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Author has written 4 stories for Mass Effect, Fable, Warcraft, and Dragon Age.

I love stories. I love hearing stories, I love telling stories. So, I decided to tell stories and the best place for that would be Overall, I have found it fun and enjoyable. It's something to do when I'm bored. However, I have a twisted and sick imagination. Bloodshed, gore, and (rarely) rape are sometimes common in my stories, so beware. But it is not random blood and gore. It is imperative for the tone and where the story is heading. If it's dark scene, I'm gonna make it dark. If it's a happy scene, it'll be happy and funny.

I'm currently writing a book thingy that is my own creation. I'll probably be making an account on soon enough. It'll be the same username as this one, Zarkovagis9, so check it out if you're inclined. Can't make you.

I like books, anime/manga, video games, music and movies.

Fantasy books always get me interested, though I think I'm rather picky about what kind. But just tell me one interesting thing you like about a particular book and I'll look into it. Make them logical not like "OMG!! SKS IS DA SHEEETTTT!!1" because I will most likely ignore you. Or give a rant as to why you make absolutely no sense. Also, I will never read Twilight. Ever. And let's get one thing straight...VAMPIRE'S DON'T FREAKING SPARKLE WHEN THEY HIT THE SUN! THEY BURST INTO FLAMES AND DIE! UNLESS YOU'RE INTO BROM STOKER, THEN YOU JUST BECOME WEAK AND HUMAN!!

Dune series (complex story but just phenomenal. I even enjoyed his son's works)
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (like Lord of the Rings but more pessimistic and sad)
The Lord of the Rings (have read them all (including the Hobbit) around 3 times and I still find something new about it each time I read it)
The Wheel of Time series (R.I.P. Robert Jordan. You will be missed. great series)
Ender's Game Saga (love every book)
The Legend of Drizzt Do'Urden (it was good for a while, but i just grew out of it)
Harry Potter (who doesn't?)
1984 (classic)
The Divine Comedy (another classic, though older)
The Dark Tower series (most imaginative thing Stephen King's ever written)
The Satanic Bible (yes, it exists and no, it's not as bad as most people would think. Interesting philosophy in it)
It (scariest book ever)
Inheritance Cycle (meh)
The Horus Heresy (drags on but still good)
The Alchemist (will change your life!)
Watchmen (movie was good but you just can't compare it to the comic book (graphic novel))
A Song of Ice and Fire (simply. AWESOME!!)
The Silmarillion (for the die hard Tolkien fans only)
The Sword of Truth (not exactly the best series I've read but it's an interesting enough world)

Anime/manga is a given, considering I'm half-asian, but I do like all kinds of anime just so long as they have a great story-line, good character development, and wacky face faults (like One Piece).

Naruto (Really cool, if drawn out. NaruxHina forever!!1!!)
Bleach (awesome)
One Piece (funny as hell)
Mahou Sensei Negima! (funny, cute, lovable characters)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (most complex anime I've ever watched. I've watched End of Evangelion a billion times and I still don't understand it)
Claymore (interesting)
D. Gray-man (trying to be FullMetal Alchemist, but pretty good)
FullMetal Alchemist (very interesting and fun to read)
Elfen Lied (the saddest manga I've ever read, the only one to make me want to cry (I'm an emotionless prick))
Fairy Tail (wants to be One Piece but really fun regardless. The fights never drag on as in most mangas)
Air Gear (rollerblades + LOOSE understanding of the laws of physics = crazy fun)
Fruits Basket (made me so happy!)
Akumetsu (like death note but better and with more balls)
Gantz (interesting to read, but very pessimistic on human behavior)
Soul Eater (really interesting and great all around, the anime is really well done and the manga is just phenomenal)
Psyren (interesting take on psychic power, kind of a mix between Bleach and Gantz, but happier and more enjoyable)
Wolf's Rain (interesting)
Akira (both the anime and the manga are good in their own ways)
Ninja Scroll (awesome!)
Ghost in the Shell (another awesome one)
Appleseed (Ex Machina was infinitely superior to the first one)
Hellsing (always fun!)
Flame of Recca (classic but ending was too short)
Samurai Deeper Kyo (personally, I like the Kyoshiro/Yuya relationship more but we barely see him anyways)
Ai Kora (funny and ecchi)
Midori Days (extremely cute!)
Berserk (a classic, brutal fantasy manga that is still running strong after nearly 10 years)
Vinland Saga (it takes a lot from Berserk but puts it in a more historical setting. Extremely enjoyable)
Tenjou Tenge (pretty cool. same guy who did Air Gear but much more adult oriented)
Ubel Blatt (interesting and neat, but the scans take an eternity to come out. sucks)
Darker Than Black (such an interesting setting, just wish they'd do more with it. Twins of the Meteor was seriously lacking)
FLCL (the. wierdest. anime. ever. period.)
Black Lagoon (the most ridiculous ting I've ever seen but extremely philosophical when you get down to it)

I like all kinds of video games except sports because I think that's just pointless. I'm more akin to First-Person Shooters and RPGs, though I think Oblivion can just suck it, cause I could just not get into it. What I mainly look for is a good story and sometimes good gameplay. As long as the story intrigues me, then I'll have fun. So many games these days just shit out whatever comes to mind without rounding out the story. Games like Too Human...

