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2017 Update:

I am alive! -flails-

I know I've been dead for, what, almost ten years on here now? But I really would like to get back into writing (I'm most likely rusty as hell)

If you followed me on here (and are still active) you may slap me for abandoning you.

I might need some prompts or suggestions as to get me started again.

Hi, Frozen-Fortune here.

I'm a big Yu Yu Hakusho fan-girl so most of the stuff I write might be based around YYH.

Also, I have an account on DeviantArt so if you want to drop by I'm at

Most of the stuff I write may be one shots, mainly because I'm lazy when it comes to long projects.

Also I'm going to focus on the less popular characters.

Stupid quotes either said by me or to me:

"You don't cuss and your always sober! You're no fun.." -Me"But I still say shit some of the times." -My Dad"Still, now you're boring." -Me

"I found the trash bags!! HUZZAH!" -Me"Huzzah!" -My Dad

"Beer can, beer can, beer can..." -Me"Hey! There's a coke can!" -Dad"OMG! You get 10 points for that.. Dang it! How can I win if there is only one None-beer can to be found?!" -My dad and I picking up beer cans in the basement.

"This is my Aussie baby, Boomer. He loves to show people his 'down under'." -Usually what I say to people when they first meet my dog. He likes to lie on the floor upside down and show off his private parts.

"Ha-san CHOP!" -My Dad when he chops wood. He'll yell it pretty loud too.

"I'm not drunk! I've only had about 12 beers today." -My dad again. He actually doesn't get drunk after drinking a 24 pack. He sometimes reminds me of Chuu, sometimes..

"There is NOTHING in my wallet! I'm broke! I'm poor!! Even the moths have starved to death in there!" throws wallet at wall -My brother

"Boomer! Get your Aussie butt back over here!! -Me. I bet my neighbors are tired of me calling for him.

"Boomer, are you dreaming or having a seizure?? Boomer?.. BOOMER!!... Ok, good... You can go back to sleep now. Sorry I woke you" -I couldn't tell. He kept spazing out and twitching. Only when I screamed, he jumped and looked up at me with a 'What the hell' look, did I know he was dreaming.

"No!! Not Mr. Bear's face! Anything but Mr. Bear's face!!" - Boomer then proceeded to rip the stuffing out of Mr. Bear's face. It was his chew toy, didn't last very long though. Aussies are aggressive chewers...

"I saw Boobies!!" -My cousin screamed it over the phone. He didn't know that other people where with me and heard him. My phone is pretty loud.

"You are freakin' evil!" -My cousin"Yeah, I know." -Me"You suck.." -My cousin"And you're a cunt waffle." -Me"What the hell?!" -My cousin. He had never heard me call him that before.

"Will you two stop being raciest with the salt and pepper shakers!""No. If we were being raciest, then we would have done this." knocks pepper shakers over with salt standing up next to it -My brother and I were messing with the salt and pepper shakers at Ryan's. We were just playing with them until my brother's friend said something.

"Holy crap! Ninjas!!""What?""The pepperoni on my pizza just disappeared!""What?""It was on my lip! I flipped it back into my mouth and it vanished!.. Freakin' ninja pepperoni!" -I swear I'll catch those damn pepperoni ninjas.

"You smell like pie. A Christmas pie." -Me talking about my dad's cologne

"We have enough pies the start a clown boarding house!" -We have a knee-high stack of pies in our big freezer.

"I'm soooo sore.""From what?""Doing cartwheels.""In the house?""Uhhmm... That depends. Would I get in trouble for doing cartwheels in the house?""No.""Then yes. I was doing cartwheels in the house." - Again, My dad and me.

"Water. On or off?""Yes.""... What?"" Huh? What was the question again?" -My dad had asked if I had turned the water off after I had watered the cows. Obviously I wasn't paying attention.

"You're so mean to me!""I am not! I'm very loving to you.""Yeah, sure. If that's what you call it." -My dad likes to make fun of me and tease me.

"EEEEK!! NO!! It's like sandpaper!!" -My dad use to hug me and rub his horrible face stubble on the side of my face. That stuff hurts!

"MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!""What the heck what that all about?!""I dunno." -My dad does a pretty diabolical laugh. He does it for no reason at all.

"Why won't you take me driving? I need to learn.""Because it's scary and I'm not ready to die yet.""But Grandma took me driving once!""Yeah, but your grandma is old and has already lived a full life.""I'm telling Grandma you called her old!!""You better not!" - Dad and me.

"You better be nice to me! I choose which nursing home you go into!" -Me to my dad

"I feel weird drinking from this Dr. Pepper can.""Why's that?""Well, it makes me feel like a sports vampire that has to get it's sustenance from a football, because that's what the can looks like, a football.""Heh heh heh. I like that concept. A vampire that feeds off of footballs.""Well, That's what I feel like right now!" -I felt like a football vampire because of the new Dr. Pepper can.

BELCH!!"That was sexy!""Oh my gosh! Excuse me! I totally didn't mean to do that over the phone. That wasn't very lady-like. Heh heh." -I burped really loud over the phone while I was talking to my friend. I didn't mean too...

"Stop trying to give that black pussy your meat!"- My roommate yelling to our friend who was offering beef to the cat...

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