, I guess.

Our Little Secret- My second one-shot. Cute is what I think it is. Pure fluff. Had an inspiration one day-first time I took an inspiration from something that really happened to me(to an extent, imagination and wishful dreaming took over very soon). Also for the 'Epic T Rated Contest'.

Reviews: Reviews make my day...any author's day. I freaking break out in a mini dance every time I see a new review for me. It motivates me to do better, and to do it faster.

So, please, do review! I always write back:)

If you wish to PM me, I'd be more than happy to answer back...

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day.

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Of Lucky Charms and Chances reviews
An unlucky Edward discovers that things tend to go magically right with him when he’s around a certain someone,but what when he discovers a lot more than just his luck in his ‘lucky charm’-Bella Swan?Drama,hilarity,jealousy-all of it ensues.AH.R&R!
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