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Victoria's Dirty Little Secret (banner, very unprofessional, but it's my first):


Me: We should canvas for John McCain!
Yvonne: Yeah! Wait, what's canvassing?

Me: I dare you...
Jeanette: Me?
Me: You, yes you!

Chelsey: Okay, I don't get it...where's Princeton?
Madison: New Jersey.
Chelsey: There's a New Jersey?

Jeanette (playing Guess Who): Do you have hair?
I start laughing hysterically.

Chelsea (singing): Chicken wang, chicken wang...
Me: You Chucky doll it thang chicken wang!

Mrs. Miller: Michael Black, you have never looked better!
Everyone looks at Michael's desk and there's a stuffed panda bear on his desk. Everyone laughs.
Joseph: Hi, Michael, how are you doing!
Andrew: What's that?
Me: Don't you have eyes? It's Michael!
Andrew: Oh, nice to see you, Michael!
Me: WOW!
Andrew: What?
Me: I just realized that you are an idiot.

Mrs. Miller: ...okay, talk to your partner...
Me to Joseph: I'm supposed to talk to this?
I point to the panda.
Joseph (laughs): Good luck with that!

Andrew shows me and Joseph a picture of him in a hula skirt and coconut bra and we laugh like hell.
Me: Nice picture, Yoder!
Andrew: Hey! I look good in a bra!
Joseph and I start laughing harder and Mrs. Miller gives us a look.
Me: That's when my mom likes to take pictures of me!
Jospeh and Andrew: When?
Me: When I'm in a bra!
Andrew: You wear a bra?
Me: No, duh, Yoder!
Andrew: What size?
Me: What the hell? You pervert!

Yvonne: Hey, Yoder! Do you still want to know Madison's bra size?
Andrew (turns to Michael Ghimenti): Do I want to know Madison's bra size?
Michael: Yeah, you do!
Andrew: Yes, I do!
Yvonne gives Yoder (Andrew for your retards) a piece of paper all folded up. He opens it.

Andrew: Madison, who the hell is your boyfriend!
Me (afraid Mrs. Miller will hear): Hey, we broke up!
Andrew: Why? Did he think you were too ugly?
Me (ticked off at Andrew): No! We didn't get along and he's the biggest pig I've ever seen!
Andrew (shocked): You were dating Joseph?!
Joseph: Eeew...that's gross even for you, Andrew!
Andrew: guys don't get along...and she said the biggest pig...
Andrew makes a heart sign in the air and winks.
Me and Joseph: Gross! I'd never date that thing!
Andrew starts laughing like crazy.

Me: John.
John: What...?
Me: Your mom!
John: I take that personally, you know...

Yvonne (during social studies, doing warm-up): It's Ecuado!
Me: Yvonne, that's Ecuador.

Me (to John): Hello, I'll be your stalker this evening!
John: Oh, hi stalker, nice to meet you.
Me: Nice to meet you, too!
We shake each other's hand.

Me: John!
John: WHAT?!
Me: Give me a hug!
John: I already hugged you!

Andrew: You want a hug?
Me (thinking): No freakin' shit!

Ellen: Joseph, are you single?
Joseph: Yes I am. And I enjoy it, thank you.
Ellen: What kind of idiot enjoys being single?
Joseph: Me.
Me: You're stupid.
Joseph: Madison, stop talking about yourself that way.
Ellen: Just because you enjoy dating the Discovery Channel doesn't mean everyone else does.

Andrew: I just had gum! Now I have a sugar rush!
Andrew starts running up and down the hall. I stick my foot out to trip him.
Andrew (loudly): LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!
Everyone watches as Andrew trips over my foot and falls flat on his face.

Matthew: No one treats me with respect! I let an old guy pass me and he flipped me off!
Mrs. Contreras: Well, Matt, you deserved it.