Halo (obviously),
Mass Effect (masterpiece),
Prince of Persia (Sands of Time trilogy and newer one),
Gears of War (senseless bloody fun),
Fable (Fable 1 slightly more than Fable 2)
Knights of the Old Republic (very interesting, with a very solid story and characters)
Splinter Cell (love it)
Metal Gear Solid (haven't actually played it. but still love it. don't ask me how that works)
Bioshock (one thing about this that makes it awesome: uniqueness)
Dragon Age: Origins (Bioware is just a master when it comes to RPGs)
Legacy of Kain (one of the most complex stories ever conceived by a human mind and put into game form)

I love metal music. Not to say that I will shy away from mainstream music, like blink-182 and such, I just feel that metal tends to give me a better experience. Whatever sounds good, sounds good. I even enjoyed Forever by that Chris Brown guy, but I tend to like metal more. I think they truly understand music better. Not to say that other people don't understand it but I think metal and rock kind of forces people to spend more time with their music rather then having them pop out music faster then Paris Hilton can get laid without putting any thought into what they are trying to say. It's sad, though, that most people dislike metal because when they think of it, they think of the whole screaming, angry music. That's only a part of it. Some artists have some of the most beautiful voices in the world, like Tarja Turunen, Hansi Kursch and (maybe) Tim "Ripper" Owens.

Amon Amarth (really is awesome)
Angels & Airwaves (good to cool down and chillax)
Apocalyptica (they're okay but repetitive)
blink-182 (meh)
Breaking Benjamin (along the lines of Three Days Grace)
Celtic Woman (...I don't have to justify myself to you...)
Coldplay (really great sounding)
Dethklok (strange lyrics but they make up for it with sound)
Dimmu Borgir (really awesome if you, personally, can get past the satanic message and christian hatred)
DragonForce (fun to listen to, but the songs all start to sound the same)
Eluveitie (very interesting, if a bit screamy)
Ensiferum (step down from Blind Guardian but awesome nonetheless)
Epica (lead singer is a goddess, great sounding)
Equilibrium (they get my award for surprisingly great band)
Iced Earth (starts off like Metallica, then they met Blind Guardian and they turned into liquid awesome you inject into veins)
Iron Maiden (really good example of just, plain old heavy metal)
Korpiklaani (singing and dancing to a song about drinking? absolutely)
Linkin Park (they've gone downhill but still good)
Nightwish (after listening intently to both singers, i think they're both good)
Sonata Arctica (really hit or miss with this band)
Symphony X (think Journey except heavier and longer songs)
Three Days Grace (songs of my life)
Turisas (FUCK YEAH!! Vikings pump you up)
Wintersun (interesting side project)
Within Temptation (somewhere between Epica and Nightwish, you'll find these guys. Still great though.)

Once again, movies with good stories interest me but also with good acting and special effects. I hate horror movies because nowadays they are just all blood and gore with no suspense. Sure blood and gore are good if there's a point to it, like Silence of the Lambs, but blood for the sake of blood is just stupid. Notice that The Shining barely (BARELY being the key word) had any blood at all and it is still scary as hell. But still, good story, good acting and good special effects are always welcome. Also, something different. Also, Stanley Kubrick will always be the best director. Ever. Even though he was crazy as hell.

The Matrix Trilogy (always will be my favorite)
The Lord of the Rings (Greatest. Adaption. Ever.)
V for Vendetta (it's good the first time)
2001: A Space Odyssey (greatest Sci-Fi movie ever if a bit long)
The Chronicles of Riddick (the entire thing was just a blast)
Silence of the Lambs (one of the greatest horror movies ever)
The Shining (another one of the greatest horror movies ever)
Cloverfield (great example of a movie doing something different)
The Fountain (makes you think plus the special effects are amazing)
King Kong (proving Peter Jackson's ability to drag things out longer than they have to but still awesome)
Iron Man (great acting on Robert Downey Jr.'s part)
The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger was amazing!)
The Sixth Sense (greatest. twist. ever.)
The Village (this movie was still great)
Unbreakable (another great one)
300 (i'm a guy. of course i love this movie)
Star Trek (the best Star Trek movie. ever)

I'll add a story here and there whenever the mood strikes me. My blog is on though I barely update it. Other than that, any questions, just ask me and I'll probably answer them.

I usually have a poll up at the top. So read the question, answer it and have fun.

Anyhoo, I enjoy talking with people so send me a message about...whatever.


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