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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Some things about me:

I'm a girl. I'm twenty-three. I dream too much. I'm an under achiever...no kidding. I think I have a lot of wasted talent and potential. I'm "kind of" trying to change that, but I'm taking baby steps.

I'm a hopeless romantic and that's probably why I come here. I get a little frustrated when I watch some anime and it's obvious some characters got it for eachother but never ever even try to do anything about it. Ever. I don't care if it's supposed to be about action. Action heroes need love too.

I hate to admit this but I cry really easily...even at happy stuff. Dunno why. It sucks. I watched three filipino romances consecutively(big mistake) and cried my eyes out. I guess whenever something pulls at my heart strings, it pulls them pretty damn hard.

Some interests: reading, writing, drawing, painting, photography...generally making/creating things, dancing, traveling, cooking

Currently stuck on KakaSaku and it all started because of one picture(Reticient) by rikuu44(on DA) and a link to His Fault by ronsmyhero.

I do like NaruSaku and SaiSaku.

Some anime/manga I like: Naruto, School Rumble, Ouran, Addicted to Curry, Ranma

Some wishes:

Ender's Game be made into an anime instead of a movie with real people.

Be a real artist instead of a pretend one.

Learn tagalog and take a long needed/awaited vacation in the Philippines.

Go to Japan and dress in traditional clothing...and take pictures in them.

Go to AX this year.

Make something completely and utterly awesome.

Works In Progress:

Story: Giving It Back Kakashi discovers things he would've rather not about his only female student. For someone who was legendary at seeing things others couldn't, he sure as hell didn't expect any of this. But what's suppose to happen now? As good as he is about hiding emotions, this is one thing he can't ignore.

I know where I want to go with this story. The problem is how I am going to get there. I've been working on it now and then, but work makes it difficult. I have come up with a few ideas that I'm trying to explore. I don't really know how promising this will be, but I like where it's going. Don't expect many updates soon and I'm sure it will be a fairly short story in the end.

I have a few ideas for one-shots, one I am writing right now. Hope they're good. I also have an idea for another story. Giving It Back is more of an experimental story for me. While I'm trying to do well with it, I will be taking this other story more seriously. I've written an introduction that I will post once it develops further. It started as an idea for a one-shot that...changed to an idea for a full blown story. I'm actually planning something that I write, which is new to me. Maybe that will help to enhance the quality of my work because I almost always feel that something is lacking. So, hopefully with a good outline, I won't lose track of what I'm trying to do. I'm dedicating most of my chances for writing to this, so anything else will probably be slow.

Might come out with a SaiSaku one-shot or a few short chapters.

My brand-spankin'-new livejournal that I'm gonna fix eventually:

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