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Um...hello... What am I supposed to say...?

Well, anyway, I live (almost) bang in the middle of Ireland, and look so like the description of the stereotyped idea of a typical Irish girl, its sickening. You know, red hair, pale skin, freckles, irrational liking of green... Only not as pretty.

I read way too much, which frightened all my primary school teachers, and I like drawing too. I could go on, but I doubt you'll read this anyway, so whats the point?

My deviantart account is : (because I know you alllllllll want to see my most fabulous drawings. Not)

When i was five, i wanted to be a paleontologist. So my parents really aren't suprised that recently i decided i'm going to become a lecturer on microbiological diseases. Random.

Ok, ok I'm writing a story (finally). I will post it as soon as i finish it. (obviously)