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Well, I figured that my profile has gotten very cluttered and outdated. So I'm re-doing it. Here we go!

Regarding my Pen Name: I actually didn't come up with it. In sixth grade, I went through a phase where I was really obsessed with the color green. My backpack, my notebooks, my pens, my sneakers, my headbands, my eyeshadow...all green. Why? I dunno. And my friends nicknamed me Pretty in Green when they signed my Junior High yearbook. So it kind of stuck and I decided to use it as a pen name.

Regarding my Avatar: Beautiful, isn't it? I thought so too.

Name: Gabriella

Loves: reading, writing, math, science, dancing, gymanstics, martial arts, sweets, the color green, being right, scary and creepy things, rain, amusement parks, winter, the piano, Halloween, Christmas, rock bands, daydreaming, skulls, procrastinating, playing video games, watching anime, reading comics, isolation, and being different from every one else

Hates: arrogant people, quiet people, summer, boredom, history classes, crowded places, loud noises, bullies, criminals, weak minded individuals, being interrupted, nightmares, being judged, people who try to change me

Fears: becoming ordinary

Age: I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

Looks: Brown eyes; long, almost straight brown hair; 5'4"

Status: High School (I only go because I have to)

Things About Me: I'm very stubborn. I don't like taking no for an answer. It's hard to move me. I usually make my mind up about things and tend not to change them. That could be good or bad depending on who you ask XD.

I'm obsessed with strange things. I like getting scared. Scary movies are my life practically. I have seen a lot of them. Ask me about any horror movie and there is a 99.9 percent chance I've seen it.

Writing is kind of like a venting session for me. If I'm upset about how a show turned out, I write about it in the form of my preferred shipping. Nothing will sway me once I've made up my mind. So converting me is utterly useless. I have the terrible tendency to have sudden weird epiphanies about stories which I strangely write down on a daily basis. I would never post them. Just ways to get my ideas out there. And I stay away from the all-too-common storylines that seem to get so bad I can practically say exactly what's going to happen next in the story without even reading on. I like to get a little rebellious with what I write.

Animes I Watch, Mangas I Read

Avatar: The Last Airbender (not an anime, but it's a good show)

Vampire Knight (anime and manga)

Naruto (anime)

Bleach (anime and manga)

Death Note (manga)

Ouran High School Host Club (anime)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (anime and manga)

Elfen Lied (anime)

Chocolate Cosmos (manga)

Jisatsu Circle (manga and movie)

Jigoku Shoujo (anime)

Rozen Maiden (anime)

Lost+Brain (manga)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (anime)

Kuroshitsuji (anime)

Main Shippings

Toph X Aang--ATLA

Toph X Zuko--ATLA

Zuko X Katara--ATLA


Sakura X Sasuke--NARUTO

Naruto X Hinata--NARUTO

Ichigo X Rukia--BLEACH

Orihime X Ulquiorra--BLEACH

Orihime X Ishida--BLEACH

Haruhi X Hikaru--OURAN HSHC

Haruhi X Tamaki--OURAN HSHC

Lucy X Kouta--ELFEN LIED

Mion X Keiichi--HIGURASHI

Sayuki X Hagiwara-sensei--CHOCOLATE COSMOS


Ciel X Sebastian--KUROSHITSUJI (Hehe...did I mention I like yaoi??)

Ladies and gentleman...boys and girls. I just thought of an important characteristic about myself that I've failed to mention. I'm very defensive. If someone downright insults or puts down something that I care deeply about, you better expect some input from me. So, without further ado, I bring to you my response against the list that has been entitled...



Oh, please! Toph wouldn't have bothered to be his master if he bored her so much, let alone join the group. And for the record, Aang didn't seem wimpy when he was at the North Pole, when he was fighting Azula, and especially when he defeated the Fire Lord. He seemed pretty kick ass to me. Far from wimpy and boring for sure.


First of all, there are many Taangers who aren't Zutarians. Plus, I know that I'm speaking for all Tangers out there that the paring is liked because of the friendship they have and how they are compatible and the complete pleasure you get out of seeing the two of them get along, let it be romantic or not. Saying that the only reason they are here is because of Zutara is insulting. I actually LIKE the pairing and didn't start shipping it just because of Zutara (but don't get me wrong, I love Zutara too!)


Aang isn't afraid of Toph. He is actually utterly fascinated by her. Did you see his reaction when Toph was telling him about her earthbending?! He was awestruck. He looks up to her with such amazement and sees impecable strength in her. He is far from scared.


First of all, you do not fall madly in love at twelve years old. I mean, Toph and Aang barely hit puberty, like they're going to fall into an unconditional love this soon. Yeah right. And of course, I firmly intend to marry and have a future with the guy I crushed on when I was twelve. I will never look at another person the same way I did at him (in case you guys are confused, this is an example of pure sarcasm!)


Are you friggin kidding me?! Have you guys watched the show for the past two seasons?! I mean, all the laughing and jokes and hanging out together and the fact that she HELD ON TO HIM IN SEASON THREE!! seems to be proof enough for me that they get along just fine.