Justin: Eew. What's that?
Joseph: It's the cupcakes we made in home ec.
Me: Lucky you. Last semester we only made crap.
Joseph: Mrs. Bridges likes us. If you were in her class, I can see why she didn't like that class!

Mrs. Alderete (after the bell rang): Have a nice day.
Me: Thank you, Jeebus!
Andrew gives me a weird look.
James: What the heck?

Joseph: Madison, stop being obsessed with Anne Frank. She's dead, get over it.
Andrew laughs.
Me: Well, Joseph, I was going to do the essay on your brain, but there's nothing to describe there.
Andrew laughs harder.
Me: I just think you're jealous that my essay got onto the wall and yours didn't.
Andrew: Isn't it weird? We're in the honors class, and out of everybody, Madison's essay was put on the wall.
Joseph: That is weird. (To Mrs. Miller) Mrs. Miller, are you a pothead?

Luna (in mock anger): How could you guys ruin the mission like that? Shame on you! You're not entitled to wear these badges!
Kadie (breaking down): I'm sorry! I'm a disgrace to all spies in America, and even some in Australia!
Trinity: Down-under spies?
Luna: That's not the point. Why do you think we're going to the gy...
Kadie: screams
Luna: To the...
Kadie: screams
Luna: To...
Kadie: screams
Luna: Stop it!
Kadie: Sorry.
Luna: Anyway, do you want to know why we have to go to this stupid gy...looks at Kadie workshop?
Trinity: Why?
Luna: Because they want to see how we react under pressure. How physically fit we are.
Kadie: You just have an answer for everything, don't you?

(I'm not involved in this one, it's Michael Ghimenti doing an impression of how not to come into class late.)
Michael: Hi, Ms. Smith! I'm sorry I'm late, there was traffic and I overslept and I missed breakfast and I'm sorry! (starts searching through his backpack for his binder) I have a pass, and...I'm sitting down, I'm doing my FTD! (runs to his seat and sits down) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be late! Hi, Jessica! So I'm here now, and I'm in my seat!
Ms. Smith: Michael, aren't you forgetting something?
Michael: No.
Ms. Smith gestures to the tardy clipboard.
Micahel: Oh! Right! Let me get my pencil out! (starts searching through backpack loudly) I can't find...oh, thanks Jessica! (takes Jessica's pencil and goes to the tardy clipboard) So what are we doing today, Ms. Smith? I didn't miss anything, right? Oh, the FTD, that's an easy one! The answer is...
Ms. Smith: Michael, take your seat.

1. Name/nick name) : Maddie

2. Your Nobody name (Take all the letters of your first name, mix them around and put an "x" where you think it should go): Admeidx

3. Your Gangsta name (the first three letters of your name pluss "izzle"): Madizzle

4. Your Detective name (fav. color and fav. animal): Purple Penguin

5. Your Soap Opra name (your middle name and the street you live on): Marie Leslie (sounds better the other way around)

6. Your Star Wars name (first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first): Bulma

7. Your Super Hero name (2nd fav color, fav drink): Black Dr. Pepper

8. Your Witness Protection name (middle names of your parents): Michelle Andrew

9. Your Goth Name (Black plus the name of one of your pets): Black Trixie

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Things to Do at Wal-Mart:

Glue coins on the floor where people can see them and see how many people try to pick them up.
When there is a sign that says, "Caution: Wet Floor", move it somewhere else or to a carpeted area.
Switch the price tags.
Put random things in peoples' carts.
Smear a melted chocolate bar on the walls of bathroom stalls.
Go to the service desk and ask to put a bag of M&Ms on lay away.
Look straight into the security camera, use it as a mirror and pick your nose.
Dart around the store suspiciously, loudly humming the "Mission Impossible" theme.
Take the shoes off that you are wearing, then try to buy them. If a cashier tries to tell you that you didn't get them there, refuse and say you did.
Yell, "We got a code red in housewares!" and see what happens.
Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through, say, "Pick me! Pick me!"
Go into a fitting room and wait a while. Then yell very loudly, "There's no toilet paper in here!"
Smear a candy bar into your hand. Head to the restrooms. When someone enters the stall next to you, sneak your hand under the divider and say, "Spare some toilet paper?"
Ride around on a 3-year old's bike screaming, "The British are coming! The British are coming!"
Set the alarms in the clock aisle to go off continuously every 5 minutes.
Get a toy water gun and then duck tape all of the Elmo dolls together and say, "Don't move or the Elmos get it!"
Get chopsticks and stick them in your nose and run around yelling, "I'm a walrus! Hear me roar!"
Pretend to be a manakin and dress up in store clothes. Strike a pose. If someone looks at you, make faces.
Stare at the ceiling and see how many people look to see what you're staring at.
Tape a Telli Tubby Toy to your back and run around the store screaming like you're on fire and yelling, "Get it off! I'm being attacked!" When you approach a crowd, roll on the floor like you're trying to squish the Tellie Tubbie, then resume screaming and running.
Take a Darth Vador doll and when a clerk isn't looking, pick up the intercom phone and press the button to make teh Darth Vador doll talk on the store speaker system.
Walk behind a person who works at Wal-Mart and say, "Can I help you?"
Grab one of the sample perfume bottles and squirt random passing people.
Get whipped cream and put it in your mouth and run around screaming, "I have rabies!"
Talk on the loud speaker and say, "Attention K-Mart shoppers!"
Walk up to a random person and say, "Hey! I remember you!" and see if they play along to avoid emberrasment.
Rub garlic on your armpits and go up to a random person and say, "Is my deodorant working?"
Put barbies in a tough-looking guy's cart
Take a bunch of bouncy balls and bounce them at people.
Run into stuff like you're blind and mental.
Toss eggs up in the air and let them fall on peoples' heads.
Test fishing gear by casting into other aisles and see what you can catch.
Get a toy gun and run around the store playing army.
Pat a person on the back and put a "Kick Me" sign on them.
Throw a tennis ball and then chase it on all four legs, catching it in your mouth like a dog.
Dress up as Batman and sit in a cart while someone pushes you and yell, "To the Batcave, Robin!"
Play bumper cars with the shopping carts.
Dress up as Spiderman and tackle random people and run off yelling, "Another villan stopped by Spiderman!" and then say, "You can thank me later!"
Start singing in a horrible voice and when people look at you, say, "I'm the next American Idol!"
Get a can of Lysol and follow someone around the store, spraying everything they touch.
Spitball the cameras and random people.
Breakdance in the middle of the store.
"Accidentally" get stuck in one of the frozen food doors. Give people strange looks and see if anyone helps you out.
Play "Marco Polo"
Randomly throw things into neighboring aisles.
Run up to a complete stranger and say, "You're it!"
Attach a leash to a friend and make them crawl around on their hands and knees. When someone asks what's going on, you say, "He/She's my seeing-eye human."
Take a "mysterious package" to someone's cart and say kinda loud, "Here's the next clue, meet me at Sector 57 at oh- seven hundred hours tomarrow."
Bring no one.
Get 20 people together and play "Hide and Go Seek"

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When Jade dies in a horrific car accident after leaving her doomed marriage with Draco, an angel gives Draco a second chance to relive the last seven days with her. Based on the movie 'Three Days'.
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This story describes, in detail, the events that have happened to Sam Puckett while facing her pregnancy in the story "Facing the Swell" which was and is still being written by NagiR. All credit to NagiR. Sam-centric; Sam/Freddie, Sam/Carly friendship
iCarly - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,383 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 4/16/2009 - Published: 4/5/2009 - Sam P., Freddie B.
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Imagination Movers - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,140 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 9/15/2009 - Published: 6/22/2009 - Rich, Nina K.
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Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,123 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/7/2008 - Tohru H., Kyo S.
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