Toph isn't mean to Aang, she's just very tough and assertive. There's a huge difference. I mean, it's not like she tortures him until he loses his self esteem and cries in the corner. She just has a unique way of showing affection for him and it just happens to be through punching and making friendly fun at him. That's not mean, it's cute.


Alright, I have a question...what are you basing that on? All the times I've seen them together have caught me falling over due to either extreme hysteria or extreme adoration. They have fights, they make up, they hang out, they scam on people together, they're both kickass benders, they're funny as hell...yeah, they sound so dull it's melting my brain (rolls her eyes). And I don't think Toph would like it if you called her boring. You might as well push yourself off a cliff before she does it for you.


Oh. My. God. Is that all that matters anymore? Sex? Why does everything have to do with sex? Did it ever occur to you that people might actually ship two people because they're just compatible together and have a very nice friendship? I don't care much for the fact that they're sexy or not. They are my favorite shipping because they get along so well and they have a close and trusted friendship. Besides, they're TWELVE!! They're not supposed to be sexy. At least not yet. Maybe when they're older.

Well this didn't get me in a good mood. Like I said, I'm very defensive. So when someone goes and insults my favorite parings, I must make a stand. Got this off of CAPSLOCK TAANG. You can see the journal entry here.

~~~The Voice of the Reviewers~~~

The Question is...

What do YOU think is the deal with Zuko's hair?

smileyBAM03 says: "i would like to belive he is sexy enough that he doesnt do anything with it cause he is zuko but then again... yeah ill just stick with that."

EnidBarb says: "his mom does it. :)"

fistofdoom says: "I think there are a group of mystical fire imps that prance around his bed at night that make his hair magically delicious. ;)"

ThatFanFicGuy says: "My belief on Zuko's hair, is that just before he wakes up, magical Hair Pixies visit him, and cast a spell on his hair, making it perfect for when he awakes from his nightly rest."

TheKazenoKiba says: "ancient firebending secret passed down through the family for generations...involves steam and layered heat...and whatnot..."

gtui says: "maybe Zuko really is bald and his hair is just a very amazing wig ;)"


Senza Tracce says: "And I think Zuko is a closet hair stylist. He *has* to be. His hair has always been perfect! It's not normal. Haha."

I LOVE THIS STORY56 (anonymous reviewer) says: "he has hair dresser!"

IvyLeagueIvy says: "The deal with Zuko's hair is that he has a very special lucky comb that he hides in a secret room beneath the palace that is guarded by two extremely grumpy platypus-bears and the cabbage merchant, their personal attendant. Every morning, when the sun is just coming up,he goes down to retrieve his lucky comb and THEN has the royal hair-combers use the special comb to comb his hair and put it into a topknot. And that is what really happened. :D"

SimonRiley says: "I think Zuko's hair has a mind of it's own. Seriously. He had more hairstyles through the series than anyone else."

shyyetbold says: "Hmmm, I think that Zuko is definitely a closet hair stylist, I mean what would happen to his manly honor if he admitted to that?"

Ah, you guys are too funny! ;-)

If you still want to answer the question, review the latest chapter of It's More Than Enough.

Tune in for the next installment of It's More Than Enough to see the next REVIEW PROMPT!

And lastly, I leave you with a rant...

Reviews are really special things to a writer. Someone off of Fan Fiction made a nice point about this on their profiles. Page hits mean absolutely nothing. I could go and click on my stories a dozen times in order to get the view count higher. Or someone else could go and do that for me. Reviews are legitimate proof that a reader was utterly touched and impressed with what you have decided to post and are taking the time to tell you. They let you see just what people are thinking when they read you stories, they let you see what people think could be improved, and it gives you motivation to write even more. Reviews are special. And I know I'm not the only person out there who gets super excited when they see a review in their inbox. So please...understand that we writers are not just saying to review because we like repeating ourselves. We like to hear from our readers and hear what theyhave to say. And we love the love we feel whenever our review count goes just a little bit higher.

I'm officially opening my doors open to suggestions in terms of stories you would like to see me write. I do have a few ideas that I'm formulating in my head right now, but I'd like to hear from you all. What do you want to see? What do you want to read? Do you like romance? Fluff? AU's? Modern-day stories? Stories centered around one character? I'm leaving a poll up on the top to see what people are interested in. Trust me...the public opinion will be taken into account. I won't write anything that nobody likes to read. I want to write what seems appealing to everyone. So if you're reading this, please take five seconds to vote on the poll up on top. I just want to see what various readers like to read. Thanks for your help.

Until next time, my lovelies.

~~Pretty in Green~~

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Is being with the one you love in a forbidden setting worth hurting your friends over? Toph hasn't the faintest idea of how to answer that question. Taang one-shot.
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Aang has had enough of Toph's dirty little secrets. It's time for both of them to come clean. Another Taang one-shot. Takes place after the Boiling Rock.
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